America racing towards Socialism

hey everyone you got a couple articles I want to share but before I do you might want to check out the this first one here did a video well here it is that you know a couple three weeks ago about the Constitution being trashed it's a prophecy it's an old prophecy we've known for years that they're gonna trash the Constitution but now they're going a little bit faster with it this guy here that Obama just picked to do this work is pushing for a progressive US Constitution so they're really really definitely going to change the constitution in America but here's why I wanted to do the video deadline extending unemployment killing economy I scroll down a little bit says every dime that the government spends no matter where it goes those monies come from either borrowing or taxing from other people so this idea that we can take from one group and give to another group and therefore help the economy as a serious flaw in the logic to begin with so yeah in other words they're lying it's it's all a big pile of fault or also they can do what they want to do and what I mean by that is well first of all notice what's missing in all these articles if you go and check out all these articles about Obama going forth with this extending of the benefits you're not going to find anything in there about the Pope and his socialist agenda and what I mean by that is go to remedy God or go to our CC expose go to the Antichrist and go to the bottom and then you might want to check out these articles here that have been down there for years it's a fairly new page because I'm compiling him now I've got articles all over the site and I'm slowly but surely finding him and putting him here but this this is this shows how sneaky Rome can be and this is what Daniel the Prophet was talking about when he said they're gonna use craftiness in their and their means by which they control governments and actual people I mean there's no mention from top to bottom in any of these articles about the Pope's and the reason they can't mention them is because if you mention to spread the wealth campaign of the Pope at the same time you're talking about Obama's extensions you're gonna know that they're building the foundation for a socialist society that the Pope actually put in writing is necessary for today's world right I mean at present in America and now this is I'm just mentioning America where we have 60 million people they had around some form of government assistance okay I mean there's some countries that are 90 percent of the people around assistance right so if you extend the benefits here you're actually going to force more people into jobless market as the businesses won't be able to find workers willing to give up their benefits to actually go back to work I mean we all know this story where a guy decides he doesn't want to get a job because if he does he might get fired or the company might go belly-up and he'll be back unemployed again and he's gonna have to go through months maybe even you know a year before he can get his unemployment benefits or his you know welfare or food stamps or whatever so they they opted rather just to stay on the benefits but this guy says it a little easier I mean this guy actually did the math check this out headline extending benefits hikes jobless rate scroll down a little bit and you'll see this it says the North Carolina study found that while extended unemployment benefit checks were paid forty-four thousand two hundred seventy more North Carolina workers became unemployed now keep in mind it's just one state alright but after extended on unemployment benefit checks were suspended in the state in July of 2013 unemployment increased by thirty eight thousand two hundred thirty five so when they had no choice they went and got they went out and got a job there's people out there that can't work those benefits are for them but there's lazy people out there as is obvious by these numbers where they prefer to stay on unemployment and this is what they're going for here before long the majority are gonna be on some form of government assistance and the only ones working are gonna be the rich who already bow to Rome so let me ask you this how hard is it gonna be to enforce the market a beast in a society like that where the rich already bow to Rome and the poor have no choice but to bow to Rome or so they think so they already have all the tools if you've been watching the videos and frequenting renegade org you know everything is here already in place to enforce the market abhi stalls are waiting for now is for satanist and on earth acting like Jesus and telling them alerts go go off and running because they're all bowing to him anyway so that being said are you ready are you sure please share this video with as many as you can and thanks for watching god bless

5 thoughts on “America racing towards Socialism

  • yep there just waiting for satan…. ……. ……….. …………. ………… ………….. …………. ………….. ………….. ……………… …………. …………… ……………….. ………….. …………….. …………….. ………………….. ………………….. .
    ……………………………………………still waiting…

  • Suck people in this social security systems and when they're fit in CLOSE IT DOWN and leave people with nothing. That's created CHAOS and they want ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. Their order of everybody submitting to the antichrist which is the pope of rome!

  • So I'm just thinking out loud here, but would like others' input…IMO; This "redistribution of wealth" has been a long-standing brain child of the vatican, to be put in place as soon as the protestant nations economies are ruined (on purpose) by the counter reformation, which in turn leaves the most wealthy entity on earth (The vatican/catholic church) off the hook to help or use any of THEIR vast wealth to help the poor and needy that they created, which gives them power and control over protestant nations?  thoughts?

  • You may have this article from 2011, but if you don't you might want to check it out. You go to Ten, then hit Churches. There is a statement there, and is the only thing on the page saying, if you don't do as a Church/State combine tells you to, that you should be either deported or killed! I thought that statement makes me think of what you've been warning of, that legislating Religion is wrong, even if you go by the true Teachings of keeping the Feasts, all 10 Commands, and Sabbath Keeping b/c it leads to bad things! This Site claims to keep all this, but has the Spirit of thinking you are doing God's Will if you deliver individuals up, and threaten they're life, freedom, right to privacy, property, and pursuit of happiness which is in Christ! You probably have it Brother, but just saw it and thought of your work. Much love to you.

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