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my name is dr. Robin Gander and I'm the president and CEO of American domain this country's first national female organization I've dedicated my life to helping Ann and I wanted to share some facts about zoos and aquariums that I think you should know 117 million people visit zoos and aquariums the United States every year that's more people than go to professional football hockey and baseball games combined globalists ten percent of the entire world population visit students in aquariums each year that's more than 700 million people we all love seeing amazing animals as the leader of American remain I can't tell you how many people I've met who dedicated their life to animals after being inspired by a trip to Israel in a clearing in fact many of the world's leading conservationists and wildlife experts like Jeff Corwin and Jack Hanna became advocates for this very reason zoos and aquariums are also responsible for a number of programs that reintroduced endangered or threatened species back into the wild animals like the Arabian oryx thanks Pacific blue and both wild one funds the African penguin because of us aquariums and vampires the whooping crane thanks to my friends at the San Antonio Zoo and the Golden Lions camera through a program the national gear in Washington DC at a time when our planet is facing what scientists call the sixth mass extinction there were species die-off since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago the good work the zoos an affirmative decision despite all the good work zoos and aquariums do there are some radical folks out there and we're trying to shut all of them down no matter how well they treat the animals these people are being driven by an extremist philosophy not by what's best for the animals as an animal advocate I can tell you that we need more research at zoos and aquariums not nest and that countless animals are saved every year thanks for their rescue and preservation programs American Dream and created a rigorous certification program so people have a way to recognize the very best genes in aquariums around the world I really encourage you to visit them and be proud of your support for conservation and threatened species these animals are counting on us please don't let them down

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