Americas First democracy is from Native Americans

the Iroquois laugh when you talk to them of obedience to Kings for they cannot reconcile the idea of submission with the dignity of man each individual is a sovereign in his own mind and as he conceives he derives his freedom from the creator alone he cannot be induced to acknowledge any other power John long fur trader the Europeans from their point of view honor people is that we didn't really exist as a people as a structured people until they came you know but really when when you research back into our history you're going to find that we were already structured and with governments intact and our whole way of life was was already in fact the oldest democracy in North America was created by five Indian nations in what is today New York State the Onondaga Oneida Mohawk Seneca and Cayuga together they became known as the Iroquois they called themselves the Haudenosaunee the Haudenosaunee Confederacy was born in a violent era centuries before the French and Indian War at that time a vicious cycle of war and revenge was running out of control among the five nations in the midst of the chaos a visionary man from the Huron nation appeared rather than a war club and arrows he carried teachings he would be known as the peacemaker the peacemaker proposed a set of laws by which people and nations could live in peace and unity a system of self-rule guided by moral principles known as the great law in all your acts self-interest shall be cast away look and listen for the welfare of the whole people and have always in view not only the president but also the coming generations the unborn of the future nation when the great peacemaker of designed the Confederacy and its laws he brought together five warring nations into one heart one body one mind and he symbolized that by using five arrows when he bound it together to make it a strong union he said when you pour one arrow out it's easily broken he broke one in half in front of them just to show them and so he told them he said if you all stick together in union then you will never be broken the first wampum belt was created to symbolize the great law the image embodied the dream that became a reality five nations independent but joined together as one the great law was both a set of moral teachings and a concrete plan for a Democratic Union built around the social structures of the nation's each nation had long been organized into clans which served as extended families clans live together in long houses which were owned by the women of the clans up to 200 feet in length long houses sheltered as many as a dozen families with private areas and shared fires they were a place of security a warm refuge against harsh winters Klan membership passed from mother to child when a child came of age they would marry into another clan in this way the entire nation was woven into one greater family from this clan structure the hood no Shoni built a representative democracy the women of each clan would appoint one man as clan chief in this way leadership would rise through trust rather than conquest the clan chiefs of each of the five nations gathered at the hodo Shoni capital of Onondaga to form the Grand Council governing from the heart of their territory the Grand Council envisioned all five nations as sheltered by a giant longhouse stretching 250 miles the longhouses central Isle was the Haudenosaunee trail the principal line of communication between the members of the league the eastern door of the domain was guarded by the Mohawk the Seneca watched the door to the west and the Onondaga were the center the keepers of the fire the Democratic Confederacy envisioned by the peacemaker preserved peace for centuries when the Europeans arrived in territory of the hoodie nashoni in an early 1600s to process a protocol that that the peacemaker had given to us was in place so we were able to deal with those Europeans on a political basis in 1754 Benjamin Franklin attended a conference with the Haudenosaunee in Albany New York he came away inspired by the successful model of independent states united under one rule of law soon after he would propose a similar union of colonies 22 years later these united states would declare their independence from england in that year 1776 events swirled toward the American Revolution 10,000 strong and strategically located between the colonies and the British in Canada the Houghton o Shoni were seen as a key to victory British and American diplomats met repeatedly with representatives of the Grand Council trying to pull the Indian nations to their side but the Grand Council guided by the principles of peace laid down by the great law declared their neutrality although they would not ally with either power in a diplomatic gesture a delegation from the Grand Council traveled to Philadelphia there the hodo Shoni the oldest democracy in North America officially recognized the fledgling American government the delegation had been lodged in Independence Hall above the chamber of the Continental Congress where representatives were drafting the Declaration of Independence during that same critical summer of 1776 a young mohawk named Joseph Brant returned from England a protege of the British agent for Indian Affairs Sir William Johnson Brandt's family had long-standing ties to the British traveling among the Haudenosaunee nations Brant passionately argued for an alliance with the British as their only hope to prevent being overrun by the Americans he started to go a much the nation's after mohawks tinnitus and a dog as Cayuga and Seneca trying to entice the young men to go on the side of the British in an act that threatened the very existence of the Confederacy Joseph Brant in open defiance of the Grand Council called a meeting in the summer of 1777 to argue the British case black snake a young ho no Shawnee man from the Seneca Nation listened closely branch came forward and said that if we did nothing for the British there would be no peace for us our throats would be cut by the Redcoat man or by America that we should go and join the father this is the way for us black snakes uncle a respected Seneca leader named corn planter rose to challenge Brant corn planter was a veteran of the French and Indian Wars and had participated in the critical council decisions of his time he wanted no part of a war that was not his to fight you must all mark and listen to what I have to say war is war death is death a fight is a hard business here America says not to lift our hands against either party I move therefore to wait a little while to hear more consultation between the two parties let the British say everything he is going to say to us we then can see clear where we are going and not be deceived cornplanter Seneca in shocked disbelief black snake and the others watched as Brant rose to his feet he ordered cornplanter to stop speaking

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  • The Iroquois are really a constitutional republic founded upon natural law nomocracy just as United States is really a constitutional republic founded upon natural on nomocracy. Neither nation is a democracy. The term democracy gets thrown around loosely and this needs to stop. Democracy is perhaps the cruelest okie-doke ever placed on Humanity

  • Your U.S. of A tells you in its national anthem that it is a republic not a democracy in which it hides behind

  • Boy I c these pseudo videos you have up there is TOO much information out there bitch ass nigga NATIVE Americans are the ppl that came after the ABORIGINAL AMERICAN INDIAN WHO ARE BLACK PPL! You piss me off with this wrong information! BITCH ass dude all you mfs do is STEAL OTHER cultures then try to claim it as your own… You seem like a fucking racist to me! I read that racist comment you made about black ppl. You're a fucking dummy trying to convince ppl, you're a lost little sheep that is so obsessed with black ppl you're posting shit that have NO TRUTHS! I'M DONE I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW THAT I SEE YOUR FUCKERY AND DEBAUCHERY THAT'S WHY YOU TURNED OFF ALL YOUR COMMENTS BITCH

  • Shame The Red Race gets little credit for the way The Americas are glorious in many ways even before the arrival of Polynesians, Europeans, West Africans, And Ashkenazi Jews

  • I Imagine our lives would have been much better if they joined the British and stoped those who lead to The Map makers, ie George Washington, who helped mark the lines to make areas to be Corpitized which eventually enraptured All the natural resources which was the only means of mankind's survival. Now they control every aspects of Man's existence, and even decide who is a Native American or not. You be surprised that there are more Europeans whom claim to be Native and are not. They have begotton large windfalls including large amounts of Good land and they sue their own Government that they run for damages and lost profits from their fake NATIVE American claims. They create the big Corporate monster that suck the life out the land and its habitats while making trillions, than they bust in as the Law enforcer and shut down and punish the Corporate monster, charge them huge fines of millions and they sue as the citizen as injured party's and collect even more money not including the money fines and back taxes they collect plus assets and real estate which is turned around and repurchase d at penny's on the dollar only to those who are in the club and they play their roles on TV as the Agents who took charge and supeana all the executive who got a early retirement with billions and could not even look us Real Americans in the face and say Sorry. They blame all the crimes and corruptions on the lowest man on the totampole, He gets fired and ARRESTED sometimes for doing what they were coharsed to do. The working man/woman is the only one who feels the damage, we can't even afford a normal lifestyle though we are racking the debt up. Grow up.

  • Columbus and his fucktards need to mind their own fucking business and I will mind my own Fucking Business. I am the decedent of the Peacemaker, I will soon puff on my peace pipe and Guide my people to re unionize as One.

  • White washed as fuck even Donald Trump know who the real natives are thats why they took Standing Rock lol

  • So cut the poop with the Eurocentric "we Civilized you" narrative already. We learned about The Big Tree and The Long House in 1971. Hey…Euro-Invaders, you can't take credit for everything. Damn.

  • I am using the transcript of this video for an argumentative essay for a school assignment. How should I cite the source? What is the name of the author? Was this published anywhere else?

  • My government in the USA or western democracy is well documented of being cultivated from thousands of years old ideas from ancient Greece, Plato, Homer, Socrates it was also influenced by the Judeo-Christian laws from the Bible and the Magna -Carta and English common law all thousands of years old. Rome had senators and balance of power long before the USA constitution.

  • It's all about looking after all. People Power is all about looking after all and extending the family to all. An interesting concept building representation on trust rather than conquest. So it seems the USA got its inspiration from Native Americans.
    I can only conclude by this narration if anyone were savage it is the elite of Britain and Europe and their conditioning to dominance by violence (Kyriarchy)

  • … I'm very offended by this video. Democracy is a Western system and goes against the beliefs and culture of my people. I don't know how things happen in North America (I am Inca), but my people have proud and noble empires. We do not have the crime or corruption that democracy brings. I am glad we did NOT invent such an awful system as democracy.

  • lol i am white ,i dont play the race card, why would i say that to native americans,and what asians have to do with this
    sir, you thought WRONG!

  • What was funny is that everyone knows that they developed their colonies and based the stolen ways of government on OUR LAND!!!! Another thing, if anything, they should have fought all of them away from America. We are the Real Americans, not them. They were the Colonials, not the Americans!!!!

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