An Amazing 2018 and Dazzling 2019!

Hi, I’m Jonathan Williams, president and
CEO of the Pacific battleship Center and president of the LA Fleet Week
Foundation. 2018 has been an absolutely amazing year here at the Battleship IOWA
on the LA Waterfront. From our education, to our community, to our veterans
programs, we’ve seen tremendous success. For example: opening “Lost At Sea.” Lost At Sea with Dr. Robert Ballard is a wonderful exhibit that showcases the
human impact of shipwrecks and disasters across the seas through
history. This was done with thousands of hours of volunteer service. Volunteers
our core to, and instrumental to our organization. Then we also introduced new
programs to many students that came here throughout the region. Hundreds of
thousands of visitors visit here annually including international
visitors from locations like China, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and of course right
here at home. Our veterans program: we’re a
hub for veterans here at the Battleship IOWA and going into 2019 we will be
amplifying that with a special program we look forward to announcing in January.
And as a community asset, bringing LA Fleet Week at over a quarter million
visitors in 2018 has been a tremendous impact, and those of you that were there
got to see the special show by the Beach Boys and plan something bigger in 2019!
And then we’re also looking at how we impact our region in our local economic
development. You know, down here in downtown (San Pedro) the restaurants have had record
years. We’re seeing a new waterfront revitalization program going on with the
San Pedro Public Market, and we’re also looking long-term on how we tie in to
those destinations. So overall 2018 was an excellent year
and it would not be possible without you as a supporter and a donor of our
organization. We thank you tremendously for all that
you have done to keep our ship moving. In 2019 we have a lot on the horizon. As I
mentioned we’re introducing a veteran’s program. We’re also working on increasing
our impact in our education. We’re starting field trips, expanding our
STEM and STEAM field trips throughout the region to more school districts, and
we are also looking on how we can impact folks across the country – hoping to get
something online. (Actually we already have a little bit online but something
greater online in our education curriculum.) We’re excited about the
veterans program that I mentioned and we will continue to charge ahead as leaders
in community development and we have a lot on the horizon that’s exciting with
Fleet Week this year and I’m proud to announce right here that Cirque du Soleil will be right in front of the Iowa in April and May of next year. So in
2019 we are excited about what’s gonna happen. Stay tuned the third week of January.
We will make an announcement on our social media and our website about what
we’re going to become in the future: a national-level museum that I’m sure
you’re going to be proud to support! So thank you for being part of our family,
part of our team; Happy holidays and Happy New Year (from our crew to yours!)

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