An Enduring Alliance: An Introduction

in this treaty we seek to establish freedom from aggression and from the use of force in the North Atlantic community this is the area which has been at the heart of the last two world conflicts to protect this area against war will be a long step toward permanent peace in the whole world bonds and Brussels Belgium this is enduring alliance a podcast reflecting on the 70 year history of NATO and its oldest military headquarters supreme headquarters Allied powers Europe hi and thanks for tuning in to an enduring alliance a podcast reflecting on the 70 year history of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO and its oldest military headquarters supreme headquarters Allied powers Europe I am US Army Master Sergeant alex Burnett a media operations specialist assigned to shape and I am dr. Stan Adolphe I am a German NATO international civilian and the shape historical advisor and I'm dr. Linda reso historical consultant at shape I'm an Italian citizen living in London I want to make it clear that this is not the first episode of our podcast in the military we never start a project on day one we always start on day zero so that's this make episode zero yeah it does and that's appropriate right this is a political and military organization also since the actual 70th anniversary is in two weeks I suppose episode zero is an appropriate title so what are we going to talk about for episode zero if not the history after all this is why you brought me all the way from London what we're doing this why is it important that we communicate the history of NATO you mean besides the immense impact our organization has had on the world in both the political and military arenas and the fact that it is considered by many experts to be the most successful alliance in history yeah all of those things but what else something I feel we should discuss our information challenges faced by NATO seventy years after its creation and we spoke to Carmen Romero the Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO for public diplomacy about just that speaking about the history of this alliance in my view is very important to stress the fact that for 70 years the bond between Europe and North America has made NATO the strongest alliance in history and this is because we are in alliance that is bound by share history by sher goals by share values and together we work as I was saying earlier to prevent conflict and to preserve peace for nearly 1 billion people in our countries which is a huge I mean a figure in spite of NATO's existence for 69 years 11 months and 18 days there are still many misconception about what NATO does and now it came into existence and that is why we are so happy to have the support of mr. mark lady who is the communications division director at shape and we're going to hear why he thinks that this project is so important unless you understand where NATO came from and what infused it and what made it happen tune its core values then you won't understand what it still means and where it's going history is what guides us history is what teaches us the story of NATO the narrative infuses the values which we still defend so we need to understand NATO's history because we need to understand NATO and when you understand NATO you can see why it still matters and why it still has a huge job to do that it will continue to do so throughout the course of NATO's history since you've been a part of the organization for quite some time now what in your opinion is one of the things that you feel very enthusiastic about what is something especially you would like to hear highlighted I think the ability of a different number of Nations now 29 to understand what they share and then act very robustly it's very easy to look at multinational organizations and just see that they're all talk and no action NATO is an action organization both being within it and also as somebody who reported on it as a journalist you could see that when NATO agreed on something it made a big difference and for instance as a journalist I saw in Bosnia the UN had good soldiers good intent but it couldn't get the job done but when the NATO came in the same soldiers under a different command could and that wasn't because the soldiers were suddenly better is because it was the right organization for the right time so NATO is an action organization and once it agrees to do something it stays doing and that's very important so there you have it from a communication expert himself so to wrap up episode zero why don't you two doctors of history tell our audience about some big things that we're gonna cover in the next few months of course we're going to have episodes about the foundation of both NATO and shape you will also discuss the rise of communism in the world and its impact on the alliance that includes the raising of the Berlin Wall and a little clandestine operation called Live Oak we talked about the shift in political and military strategy after the downfall of savage Russia and the end of the communist strength we will also ever have desert covering NATO operations in the Balkans and finally we will talk about the attacks on September 11 2001 invocation of article 5 and combat operation in Afghanistan in our final episode we will leave you with a glimpse into where the Alliance is today both politically and militarily and what lies in store in our future so come back on April 4 2019 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of NATO and to download episode 1 birth of an alliance also be sure to check out our website at shape NATO int ford slash history forward slash podcast and thank you for tuning in you

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