An Invitation to Freedom: Book and Audiobook Launch

[Mooji] It seems ridiculous that
it could be put in something so small. Book and Audiobook Launch
December 2017 [Mooji] I feel that everything you require
as guidance, to awaken directly to the Self, is in this. And I feel that it will do well in its journeys,
wherever it goes. The last season in India,
driven by this urge to find the simplest way of guiding seekers
into the direct recognition of the Self, it spontaneously came, these different exercises. Looking back,
it has been going on for a number of years. We did several exercises
to help the beings to grasp, [Mooji] almost to kick-start
into the recognition. But somehow this guidance came and I found that the response was so immediate, so natural and refreshing,
and it continued to develop like that. We continued to introduce, what I call now, The Invitation to Freedom,
from India last season. Normally, we have seven days or so
when we have silent retreats. But we felt, when we started having
silent retreats here in Sahaja, we wanted to extend it to ten days.
Because it came very strongly that during the course of our daily satsangs, it was so intense
that I wanted to introduce two days where there was no formal satsang. And while the beings were still on the land, to introduce these periods,
which I call periods of contemplation. And so we drafted up again with Gayatri …
Where are you guys anyway? [Mooji Media Team] Here.
[Mooji] They are all here. [laughter] [Mooji] Zenji, Gayatri, Jayani and so on, we started to put together, what I was pointing out in the satsangs,
on a piece of paper. Actually, we brought it here.
I was giving them this thing. All the participants, 500 or so of them, were given this A4 sheet,
with some words on the back as well. It was some guidance to prepare the mind for certain questions I wanted to ask.
And that was the key for me. [Mooji] These questions would be answered,
not from the mind, because we said the mind had to stay out. And what happened was a miracle, in fact, because, without going through
that kind of cerebral thinking, the responses began to pour out
directly from the Self, realised. It was very beautiful. So, it started off like this,
and we still keep this copy. It is in really good condition somehow.
[laughter] Then some time passed
and one night coming from satsang … I think it was another retreat, I don’t remember. Zenji’s birthday, it was your birthday! [Mooji] And I was just driving up
from the satsang hall in my little buggy with Krishna. Zenji stopped me,
he came over to the car and he said, ‘Guruji, I would like to give you
a little present. It is my birthday
and I want to give you a present.’ I said, Oh! OK. All right.
And he gave me this thing. It says, ‘Mooji Baba.
An Invitation to Freedom’, which is precisely what was
on this piece of paper. He had rearranged it
and presented it in this tiny little booklet. I thought, Oh, what is this? I opened it up. And I saw that he had written it like this,
a little on each page. Show them. First of all, I liked it.
It felt like a novelty, this little thing. It was like sticking a pen in your pocket. I said, Wow Zenji, this is fantastic! So, he had actually re-typed
and rearranged the text in this little booklet as a present for me. And that ignited the whole thing. [music] [Mooji] So, if I can advise, when you read it … We say it in the book,
and you will have time, also. Read it slowly. And don’t move forward until you really grasp, until what the words are pointing to is just settled in you, you have grasped, ‘Aah!’ Everything there …
what this book is about, it is about you. Just be anchored again in that which resonates inside your heart
as you read it. Just let it open the curtains, not to outside, but to that intuitive recognition of what is limitless and timeless
within our own Self. This for me is the real purpose, or opportunity, of taking a human birth, because consciousness can display this
in the human form. The consciousness can contemplate itself. It can transcend however high
human beings have gone in our technologies and all the futures,
and everything. Nothing can be greater than to awaken to the Self, because it is beyond conceptual realisations. It is just what is true. And Truth is not like
some sacred cluster of concepts. It is spirit, it is life. It is pure intelligence born from love;
and this you must find. This you must find in life, because everything else that we see and we taste, all these things, they are clouds passing. One day all this will be gone,
but not what you are! And I want to encourage the beings
to discover this, because we are deserving of this, to not simply pass the time walking on the face of the earth, gathering dust. 14th August 2017
Zenji’s birthday and the birth of the book [Mooji] I wonder how far this idea is going to go. [Sangha] Very far. All the way. [Mooji] It has taken birth on your birthday.
[laughter] An Invitation to Freedom
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