An Open Mind Is the Best Look | Fall 2019 Fashion at Nordstrom

“I’m gonna try and do something with you.” “Yeah, yeah, this is welcome to the ….” Something is happening. You know, you stay at a spot where you think there’s the potential for a picture to be made. Maybe somebody comes along who’s on the fly, who’s interesting and then you start
following, and you see where they take you and what other kind of picture that you
might be able to make. It’s the moment when something else
happened that had me move four inches to the left and get a little bit lower that
made for the better photograph. The pictures that I’m most excited about and when I have the biggest smile on my face is when I’ve arrived and encountered
something at that exact moment when it becomes the photograph that I want to
take. The only way to make pictures that are gonna have integrity and authenticity is for you to be open to everything that’s in front of you.

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