ANA A380 Flying Honu First Class Suite Honolulu Tokyo

– Hello guys! Today, we’re going to fly back on the Flying
Honu again to Tokyo. But today is different – today I’m flying
first class. Do you like the Flying Honu? – [Woman] Today, your seat will be 2K by the
window. Right here, right now by the TSA.
– [Sam] Okay. – And then you would have to walk, you know,
to the C4.
– Yep. – So, once you get to the C4, take the escalator
one floor up and start walking – it takes 15 to 20 minutes. – [Sam] Okay. I’m at a check in counter in Honolulu airport. How beautiful – I love this decoration here. These are the Hawaiian waves, right, in the
– Yes, yes. – Hello and good morning. Just passed through the check in and TSA and
it’s a really long way to walk between the ANA lounge and the gate. One end of the airport to the other is a 15
minute walk. There’s a quicker short-cut, however – take
the Wiki bus. Well, this is new. There’s an ANA shuttle to take you directly
to the lounge here. So, there’s actually two shuttles that you
can take – there’s the Wiki Wiki, which is the airport shuttle, or the ANA one which
will take you directly to the lounge. Hello! It’s a beautiful airport at Honolulu here. There’s an open air deck and you can do all
of your plane spotting here. There’s all of the aeroplanes – of course
the ANA Flying Honu. It’s already arrived and is waiting for us
to fly back today. – [Announcer] We hope you enjoy your stay… (Three men sing) – We have brought here (mumbles) flight on A380 – Honu. Flying Honu. (Mumbles). – I am excited – it was this day four years
ago – thank you – that we partnered with ANA to improve the service from Hawaii to Tokyo. – [Sam] Hello.
– [Ladies] Hello. – Here, thank you.
– Thank you very much. Mr Chui, thank you very much. Enjoy the suite lounge, thank you very much.
– Thank you. – So, this is the ANA suite lounge in Honolulu
and if you are flying first class or if you are a diamond member of the ANA Mileage club,
you can come to the lounge. – Hello. – [Sam] Hello. So, what have you got here? – So, we have two different types of chazuke. The salmon and the ume. And that’s basically a broth with rice and
a topping. – [Sam] A broth with rice. – And then we have three different types of
udon. The (she says Japanese name) and… – [Chef speaks Japanese]
– [She names a further Japanese dish] – This is [she says names of Japanese dish] And then this is our Sake. – Here what we’ve got is a Taittinger champagne. – This is my favourite food here in the lounge. This is the (names Japanese dish) which is
like a braised beef with Japanese sauce. Very, very soft beef and it goes so well with
the rice. Oh wow, look at this! Memorialise the first service of the ANA A380
Flying Honu. I made Kids cap paperwork. – Yes please, yes please, yes please. – Oh my goodness. – Oh wait, wait… My product. – This is your product.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Great. This is the main lounge where the Star alliance
Gold members, the AMC Platinum and Gold members can come and I really like this tree here
in the lounge. There is a really, really good nature setting
here. Let’s have a cool beer to cool down. Oooh. Am I a professional? I don’t think so! (Laughter) Come here! Back to bar tending school! They pretty much have the same food in the
suite lounge and the main lounge here. Very good quality food in both lounges here. There’s a little quiet corner at the back
of the lounge, so if the main lounge is too crowded, come to the back side as there is a lot of
room here. So, in the lounge here there’s also a children’s
room. Somebody took all of the toys! Where are the toys? I found my track pants here! Thank you so much for recovering this item
here. When I disembarked on the way in, I left my
pants in the seat. Thank you so much my brother. – Okay, be careful!
– Be careful. – [Sam] This is your picture – you’ve taken
– Yes. – From Narita.
– Yes, yeah. – Woah, big fan – big fan of the Flying Honu. Guys, this is insane. This aeroplane has so many Japanese fans. Everyone is taking pictures – the love, the
affection towards this plane is just totally insane. – Yeah.
– Yeah. You like this? – Indeed, yeah. It’s a super jumbo jet! – Yeah, my friend Yukihero just flew here
like me, for two days, and is going back, just to fly on this plane. (Announcement in Japanese) – [Announcer] We’d
like to welcome first class passengers… – Hello.
– [Sam] Hello. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you very much. – This is the greatest thing – you board directly
from the lounge. You don’t go down to the gate anymore; you
just board directly from the lounge and straight on to the second level too. Thank you very much, thank you. – [She speaks softly]
– [Sam] Hello. – Hello. – Thank you. Flying Honu first class, here we come! Very nice! Wow, this is huge! Nice to see you again! – Nice to see you again!
– Yay! – Sir, would you like some champagne or orange
juice? – Oh, I would love to have both of them because
I would like to have a mimosa. – Oh, yes, I remember. A mimosa, sorry.
– Thank you so much. What is this one here?
– This is lip cream. – Huh?
– Lip cream. – Lip balm, lip balm.
– Yes. – Okay, you’ve got socks, eye mask, what’s
this? – Free WiFi.
– Oh, free WiFi. Oh, scored there. – [Voice on video] For the following safety
instructions… Nothing should block the aisle or exits. – [Voice 2 on video in Japanese] – Return
to the original position… emergency equipment. If you have any questions, please contact
a cabin attendant. – [Woman] (Mumbles). Large size. – [Sam] Aha. – We also have an extra large size. – Yeah, that will help. – Yeah. So, we also have a… This is a sweater, a cardigan. – It’s a cardigan?
– Yeah. – Look at this, only Japanese airlines give
you cardigans! I love this concept – other airlines, if you’re
watching this video, please follow suit with this Japanese airline. – This is a first class blanket. – First class blanket? Woah… – So, it’s very. I don’t know, it’s very… It’s much heavier. It’s organic cotton.
– Organic cotton? – Organic cotton. – Thank you very much for showing me. This is the famous one – the samsonite. It’s an amenity kit that looks like a hard
suitcase. It looks like a little suitcase but it’s an
amenity kit. Cool. I know what this is. – You can guess? – Yes, I think that everybody knows what this
is. This is the noise cancelling headset inside. Thanks for showing me all of the amenities
here. Fantastic. – We appreciate you flying with us. – They are just so kind. They don’t know what size I am, so they’re
giving me both – the large pyjamas and the double large pyjamas. Wow, I’ve never seen champagne like this. Look at this. Wow, this is so beautiful! – (Mumbles)… mimosa. – Thank you so much! – My pleasure. – First class doesn’t just come with a bigger
seat, it also comes with a bigger toilet. As you probably know, the toilet is at the
forefront of the upper deck of the A380. And there’s this interesting little platform. I think that you stand on it with your feet
and then you change your clothes. The Japanese carriers are really, really thoughtful. They have lots and lots of nice ideas and
I don’t have to tell you, you are already familiar, with the automatic bidet system. – Oh, it’s hidden. – It’s a personal clothing rail. – Thank you. I’m going to show you this really nice Samsonite
amenity hard-case here. – [Woman] Here is the wine list and (mumbles). – (Mumbles). Thank you very much. – Have you made a choice from the menu today? – I’m looking at the… This is like a book, seriously. There’s so much on the menu – it’s like a
book! – Are you hungry? – Am I hungry? I’m a bit hangry! I took off my flower ring and I put it on
the table here to make it look extra Hawaiian and extra nice. – So caviar (mumbles), foie gras and (mumbles)
and a truffle. – Caviar, with a black pearl spoon. Very rich, very creamy. So, it’s a very creative way to serve caviar. Now I’m having this very sweet, with truffle
cream tart. And the last piece is prosciutto with melon. So good! This is that Mapple wine.
– [Woman] Mapple, mapple wine. – Apple juice. – Apple juice.
– Okay. – [Woman] (Mumbles). – (Mumbles). I’m trying my best to eat as many vegetables
as I can. – We have four kinds of red wine. The Cabinet Sauvignon and this is Burgundy. Here’s a special edition from Switzerland
and here’s a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. – [Woman] Amigne de Vetroz 2016. – Beautiful! I’m actually falling asleep. The service took a little bit longer than
expected. It’s about two and a half hours after take-off
now. We’re half-way through the lunch but it’s
day-light flight so there are lots of passengers enjoying a movie – time is passing fast. There’s a small section in the first class
galley here and the business class galley is right behind and I think that this galley
is very, very small. It’s probably not as easy to work in this
A380 galley. So, my main course is veal cheek with foie
gras on top. – [Woman] There is your braised veal cheek
with foie gras. – The meal is done – you know, your veal cheek
here is top. Amazing. Thank you so much for showing me the plating
and I know that you guys were under stress because it’s almost two hours and forty-five
minutes after take-off and you’re serving eight passengers at the same time in a very small
space of galley. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you so much, yes. – [Woman] This is your dessert. It’s watermelon soup with a gin soaked cherry
and a watermelon sorbet. – The whole bed here – the bedding is super. Super smooth, you know, everything is crisp
and smooth and there’s a very good pillow here – very firm. And fantastic privacy surrounding you. Regarding the space, first class is different
because you have a whole lot of space here. Fantastic bedding. – [Sam] Thank you. – [She mumbles] – Alright, thank you very
much. – Man, after sleeping, I think that my hairstyle
has changed a little bit. It’s gone a little bit crazy. I got so excited. I woke up at 4 AM this morning, although my
flight was at 11:30 AM and now, you know, I rested so well. I slept for three hours but I don’t want to
sleep for too long because, you know, the flight is so short and, you know, you want
to enjoy every aspect of the A380 Flying Honu in first class. It’s not every day I get to fly first class,
so these are precious memories. Now I want to share with you a few tips on
the best way to fly premium on the ANA A380 and that’s by using air-miles. ANA have made it very clear that they will
release more seats on the Flying Honu for the flyers, for the freedom flyers, to fly. You can use United Airlines Mileage Plus,
Avianca Live Miles and the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club to redeem on ANA. Now if you don’t have miles – what to do? How do you generate these miles? The best way to earn miles on United Airlines
Mileage Plus is with Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. You can transfer the miles on a one to one
basis. The card comes with a generous sign-up welcome
offer and you can earn double points on travel and dining. The best way to earn Avianca Live Miles and
Virgin Flying Club miles is to sign up for an Amex Platinum card. You can again transfer the points on a one
to one basis to the airline. Sometimes, they offer a bonus 30% on transfers
as well. The Amex Platinum card also comes with a generous
sign up offer and you can get five times the points spent on travel directly with airlines
or with Amex travel. Now, if you want to learn more about these
great deals, and sign up for a credit card, you should visit my blog – I flew in business class on the way to Honolulu
and now I’ve flown first class back. Is the first class worth it? I think totally. You’ve got a huge amount of space, privacy
and there’s a huge amount of food choices. First class is just amazing on ANA and it’s
just such a totally different class. Look at the rainbow! This is amazing! Okay, I hope you liked my Flying Honu first
class flight video and this might not be the last one. I’m hoping to fly next year on the Sunrise Orange colour, the A380, the name is “La.” So, thank you so much for watching and goodbye!

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