Ana CRUSHES It On Cuomo

>>Yesterday there was a poll out indicating
that both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are tied at the top of the pole when it comes
to Democratic candidates for President. They’re both pulling a 20%, Biden pulling
at 19%, which means that they’re at a statistical tie. But the big takeaway was that Biden lost a
considerable amount of support among various groups or demographics within the Democratic
Party. Including Democrats who consider themselves
moderates and conservatives. So I was invited on the Cuomo show, Cuomo
Prime Time in order to debate this with Ana Navarro. So Ana Navarro is representing the moderate
Democrats, I’m representing progressives. And an interesting topic came up in the middle
of this conversation, I’m just showing you the part that’s the most fiery, I guess, with
that settled, let’s take a look. Will Kasparian get behind to Joe Biden? Will you get behind a Joe Biden? I want trump out, so I do agree that its important
to support whoever ends up winning the Democratic- Look how your backloading it. No, no, no, I’m not back loading it, I mean,
I did not like Hillary Clinton as a Democratic candidate. But when push came to shove, the right thing
to do was to vote for her. And that’s what I did, even as someone who
lives in California who could have very easily cast a protest vote. But let’s cross that bridge when we get there,
I actually would- We’re a long way from it, long way, I agree, yeah. We are, we’ are a long way from it. But I just wanna quickly talk about or answer
the question about who would be the best challenger to Donald Trump. I mean, look, Biden’s got to figure out which
state he’s in first before he talks about fighting Donald Trump. I mean, he is campaigning in New Hampshire,
he thinks he’s in Vermont. He’s had one gaffe after the next, after the
next. And Biden has this habit, and I think you
see this with a lot of establishment Democrats, where he thinks he can work with the right
wing and compromise with the right wing. I think that establishment Democrats are really
missing the point. We don’t want someone who’s gonna concede
to the right wing, we want a fighter. We want someone who’s gonna make the Republican
Party bend to our will, because we’ve been conceding to their side for far too long,
far too often and that has created the type of political climate and the political situation
we’re dealing with today. Yeah, so and that was an amazing job, but
I first I gotta give credit to Chris Cuomo one more time. And I’ll tell you why, because on that same
as CNN Network over the last 24 hours, we had Jeffrey Toobin come out and dismiss that
pulled and Anna was referring to. As a rinky dink pole, and then Harry Anton
came out and he said, it’s an outlier and he’s almost screaming at the TV. Normally, he’s just a very calm, the numbers
guy, comes out, hey, Joe Biden is leading, everybody’s happy, right? Now, all of a sudden, for the first time,
Joe Biden is not leading and he’s screaming to the camera. No way this is an outlier! Ignore this poll! Ignore this poll, right? Hey, take it easy, take it easy and in the
bad old days, well, that would have been it. And it would have been all establishment Democrats
or Republicans talking amongst themselves. Mm-hm. Is it gonna be Trump or Biden? A set of choices that most of the country
doesn’t want. Cuomo provided a space for actual progressives
to go on air and you could tell, because Anna says things like. We’re gonna make them bend to our will which
I haven’t heard that in television since I was on MSNBC. But other than that, hat’s for like 20 years,
right? That was previously unallowed on television,
the strong progressives. So she says then I’m back on tonight, so they’re
not stopping us. I know its kinda of a funny thing to praise
CNN for, but they should be praised for that- Yeah. MSNBC doesn’t have anything like that on air,
right now. Right, so look, I wanna be super clear. I give Cuomo, and his producers all the credit,
because they do provide a platform for progressive ideas. And you don’t see that anywhere else in, Cable
News. I mean, Brian Stelter also invited me back
on that was like a few months ago, so I give him credit for that as well. But I mean in terms of repeat progressive
guests, you’re right. I mean, you’ve been going on Cuomo on a regular
basis and it is important to break through to people who don’t necessarily watch digital
media or independent media. It’s important to break through the people
who are relying on CNN to get all of their information. And if you don’t have that progressive view
represented, well, then there’s an entire world out there that some of these viewers
are completely unaware of. And I think that people do want a fighter. I mean, some on the right saw that segment
and decided to come after me and argue that I’m being authoritative or an authoritarian,
I should say, authoritarian. And I’m like, you guys support Donald Trump,
who wants to bypass Congress in every way possible to get exactly what he wants. Right wingers just crying about authoritarian
government, are you crazy? Really? With a straight face? Yeah. Yeah, so no, the Democrats have been unfortunately
incredibly weak in our lifetimes and so, it’s about time that we have strong progressives
that say, no, no, no. I’m tired of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer,
Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, beseeching Republicans. Please, pretty please, will you work with
us? How about we beat them with a stick, politically,
and we crush them, and we win, and then we enforce our will? When Republicans say that everybody’s like,
well, that’s normal, of course, bravo Republicans way to be strong. When Democrats say it, well, first of all,
they’re not allowed on television previously. Now, when you hear it on television they’re
like, are they allowed to say that? And apparently we are, so that’s why we’re
giving them credit. Look, CNN also has Alexandra Rojas is a contributor. She’s the head of the Justice Democrats, so
it’s not just those Van Jones and there are other people on CNN. It’s all the sudden not like this weird aberration. I think that they’re quicker to acknowledge
that there is actually a progressive wing of the Democratic Party and guess what, Harry? I know you’re unset about this outlier bowl,
but it’s real and we’re winning. And think about it this guy’s, even win it
and tons of the world fleet freak out. And as long as, by the way, he freaks out
in my opinion, I’m sure he thinks that I freak out about different things. But as long as everybody’s allowed on, let’s
have an exchange of ideas, no problem at all. Totally agree, totally agree. And by the way, I thought, so Cuomo wants
to challenge all of his guests. So I’m not taking this personally at all. I actually liked when he challenges me, because
it gives me an opportunity to answer common right wing talking points or maybe moderate
Democrat talking points that we see. But the whole thing about backloading in that
very first part of the clip. Like, what did I say that made it seem like
I was backloading? I thought that was interesting. No, no, I get what he’s saying, I mean, he’s
basically saying, look, you’re saying, hold my nose and support Biden. Of course, I’m gonna hold my nose. Yeah, and your saying, yeah, it’s true, I
think that’s what it means by backloading. He’s not that wrong about it. I hate question though, I hate that question. Not because I’m worried about telling people
what I’m gonna do, I just don’t want to message to establishment Democrats that we’re gonna
hold our noses and vote for them no matter what. Right, so I hate that. And your absolutely right about the framing,
so last thing I’ll say about that and I won’t say one more thing about MSNBC and CNN. Is that they always frame it as will the crazy
Bernie people support the mainstream Democrat when he obviously eventually wins, right? You could frame it as, the much more interesting
question, which is will the establishment Democrats support Bernie Sanders, if he wins? I was gonna ask Ana Navarro that, but I just
decided, I wanna move on and just talk about the importance of electing someone who’s gonna
fight. That’s a much more legitimate question, because
the overwhelming majority Bernie Sanders supporters did vote for Hillary Clinton more so than
Hillary Clinton supporters voted for Barack Obama in 2008. So there’s actually facts and evidence to
show that Sanders supporters do come back into the fold at higher percentages than averages
historical averages. But you have non-stop people on television
say no way for Bernie. Never Bernie, never Bernie, so that’s a legitimate
question. Are these corporate Democrats gonna go against
their own bread and butter and go against their lobbyist and consultant friends, and
all their money to support Bernie Sanders. I think they just started asking that now,
you know why? Cuz Bernie Sanders is now at number one. So getting back to that poll to finish that
thought, look the end times in the two business etc. Now, we’re all in the same place arguing over
the things and you get saying that you like. But Harry, we’re gonna meet you at the next
poll and the one after that and the one after that. So you can get all emotional that my God,
my beloved Joe Biden doesn’t have the lead anymore. This poll must be crazy, I don’t believe these
numbers, no problem. I’ll see you at the next poll, okay, and we’re
gonna win that one and the one after that. And they’ll be a little bit of variation,
etc., but if you think Biden’s gonna has the lead and is gonna keep the lead or is gonna
retake the lead. Well, I’m gonna be proven right and you’re
gonna be proven wrong and the whole countries gonna see it. So God bless that’s an exchange of ideas,
on the other hand at MSNBC. God. Their idea of a progressive is someone who
is like, I find Bernie Sanders physically repulsive and I have no basis for that. I just wanted to say it, cuz I hate him and
they’re like see? Bravo, progressive, she doesn’t like Trump
either, no, that’s not a progressive. Yeah. And they’re littered with ex-Republicans,
ex-Republicans or current Republicans who are like, well, yes, Trump is erratic at times,
but not Bernie, okay? So I don’t know that you could point to a
single person on MSNBC who’s as progressive as any of the people that I named at CNN among
the progressives. And by the way, guys, you know what we do? We bring people with us, okay? So I’m on first, and then Anna comes on. And than I shut the door. Shut the door. No one else. And Alexandra Rojas, part of that mix, etc.,
Kyle Kulinski is gonna come, John Iadarola is gonna come, okay. And when we look, man, we want, super lastly,
don’t get me, I love this poll and I don’t care about it being one poll or if it’s an
outlier, etc. And say, trend that I’ve been showing you
all throughout, we will right, etc., you’ll see that many polls going forward, we got
a long way to go. My point is, guys, even if you thought this
poll was an outlier, let’s just say that they’re all tied at 20, 20, and 20, right? Biden, Sanders, and Warren, cuz it’s close
enough to that that it’s a statistical tie, right? That means progressives have 40%, conservative
Democrats only have 20%, so oops. Mmm, I didn’t think about it that way but
you’re right. Yes, so that means we’re gonna have the next
President. And so, MSNBC can try to block the gate like
no progressives allowed. But guess who’s gonna come through, someone
is gonna go through the gate, and then live and work at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. You’re not gonna be able to stop that gate

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  • Sadly that was the only poll showing this drop and the sample size from what i understand was fairly small. All the other polls do suggest a status quo feel, but the longer this race goes on, i think you will see Biden dropping considerably. Due to his non appearance at halls and rallies. Also, the continued unappealing nature to the younger voter and Latinos. If black voters peal off Biden they will go to Sanders.

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  • Cenk needs to take it easy himself. Ditto Ana. Since this clip, there have been other polls that put Biden right back up where he was, so that one poll that had the top 3 tied actually WAS an outlier. I would have thought you guys were smarter than to go all insane over one poll — before any other ones came out to back it up. And making a big deal out of Biden confusing NH and Vermont, everyone confuses them. Making that the talking point is lame, plus it's the kind of Biden criticism that just doesn't pack a wallop anymore. Stay focused on the issues.

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    The only way to accomplish this is to back the Democrats no matter who be it Bernie or Biden or whomever gets the nomination

    Swallow your pride and remember the alternative


    If you want 4 more years of him then sit it out because your choice wasn’t the choice!

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    No votes for independents and no None Of The Above like in 2016!

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    And by the way, I have no doubt you will be doing just what you say you won't be doing – holding you nose and voting for the establishment-democrat candidate. Just like you did in 2016. Because you are bought and paid for.

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  • I’m glad you guys have been on CNN because I’ve been trying to get my parents to watch you guys and they were like yeah yeah, but now my mom said the other day “Tyt is good” and then yesterday had already watched a video that I hadn’t gotten to yet! And she finally understands where I’ve been coming from about establishment democrats.

  • I feel you on the hesitation with Biden. I think he is just as big of an idiot as trump. I dont want an election where I'm forced to settle. I want to actually vote for someone that I actually believe in. I would vote for Biden because i couldn't vote for trump, Not because I want to vote for biden. A vote on another Dem who isnt even close is like a vote for trump.

  • Dems need a candidate that excites voters in order to win and right now there is no one that is exciting. Trump and Obama both won because they were "different", entertaining and "exciting". Someone from either professional sports, mtv or hollywood should run – hanks, costner, clooney, freeman, will smith, the rock, etc.

  • I am a dedicated Democrat, who has worked to raise millions for the party. I have worked with management and elected officials in the DNC for over 50 years. the party is corrupt. The officials are corrupt. There is no fair process used to develop a party framework, platform or guidelines. It is a pro-war, anti-human rights organization now. It is anti-labor and pro-immigration. When you disagree with anything, you are attacked as a Russian spy or sympathizer. When you post something they don't like – the Democrats censor you and try to blacklist you.

    Remove all Democrats from the Congress and vote for Trump! It isn't Trump that is the problem – it is immigrants like these – who make our nation a mess!

  • Cuomo is so idolate off himself. Always inviting idiots like Kellyanne and more of the idiots of Trumps administration.

  • Thanks for going on main stream media and fighting for real liberals and progressives and not bending to the center right democrats. Real progressive liberals are not represented in the media or Democratic Party so it was a HUGE win for us you getting our message across to those who do not normally see it on any main stream media. You rock Ana! 😎Please keep it up!

  • Tbh… all loses some weight bc Ana didn't ask if they would also back Bernie if he wins. The reason for the progressive push is due to the fact of how bad the DNC has bn for the bases wishes.

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    Ana was great. Looking for the full video next! Girl, get it!

  • I LOVE YOU ANA , YOU MAKE SO MUCH SENSE. I DO AGREE what you said about fighting and not compromising with REPUBLICANS… are so right about that….THEY just take advantage and never give one INCH to the DEMOCRATS………ANA you are so RIGHT…..

  • I agree about the establishment support vote. My question is, if not the progressive, then who do they vote for? Trump?

  • Today I feel the strong need to caution every non-conservative channel out there including this one…about running the risk of sowing the seeds of discord and division on the left. Talk about the candidates all you want. But what some shows are doing right now is simply counterproductive to the overall goal. What is the goal, you ask? If you have to ask this far along in the primary then you're an idiot, but I'll tell you anyway… The goal is beating Donald Trump.

    That means go ahead and back your favorite candidate, but be prepared to vote for the one who wins. Why? Because to do less is to risk 4 more years under the Orange Overlord and his wall of ego and his tsunami of lies. That's why.

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