Anarcho-Communism is Dumb and Won't Work

is okay so we're in like my hotel rooms I'm interviewing Aaron Brooks tomorrow and me and we are drinking and looking into the and converses and captive a group so I have a serious question is there a place al for fuck's sake is there a place for owning a Ferrari f12 under communism the leader kim jong hoon yeah but the thing is the end comes the outcomes don't expect a state so you can't factor that into your answer but Brett's answer is after our collective interests have been established the luxury will surely be the next task okay who gets the Ferrari like it takes a lot of people to make a Ferrari and they're gonna make they gonna make what you know 5 million Ferraris just slowly so you know one one bolt on each Ferrari and then another bowl for these Ferrari just until all five million at once isn't that than the conquest of bread they actually tell it's like yeah after a million died after people get the starvation mode and after that you we will be building palaces and we will be building mattresses I guess that's what they think yeah I guess it is but I love masks yeah but Ferrari isn't cool if everyone has one it's like no it's not but it is a luxury stuff is luxury possible in the Communist world we just have to abandon it for the sake of necessity and me the words how a collective always make me laugh as if he's gonna be in charge I'm not part of your force collective you freaking tyrant that's a that is that like I had only young replies in existential comics I people going that nanika snot you know totalitarian Society key is to talent area everyone has to do this or it doesn't work yeah so I want you have five people in government you have to show them or deal with them yeah yeah and the only justice is you know it's the collective has to decide interesting to talk about Communist cops they talked about the conquest of bread and they basically say that what would happen if people from outside like China warrant a non-article communist come over here with their money they want to use it and the author goes like well certainly we don't want our or communist cops to shoot Chinese people and they basically say that in our place everyone will already be having plenty so they won't be tempted by money we are yeah you've got remember there's no money in there but the income environment this is this thing you can never sound like a business and start trading because there is no million and you just have to give everything away for free so thing you make anyone can come along and take it and you can't say no it's crazy but I think cars will be useless I mean underground public transport is better let's traffic more walk space for human thank you okay yet people I'm gonna have cars because you carry merchandise still yeah so it's like why are you doing this is the subway going to carry everything yeah I mean can you imagine the travel times yeah you want to buy like a mother you know like you're filling your freezer up for groceries obviously I this is capitalist privilege talking nobody does under communism fills up a freezer full of groceries but imagine like the whole population of Britain being stuffed into Subway's fucking happen try them if it's if society wants them then they will be produced I thought I love this this is my favorite thing of society and this is something coupon curve Kropotkin well he kept saying like these things are just going to spring out of the ground like fucking magic it's just like you can't just expect people just spontaneously build things it needs direction to build a fucking Ferrari someone has to be overseeing the project literally you need a project manager who you know elements want to design the frame he needs to source the parts and get the labor and you know it just doesn't just holistically just appear I'm at the mentioned a descent the Vice inventors like they're saying yeah if I invent something is that really my vision because the state provided me the tools is in ventures yeah and it's like okay so why would people invest anything you don't get glory out of it you don't get money out of it you don't get anything like your name isn't even recorded yeah so I mean it's really good of everyone of people that do it I'm not going to say no you know you might have a doctor that events and you pill or something when you get those even in our system where it rewards the person for inventing something and it incentivizes people but you'll never get luxuries that way kids booing right I could make a really nice car but my god maybe a lot of hassle to make that car and then some will just drive it off so why don't Obama I don't even see the car no but as someone pointed out like if everyone has a Ferrari then Ferraris aren't important yeah like my dad wanted to do agriculture one year and he planted pumpkins and he had like the most successful harvest ever like we managed to get more pumpkins than he thought the problem is everyone else got the same yeah and his pumpkins were completely worthless a purchase I love this guy grow your own Ferrari like everyone else and that doesn't thing is that's funny but it's also funny because literally they want everyone to be like a part-time farmer or laborer or something you know I mean like Kropotkin was literally going how like the scientists need to be part-time farmers it's like ok but how many part-time farmers does it take to cure cancer we've got full-time scientists working on this they still haven't done it so it's just like and so let's rush I did call you a social parasite if you didn't have a job or you had the liberal job yeah there was this peasant as this gypsy was singing at weddings and the Communists catch him like the police they come off the streets beat them up properly apply a correction and a saying ok so you're making this amount of money in one month it's like the wage of a worker in four months do you find yourself look with the example a positive example they go to work on the factory and he have no factory training whatsoever like hey you've got false people's work in these factories Anika state yeah yeah but who's gonna do it right but even then it's okay like you can then assign rice you spent five hours a day working in a factory I expected to spend another four hours there being a scientist doing something else it's like how long is it before you get to Mars if a system like that I just have to mention that in factories the work hours were usually beyond eight well their plan is to basically Badman so everyone does like a diamond for ya you know how they did it it's like they had called us for you to do and if you finish your coat thoroughly then you can go home yeah but the cool part the minimum was something that the single human person couldn't do in eight hours so most of the times will stay twelve or fourteen if you don't do it is and wire relays we're lazy comrade yeah you're sabotaging the economy you know you're fucking with a five-year plan I'm holding the flag right back yeah you should be like the stuck on a vice you know work yourself into an early grave for the betterment of the people from I think it's like everyone is my finger pounced on this yeah they're they're a bunch of them who are resistant though is it just me or is communism nihilists embracing Christian ethics they don't they make the book that I just read from 1800 they just say that it's that the principle is from the Bible it's like you need to give to the war Jesus opposed exactly mr. private property was he totally thank you played the tables is when he saw capitalism I can tell you that heaven is definitely not the capitalist enterprise properties oh yeah the whole personal property thing I love is so the end comes think not just the end comes I want communist they're like you know you won't have the means of production but you'll still be able to own your own toothbrush you won't have your house you have a property what is their principle it's like okay you didn't create the thing other people created it right so if this is why it's not yours yeah where's your stuff crushers exactly it's not it's everyone's like Kropotkin was saying it's literally not yours it's everyone's so sorry we're gonna have to share toothbrush you know it's funny about it right because he also talks about people digging a train wait tunnel for instance and he talks about how the railway is getting rich out of that tunnel and the people who build it they're poor okay but if the town collapses who's responsible are the people who build it yeah or or aren't they only benefiting but they don't have any obligations yeah actually that's true and that's the that's like the foundation of I've been saying you know the entrepreneur is taking risks and that's is going to be the engineer right not the worker who was told how to the work so you're going to partition but by this logic if the tunnel and the people you know they're going to turn against the railway company because obviously there was but by their logic it should be the workers and you know the miner so mind the product in order for the workers to use it to build the tunnel and yeah but whatever it's in the name Kropotkin I reflects we say crack pokken in my head which is is fucking absolutely true a little bit more Cappy projection o P also has not read two pages of Kropotkin dude we've read the thing it's a six hour audio book it's it's not that difficult to get through and it's just full of lunatic shit I read it faster in my head but I don't think it's worth it I think the guy was actually worried that I Mikey he brought legitimate criticism to companies like the book is written in 1800 they had 1892 in Russia so sure they I'm sure there were people going hungry but nobody talks about the fact that the lower class will never be able to educate people he says that they work 12 hours a day that the child gets into the factory at 12 years old so you know like I can see why people hated the system back then but I think if he saw capitalism the way it is now he might have thought differently about there okay so someone who'd replied I you know Henry here had said you know he'd agreed that we're all getting fat under capitalism but you know there's that people starving worldwide so I posted a picture of salvation worldwide he called freedom worldwide and learned I'm surprised people are starving in fucking Brazil actually but learn Paul there's a surprisingly high correlation so he said this doesn't take into account the place like India and sub-saharan Africa were exploited by Western powers for centuries holy fucking shit exported by China they're being macho right now but it's like yeah the difference is Botswana and Zimbabwe which is the best example ever the average income in Botswana is 17 thousand dollars a year which pretty fucking good for sub-saharan Africa the average income in Zimbabwe six hundred dollars which one is the socialist country you know I'm sorry Henry you're just like Benjamin is but countries will come from exploitation and they pimped off the taste shoots and corruption seeds achieve success and they are but the central pattern that safety stability and democracy new government's infrastructure proudly is boosted foster business investment that raises quality of life health wealth and long-term stability of the region and helps move the economy from being primarily agricultural ethically cultural to fostering education high-value industries that's a great comment I'm going to like it this is something for the outside as well most of these African countries National Socialist as well yeah the things that they're Marxist Zimbabwe and compartiments trying to do the same thing zimbabwe stone and they're a bunch of others as well to be fair every time i see them with the name Murray Rothbard I see pedophile enabler the thing is the I someone actually posted a while back in this group how does anarcho-communism prevent child slave markets it doesn't it doesn't it well there won't be a market for anything in the world there will be people who want to fuck kids they just want to make money happy those do three you know there'll be no law against it there'll be no government to prevent it and like it'll become a natural normal thing it'll just be positive in Athens natural history but this is why we consider it a moral were crashing you know it was a moral innovation to not fuck children still isn't some African countries I think it's like drinking the sperm of man makes it more powerful assumption governor of a second and the right capitalism is tyranny of the minority oh I love this Brett yeah if you're living in st. what the nineteenth century and you don't have workers rights you don't have economic freedom then maybe you could say that but it's literally not but we don't have pure capitalist countries anyway everything is like either controlled by some Constitution some code of laws yeah you kind of like America for instance can't just take away Mexicans right but it's like the top not making you do anything yeah what a minority is just one thing to come to these places yeah yeah people never trying to escape capitalist countries are they if I show up in the webcam world we need to lift myself higher so yeah and Kansan and Thomas can never get along understood you know that's communism it is working what's up pirating website yeah I love this capitalism is shows that the love Costa deserve it either by working class or making contributions to mankind Paris Hilton yeah but Paris Hilton is the daughter of someone who worked hard and deserved it yeah and she has to maintain him yeah exactly sure I mean this nothing is well away apparently 70% of inherited wealth is lost by the third generation yeah so it's just the kids under pissing away buzzient the crew like you think it does you fucking idiots my economic sisters explain money really nice it's like what is money because it's just fictional it's the value of the money is I do actually yeah she basically says like you go through our neighbors to mow the lawn and the neighborhood pays our $10 and then when you go to the grocery store the grocery store owner asks you have you helped their fellow men today have you done anything for your fellow man yeah and so money is again and you say yes and he goes I can you prove it and you show him the $10 and he gives you the milk yeah and it you could conceptualize of it that way I mean it's not how Adam Smith they're like yeah I mean that's you could represent it as you know money is come your contribution to society sure yeah you know and if you have money you must have contributed something otherwise people giving you money not only that this way society kinda hates people who don't confuse it like you know lottery winners for us even even though they kinda contribute cuz they have paid for the hope of winning like they stole Center just look yeah but like if you go deeper than that then it's like a maximum lock you walk the street then you find a million-dollar bag it's illegal to keep like society does go it's like it's not okay for you to make money working without working for it and in the case of inheritance right you work for our money so you have the right to give it to your kids if you want why cuz I we're both doing the same job or both year to persuade or any more than me exactly it doesn't take into concealed labor their sense of justice is completely messed up because they they believed that a person not getting something they deserve is in jest and this is true but they also believe that a person getting more than they deserve is nothing just they also believe the people who didn't do anything deserve to have something which isn't just yeah or or a worker that was like making a tunnel and he is putting 16 hours a day is working twice as hard for them is the same like one worker displaced yeah it's it's not just distribution of efforts you know sometimes working harder than the other some guy doesn't do anymore but he still deserves in fact he becomes the needy who's deserving it's like he's not just a nothing Romania is broken if you go into a public hospital and relax relax it's not your dad's Hospital come down where it is such a rush today and so you're getting paid the same month that's in history books and I saw that I didn't have yeah there's the biggest disincentive ization isn't it just everyone just don't worry about it's why I don't edit videos I'm getting money get Camtasia it's really easy and I know you will do like better start like mundane math style videos with a better quality so you can still have your eyebrows I'm really upset by this mentality and what's interesting is that when Romanians go through Western countries like England they immediately drop the mentality like all it takes is for other people to change the system yeah go like this get to work yeah I'm curious if the NHS is the same like people who work for the state you know it's completely different than the private sector because you don't have the financial motivator to to be better yeah you get paid the same amount is no incentive the thing is this is what this is why they're like in the coming of manifesto I'm doing I'm Tim I could be write up about all of these things actually at the moment so I'm really going into depth on all this in the communist manifesto um he he recognizes the capitalism is like the world's most productive force that's ever existed no no productive force like this has ever existed before but he completely fails to understand why it's productive its productive and Adam Smith explains this perfectly it's like you know the baker bakes the bread he doesn't do it because he thinks you're a good person he doesn't because he benefits when you buy his bread but you but you also benefit because you need bread and so you need to do someone for someone else so they benefit so you can get you can take the reward that you earn to buy your bread as it's a system of mutual self-interest everyone's I want what you've got I want to sell you what I've got therefore we both benefit this day so what you're doing is you've got all these competing interests and they're all aligning and obviously people work a lot harder and you know you get a lot more if it suddenly boom it's like all this stuff clicks into place and suddenly boom there's this huge economic explosion so and I think that has to make the best breath you know motives to work hard innovate and be you know really skillful and be productive and you know the price is brighter the lowest price he can afford you know it's it's an upward push rather than communism which is a downward bull that's why corporate there's a miscarry because it goes against the system okay well not if we get all the Baker's you know understand corporations yeah and then we decide the price of bread well this is the problem yeah so it's just like like how do you not see that this is a obviously more productive system and therefore this is why people in capitalist societies are fat and people is comedy societies are starving what about the wrong with Empire with slavery you think it's there for the Romans then to have capitalism Geoff sleep no it wasn't bad from the tough slaves yeah it was better for the Roman aristocracy to have slaves but if the average Roman it was bad because the person had work and they had problems that's why they got presents Ernest is that girl wait because because they bet you can't afford to eat you know abort because they didn't have jobs and so they were like right we'll have games them and we'll give her free grain this is this is what the cracker brothers were specifically running on it was very much like Trump they were effectively just saying hey Romans we're gonna get you jobs when you do buy land before it was this is why I'm like you know I was like Trump is basically running on the same platforms of the grotto and I had a bunch of Esther who was normal stupid comparisons okay why why is it stupid cuz I was because he's literally saying the same fucking thing you know and what happened the Greco they got executed Trump got co-opted but you know it's it still it's the same rhetoric he was the same impulse that he was appealing I love this as well they always blame the CIA for everything socialism like oh it's only ever failed because of America it's like really how do you know this is what I don't get right if socialism is so good why can't they defeat the capitalist America exactly what wasn't the other way around why isn't the America defeated by socialism yeah well there's our boy there's our boy look communism is good in theory but in practice just ends up being destroyed but in a military coup financed by the CIA then it's not good in theories it's weak you fucking moron it's weakened can never exist because it can literally be destroyed like that it's like literally why would I want to choose a system that's gonna get taken over by fascists this lame they're always saying okay they're real socialism in Spain what happened they lost the Civil War after this I'll show some American old videos Ben black and white to see how walk the earth there's this election in America where a communist was to win and he talks about the master plan the grand plan that will fix the whole economy oh yeah yeah and the counter argument to death is like well if you have only one plan it best be a flawless plan and no plan is flawless so why should we leave all of our future all of our country in your hands yeah let's think about totalitarian system it has to be a flawless idea a flawless plan otherwise it's gonna be fucked up but you literally can't review this me my surplus labor boss bitch you don't do any fucking surplus labor do you must be honest for fucking Portsmouth but I love it in his opinion the the factory the thing that he's producing for me on Facebook no no no the the trees that think it's just in the wild it's just around it didn't take any organisation for you to go and get those logs it's not like you needed to work in a fucking specific environment that was tailored directly to make the circle and the product that you're making no no no it's just all over the countryside mate this is their expert their aim is so low you know we're gonna get bread brilliant okay how can you find middle ground with the person who literally believes that acquisition is not an actual form of only property and he actually says that since people you other people build this shit and you shouldn't own it yeah we common it because other people yeah so how is that can find little run you might talk policy about you know surplus labor and boxes and factories and shipping you're not going to get anywhere with these there is no this is what this is the thing it's like it's the sanitarian ism it's it's a different view of the world it's a few different yeah but it's a it requires everyone to be doing exactly the same thing that they believe wages slavery yeah so if they believe we just lavery like you know how can I convince them that no your boss is not your slave that's the thing I then it can't be falsifiable and every time it goes wrong it's not well you didn't pray hard enough you live in you know it's like Stalin wasn't communist enough MA wasn't the real communist it's like you know like how Muslim nations accuse each other of not being real Muslims to be fair they work they were they weren't communists enough to be honest they always stop it they were stopping the the dictatorship of the proletariat because someone is the dictator and they like being the dictator they didn't murder enough people that the interesting but a no proof and caps are just fascist disguised as snake oil salesmen why don't they be disguise the snake ourselves but okay so why should I read Nazi literature they don't disprove the observed facts of mostly policy as proven by our own documents why would I read their doctrines it isn't going to disprove what I know what I don't know about them because I've read them then people if they're big circular reasoning but hard facts back bandits are not going to be disproved by Hitler's writing by the way how can you know you're not the Nazi if you don't know what the Nazis believe yeah isn't it much more useful to know what your opponent actually thinks I mean I've read loads of communist texts at this point I'm further now from being a communist and I have a half piece I guess they're afraid they might believe it they might think Hitler has some good points they didn't think about well yeah I mean I'm reading my captain Alan it's like it's just interesting suni think so as the answer to the Jewish Question well he wants to exterminate me he sees them like because he's like a German supremacist and he sees the German nation as being more important than anything and he sees the Jews as a competing nation was all competing parasite nation within Germany but that's only because he views on a racial basis and he racially distinguishes juice from Germans even though if you want genetically do it there really isn't that much difference holy shit look at that six million Jews killed by German Nazi Holocaust tartan Christian schools 20 million Christians killed by Jewish communists not that in Christian suppose this is actually interesting when the genocide that communists against the kulaks against Ukrainians Cambodians yeah why exactly that's right my fault here like we can keep going it's like if you kill people based on clothes it's fine as long as you don't kill them based on ethnicity this is this entire stock to see a minority as well see then we kill the bourgeoisie aristocracy in their mind is already gone even if the aristocracy isn't actually gone but they want to get in the bourgeoisie and that's that's the genocide of a class and they want to cease their production I mean Kropotkin says outright it's gonna involve killing them yeah he says I wrote this is going to be a violent revolution in which would kill the bourgeoisie that's a genocide manifesto you know it's the same in the communist manifesto you know they know it's genocide you know that's funny right after that he says how after we killed the bird Rossi is the journalist and the university professors and you know the old intellectual any moment glasses yeah coming together at the table to discuss the future of the nation [Laughter] I guess in his mind I think it was not the factory Oh mr. Christie I don't they again there's the 1% they in Tsarist Russia sure yeah yeah so after you kill them and you say kill the Fuhrer I see and this is Carrie because it happened in Soviet Russia as well after Nikhil the bourgeoisie other people become the bertrise you by default you know so they need to kill them as well the P star walk in two nights they don't realize how classes are formed that's the thing which happens your favorite artists under communism after half his skills are being forced to work with a foreseeable incentive become a successful in find it funny that bad-mouths you know and you're not married you don't exactly toxin that's like our boys he actually calls them that we want the streets and decide who gets to keep their houses Emma and if you're like one man living in one room we couldn't keep your house but if you have like rent payer there then we need to tell the ramp air you don't need to pay rent oh my god some of the best starts came from socialist countries because they could eat could they fucking how many starvation you know that's the thing if you kill a majority of the population it's easier to fit the remaining yeah better so okay some of the best artists okay this is suprematism that's um I really don't get this them and I made the video saying that this is garbage and it's not art and and immediately people no no you don't understand P you right I don't understand this it's not inspiring me you know like a fourth grader can do this in paint okay this is actually good that this is good yes it is drawn with watercolors okay well it looks like final that's fine I'm happy with it all that looks like amazing yeah okay well I guess this is what I consider gray up I know it's all I can actually get some really great art from socialist countries the thing is it's the same thing no just not be free like yeah you can produce arms but some of it will be censored you know so you have to make it like weird and abstract so they can't see the message in as I gave us great now people can't even see the messaging that looks like you know the partisans mother I imagine that's nice yeah yeah I don't think this is producing better out than otherwise would be created but honestly if you're good thing will go socialist art you will find some cool things I mean the best music comes from Soviet Russia the Arts will thrive under communism this drivel how the Parsis protestant abomination big businesses drives the entertainment industry and you're left with cash me outside and Miley Cyrus the best art does not come from a desire for monetary gain can you imagine this by cleaning the garbage outside your house and their liver screaming yeah Hollywood oh okay I don't think you can consider popular culture to be art yeah I mean wouldn't you consider Justin Bieber songs to the earth music no it's consumable disposable pop shit you know just because it's music doesn't make it art you know the Meryl faggotry to this I love this we don't force people to work take your fucking do Chris social not just that like in the thing they're like what do you do if a guy doesn't work you tell them to leave ICU ostracizing so he can starve or because it's not like you can just like go and produce his own thing because come on anything like name your socialist country where people are yeah you're basically being a slave you're just a lobster just slavery one this is a good point when these bands be raging against the machine if there wasn't one maybe they'd be raging against their own hunger I think no no no I think the in the Congress for breathy actors says that our aristocracy was legit form of government because back then they didn't have machinery it's in the beginning like right in the I don't remember him saying that but some if you have the book I can show doctor yeah I'll show you after yeah I'll show that they are narco cough as well I curious who or they seemed around like where does it takes this word as well think is right this is this interest right I have yet to have a single person to explain to me this would be how to survive as a musician in full communism you wouldn't because you wouldn't be placed in a factory so you're changing workers you're out learning the ordinance so I mean money Kropotkin ventures in the book he says any any work that is considered necessary and productive so being a musician presumably isn't considered necessarily productive I guess like the party might have two or three musicians that one of them will be a party in Hong Kong so there's there's no party there's no government so it's I'm right so basically everyone is the judge of what's productive so anyone can say no one digs productive just fuck off you know whatever they're doing there's no there's none people telling it exactly there's no way of saying you know if making people go to a factory if they're like well I've got an excuse not to go to a factory but the point is Phoenix is that you'll be a part-time musician and a part-time farmer or a Python factory worker did you look at the the massive farms they have in your video with the outcomes the domestic factories then they deemed heavy industrialized area in the United States where they have this addcom community no there's this place in the United States that's like to fall off yeah that's how it was advertised talking about industry and machinery I thought everyone wanted to be an engineer and cap if you're in need would you I think it was in vain yeah in England you have the social justice warriors and antifa complaining about the government cutting some socialist programs it's like why are complaining you don't like the government yeah they like social programs but they're not real socially that's true but they're closer to being real socialism you don't like the government you you're against it yeah so I'm confused by the notion of collective ownership doesn't mean everyone knows everything doesn't mean current workers and users own a given resource not the whole world someone's replied here that's about right depends on which school of anarcho socialism you talk about this why I love right and these pointless definitions and distinctions so mommy anarchists in Douglas then the workers one okay yeah basically they just say that you as a person won't everything yeah and the distinction between personal and private property I really don't give a shit at the moment to take my house this guy thing this guy this guy defends a kind of fluid ownership your personal owns yours because they are by nature minty the things that use often like your car are in this category but it's not yours in the economical sense you can't sell them since they're any yours because of your relationship to them if you intend stop using your car it's not your car and we'll see where this goes down five minutes come back to the cars but yours anymore that's good point it's not mine anymore and you'll take care of it as if it's not yours and you don't care if you crash the car you don't care if the tires break down it's not fucking yours yeah who cares just go get another one for free from the nits from the factory I suppose you know those be pumping out for a reason let's go before re living in Saudi Arabia in their minds yeah the thing is like if someone else is like what / get on a bike and follow him until he stops using it yeah is it possible to have a job that you enjoy doing while scimitar simultaneously as in hunting a reasonable wage and helping people if I have my right hand comes well that's actually what I do at the moment so that's yes as possible no outcomes pay taxes role in the capitalist societies they do not but in the uncommon is society today also think taxation is tough they want to get rid of money altogether yeah but you can still give some of your products you know like solve your food you can get some of your you're going to give your time away your your free time for something like you know I guess that's how private the cops will work you know every citizen gives away several days a month in order to become a private police our income is tied to how much about how much value you give to others yes yeah they look at the exceptions and they point at this exception I go see Emma Watson doesn't deserve blah blah and Zak me and comes a worthless that's their problem they hate the fact that income is tied to how much value give to others because they provide nothing of value to others you know what I know this right most of them are bourgeoisie has to point out and they're kids of rich parents right yeah so they view themselves as two worker because they don't earn anything I guess they view themselves as poor because they don't earn anything I think I think they're desperately trying to identify his working-clothes I think they subconsciously know they're not you know they're not working that's the problem here but this is why incomes hate the idea of free markets that's so true incomes times how much value give others this is why I come and hate the idea of free markets yeah because you have no fucking value to give if you have value to give you would love free markets their selfishness agreed land them broken miserable you know as their counter argument is like banks that make money out of nothing yeah but it's like they still contribute to society like a person who I start the business goes to a bank like a bank literally starts businesses off the ground even if it doesn't play by the rules this this is a gremlin it's not possible for an entire modern industrial society and the capitalism to be structured in the structured in such a way that no individual is exploited and no hierarchical structures of power exist that's the problem so literally I mean they they consider any kind of weekly or exploitation and they consider any kind of hierarchy to be oppressive and while these things exist even one even one you know they literally wanna get rid of absolutely everyone and this is in their fucking totalitarians no one can have any authority or hierarchy or any any there's not one channel discussing policy if you don't agree on you the fundamentals absolutely and you but they need everyone and literally if any of them exist that's it you know even a single person that's oppressive and what's funny is that in their communist manifesto they actually say that they're coming as a society is still going to have in Justices yeah and it's like okay so you hold capitalism to much higher standards then you hold your own ideals yeah interestingly angkong's chose one poll of the Bernie Sanders in a poll it was close but I don't know what Ron Paul stands for he's a libertarian I took it I took an asylum seeker into my home it didn't end well sir wasn't that different that had his head bashed down it was like a socialist as well probably in Germany yeah he took a migrant into his own home and he cracked his head what's call he was like this yeah here's this university professor advocating for open borders but yeah so I'm absolutely convinced that the incomes have no case whatsoever it's absolutely logically inconsistent is incredibly anachronistic the facts don't stack up with the reality of the world and what they want is a totalitarian dictatorship led by some sort of gang leader like meeting a mob of people did you still need that Queen beat you still need the one above all need to hang this which list you know formulate public opinion and they just write their pieces and then the mob gets and yeah that's the society day they want to live it they basically want twitter to be real yeah it says that the episode in normal which you haven't solved well basically like everyone has like a battery the thumbs up comes down and if you're nice to me I give you the thumbs up yeah and then they judge people like they were bars where if you have 500,000 downloads you don't get in yeah they literally want it to be like wow that's absolute

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  • This would be a lot easier to watch if Sargon understood the concept of sharing and taking turns with things. My parents taught me that when I was 4 years old I hope he will get the hang of the concept soon.

  • To me, both ancoms and ancaps are equally silly. Their ideologies are both based on flawed assumptions of what a state really is.
    For ancoms, it's that any collective leadership (which their system rely on) will inevitably evolve into a state. As it will, by definition, require a monopoly of power (a state) to function as one society.
    For ancaps, it's that a completely privatized world would inevitably lead to private protection unites behind different actors. And these will become very much like states in their own right, even though their membership is voluntary, it won't be in practise.

  • Underground public transport is needed in Anarco-communism because everyone lives underground as the surface is uninhabitable due to the mutant marauders, toxic air and fallout.

  • Under Anarcho-Communism, lets say even under the best conditions where everyone works and produces, how do you decide who works in the sewers? I get food and shelter anyway, why clean up sewage when I can just work at McDonald's?

  • "It was a moral innovation not to fuck children." The sentence every high school history book sorely neglected to include somewhere.

  • The only thing apart from finding food and water that anybody would be motivated to do is either escape the place or try to take over.

  • 12:55 So Sargon says there would be no government. WRONG! 😂 This is a man who claims to understand the ideology he is talking about but doesn't understand the distinction between "state" and "government". There is most certainly a government in anarcho-communism.

  • 8:20 You absolutely would also have your house. That doesn't constitute the means of production. It's funny that to "refute" this ideology you have to lie or misunderstand it,

  • 2:39 Sargon you can trade without money you absolute buffoon 😂. Can you go for ten seconds without constructing a strawman?

  • Not sure which one of you two I envy more in this! Two men I've never met in person that I have a lot of respect for.

  • ~2:50 "You're still gonna need to carry your merchandise"
    though not like you can exactly carry a ton of groceries in a Ferrari.

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