Ancestral Freedom – Honoring and Releasing Ancient Family Connections

Very few humans have gotten to this point where they understand their lineage;
they understand that it is to be honored, it is something
that’s brought them here, but it is also time to let go. You’ve probably experienced this,
particularly in the last few years; you’ve wondered at times
what’s holding you back. This is one of those things. You’ve wondered why it seems
like such a struggle at times to realize your enlightenment, and this is one of the very core reasons. In order to understand it, let’s start at
what could be called the beginning. How far back does your lineage go? A lot of you right now are
thinking in terms of your… the modern-day humans or
maybe even back to Atlantis, but it goes far, far back – far back – to the original spiritual families. This is the core. This is
where the true lineage started, where you began identifying with a group. And that is still to this day
so much a core part of who you are. So you bring this to Earth with you. You eventually took on a biology on Earth.
That was a big step. because when you took that
first birth, now you were in. Once you get into biological
incarnation you’re there until you come to your freedom, until you realize your sovereignty or until you realize your enlightenment. What’s important is to recognize that so many
things that you’ve been battling in yourself are actually really not yours. You’ve had a lot of predispositions to things. You have had predispositions
to your physical look from your family. You’ve been predisposed
to a lot of attitudes. You know, depression
runs in the bloodline. There are the obvious
biological predispositions to not only the way you look,
but to things like a healthy heart or heart attacks, to cholesterol, to weight levels,
to everything else. A predisposition that’s carried
right down the bloodline. And the thing is you’ve spent a lot of your life
fighting things that really are not yours. They were ancestral predispositions. So when you try to fight them, it’s very difficult.
It doesn’t work very well, because they’re so ingrained in the bloodline,
and until you release that those things are kind of stuck within you. Predispositions to weight. A lot of you have tried losing weight and ask about weight,
but it’s in the bloodline. You’ve been carrying around a lot biologically, intellectually, emotionally – strengths and weaknesses – As so many of you know,
it’s so frustrating and so difficult. You have days where you wonder
what you’re battling against; you wonder when
this uphill struggle is going to end; you wonder when
there is some sort of breakthrough. But until you come to this point of addressing the bloodline, from where you have come, all the way back to your spiritual families, until you come to this point,
my friends, you’re carrying things
that don’t belong to you and that are actually
too overwhelming to battle, to fight. So, as insightful as all of this is, as liberating as it can be, most people will not allow themselves to go beyond. They think about it,
as you probably have. You’ve heard a lot of this before. It’s not a new topic, but suddenly we come
to this point right now, to say are you ready to release? What we are doing here,
what you’re doing is so very important. It’s a big step – it’s a very big step –
into enlightenment.

8 thoughts on “Ancestral Freedom – Honoring and Releasing Ancient Family Connections

  • What he said needs to be stated differently. There are past "adoptions of belief" but ultimately we are 100% responsible for where we are in life… physically and non-physically. Blame in ANY FORM is never to your advantage.. when you come to see the "issue (s)" (undesired manifestations) choose to "fork off" in the right direction, choose the better feeling thought/action/response… that is how you master yourself. We came here to enjoy this physical journey not scold ourselves or blame others or depend on others/situations to make us happy. We came to experience this reality, to love and celebrate the uniqueness that is you.❤

  • Hi Craig,I agree with u 100%!We are our own ancestors hence the responsibility or " blame" if one wishes to label it so comes back to us,full stop!

  • Many, many blessings to The Crimson Circle for all you so for us every day with a special shout out to St. Germain and Geff Hoppe!!! I owe you sooo much for the sharing of your time and wisdom hundreds of times over the years… This morning while I was half asleep I think I popped into the 5th dimention for a couple of minutes?!!! I would like to know if it was just a dream though! i was walking along a beach when I saw strange movements in the air several meters in front of me with signs of an even more bright blue sandy beach! I ran to it and jumped through it as fast as i could head first! I was floating as I was told I would there but I was not expecting to! Can anyone tell me if this was real or not?! It seemed to be too easy even though I did not stay long… ( I am getting a looovely warm healing from someone! Bless em)
    if there is a next time; I pray I can stay longer, my body felt so light and free… Lot`s of Love Healing and Blessings to you , to us all! NAMASTE Shambra!

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