Anders Sandberg on Existential Hope

I'm under Sandberg I'm a senior research fellow at the future of humanity Institute at Oxford University I have a background in computational neuroscience but over the past 14 years have been in the philosophy department thinking about the long term futures for Humanity I'm leaving here with a treasure trove of little ideas and some very big ones I'm working on a book on what I call grand futures what happens if we survive and get our act together what are the limits and some of these limits I might have to update I have been having interesting discussions about the search for extraterrestrial life I got some really interesting new ideas about the limitations and possibilities of blockchains over interstellar distances we got some very interesting new ideas about what to do to enable space settlement typically the really big questions that one should ask or obvious in retrospect but rarely obvious at a time when you should be asking them so generally I think we are going to find the big import of new questions to be surprises now foresight you can think of it epidemic as a search for knowledge that will allow you to indeed solve your problems as a tool for intelligence but real foresight is of course thinking forward so you can also boost your wisdom by actually thinking about possibilities and reconsidering where do I want to go and this is where I think the force at the Institute is doing so much good and has actually helped mankind quite a bit under the decades of its existence foresight is so much more rewarding than hindsight

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