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  • My experience with paranoid schizophrenia varies from another person suffering from it. The voices do know what you are thinking, saying, and doing. "The Voices" also in my experience talked louder everytime I told them to leave me alone, even when I tried to ignore them, as them voices are heard in far distances in my case from close to 100 yards as though people that far could hear them. Also the voices range from a young person to a middle age to even an elderly person….they are multiple. The simulator doesn't seem at all accurate to me.

  • The schizophrenia simulator is problem. The pharmaceutical companies developed the simulator. Then via our smartphones, TV's, radios, computers, labtops, tablets, and Bluetooth speakers they run the simulator on the chosen. Think about it.

  • Nice to see reporters pretend to care and then paint people as monsters when something bad happens to a person with this disorder when they get isolated with no help and accidently hurt some innocent bystanders, Ramona Morgan lawrence kansas September 11th 2007

    A civil lawsuit has been filed against her by Amanda Hopper, a construction worker who hit Morgan’s truck with a stop sign Sept. 11, 2007. Hopper’s claiming she was injured when Morgan’s truck struck her. A court date has not been set. Prosecutors did not file criminal charges against Morgan in connection with Hopper’s injuries.

    Shouldent amanda hopper be under arrest for causing ramona to accidentally kill the two?? If she wouldent have hit her stopped truck with a stop sign for stopping a little late perhaps two construction workers would still be alive, and perhaps if the contractor of the construction company had better safty clear measures in place perhaps two construction workers would be alive. The two workers were at least 2 to 3 miles away from the lady with a stop sign, plenty of time to hit a personal body alarm telling all workers to " CLEAR THE ROAD." Instead workers were throwing coffee, large microwave sized controllers at her windshield cracking it and obstructing her view which she requires glasses. All before two poor workers were hit by her. Anyone have any opinions??

    Should ramona be in federal prison for 27 years for being schizophrenic? A mother of 2 children

  • I have schizophrenia. My voices are not this loud. They are muffled. I thank God theyre not this bad. I hope they never get that bad.

  • The audience of what you’re experiencing is meta-eavesdropping and light sleeping patterns of avoidance and collecting information on several levels.

  • Most of the patterns are binary choices and sometimes, hypersensitive aural responses that allow you to multitask better.

  • For me it is like projected thoughts. Sort of like the voice in your head but there are more than one and they just ramble, and then my mind forgets things and wanders badly, even when doing it. The worse part is when someone talks to you and there is another sound, just too much to take in.

  • Sorry bro. But this is like saying you are going to experience war just because you were playing Call of duty with headphones.
    This is an insult for people suffering this disorder. You have to be a total ignorant.

  • I have been on a psych ward, lots of people told me after too much drugs they started hearing and seeing things, the spirit world. I started hearing the divine, I think because I followed my desire too much (not drugs) so God had to intervene cause I was going down the wrong path or instead of cancer tested by faith…… He guides me to meditate just with clicky noises not voices, and I have conversations in my head and God responses with clicks, and the clicks only happen when I ask a question like is that you God… Instant reply… Or lights fluctuate, perfect synchronicity, crows, woodpigeons, messengers too…… But I don't believe its schizophrenia its God giving signs, but voices in head etc I believe are there to break down your will, like everything on earth, so you become free of the ego, and then have the present moment… Heaven… There is light at end, just patience and mindfulness and defo meds if you need, until paid your dues, but just don't listen to directives be patient that's if they are anyway harming anyone or yourself, just learn to be at time zero( before concepts, beliefs, conditioning, effort, before your ego.) that's the infinite ocean without shores. Marinate in this as much as you can….. Nothing can harm your soul, not even a blackhole….

  • I feel so bad for people who suffer from this unfair affliction. It's a true reminder that god doesn't exist and if he does, he's a jerk for making such a disorder

  • I have no mental illness (I believe). However, in my heavy drinking days, after days of binge drinking, my head would sound remarkably like this. And I have heard other alcoholics describe the same. It was like my mind was a radio receiver and it would just flip between random dialogues. Anything: A little girl laughing, followed by a man ranting about politics, followed by whispers etc. Very very weird and at times terrifying. Anyone else have this?

  • I feel for the ones who have this horrible illness, I suffer depression and general anxiety, I know what I have isn’t easy but dealing with voices and shit would drive me crazy

    I’m already uncomfortable In my skin, I wish I can crack my head open and rip this feeling I have lurking in there out, I’m always moody and my mood swings is all over the place,

    I’m sorry for the ones who deal with mental illness

  • What if you never heard voices like this, but you prayed to God and "he answered"? Then you told your parents and they took you to a psychiatrist.

    Then, you got heavily medicated for the rest of your life, couldn't own a firearm (but they'll still draft you) , and had to pay big pharma the rest of your life under threat of mandatory incarceration for no crime other than belief.

    Is religious freedom the freedom to simply believe how society wants you to?

    Just like the brand of prescriptions I take, the brand name of commoditized Jesus matters to the rest of society.

  • I experienced temporary schizophrenia during my binge drug days. I Can’t imagine living like this everyday, what a horrible life these people are going through. Lets find a cure!

  • This comes off as a somewhat inaccurate sensationalistic piece. Schizophrenia can definitely be defined by key symptoms, but all cases will generally be very unique to each other. This is due to the atypical personality disorder aspect of the schizotypal personality qualities. Also, it is reasonable to see why they’d have to use earbuds to simulate hearing voices, but auditory hallucinations are much more deeply faceted into perception than just a sound in your ears. It is feels strongly as indistinguishable from your environment in a way that makes it not discountable as a hallucination. My personal experience is more of a sound I can hear mentally, like if you tried to imagine what a song sounds like from memory. It’s much more debilitating and isolating to continuously experience these kinds of hallucinations, as they pull you out of perception of your environment and wrap your perception inside of a bubble. That’s often where psychotic episodes really get worse. My psychotic episodes always have “negative symptoms” which are usually classified by repression of expressive and cognitive abilities. I go into a state called catatonia, where I’m temporarily immobile and unable to communicate, despite being somewhat aware of my surroundings and being conscious. Not all catatonic schizophrenic experiences immobilize the person, I don’t know why mine is so extreme. I feel like I’d be here for hours trying to describe all of the aspects of this disorder. I’m diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. In layman’s terms, it could probably be described as a mix between bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It causes a lot of severe complications and has significantly prevented me from living a normal life. The problem I have with this broadcast is that it kinda comes off as stigmatized and I’m not really okay with a person who isn’t diagnosed or even specialized in treating a certain disorder trying to cater sympathy for it. I generally think CNN is a very self serving organization and it doesn’t make me feel too much more at ease or relieved that they are using their celebrity to pull sympathy. It’d be like a heterosexual man trying to explain the struggles of homophobia from a gay person’s perspective, or a Caucasian trying to advocate for POC rights in a way that makes it appear like they truly understand cultural strife of that community.

  • What if it's not voices but just uncontrollable negative thoughts about literally everything all the time? What if you have different thought processes that arent nessessarily voices but more like fragments of different parts of your innermost persona (so like… Maybe youd only agree with that thought a small portion of the time?) What if you're completely batshit insane and can't get the help you need? I could probably go on but id risk sounding mad.

  • Having DID is similar but there's a lot more control. This was a great idea for a segment. You never know what someone's going through.

  • When I was younger… I think I had some form of panic attack that gave me thoughts similar to this. I would do something on accident that I thought was going to upset my teacher or mom and would hear some thing like "why'd you do that?" in their voice in my head… and the phrase would repeat in my head slightly louder and slightly more aggressive with each echo until I managed to shake the train of thoughts.

  • im not schizophrenic, i have RAD but i get this, if im drunk, or if i use any kind of drug. tramadol weed or mostly spirits like vodka

  • It's getting harder to tell the difference between which people are answering delusional voices and which ones are just taking a call with earbuds on.

  • I don’t hear the voices real time but I misremember lines in past conversations where the person I talked to said something that makes me feel really stupid or lazy!

  • The voices are echoing my sentiments while watching Anderson and CNN as a whole. "You suck!" "You can't do it and everyone knows it!" Yep!

  • Both this video and playing through Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice were really eye-opening to me. That game… if you haven't played it, I highly recommend it. With headphones.

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