Andrew Yang’s 2019 Freedom Dividend

Hello, I’m Andrew Yang, and I am running for President as a Democrat in 2020. One of the central elements
of my campaign is the Freedom Dividend
where every American receives $1,000 a month
free and clear paid for by
a new tax on the companies that are benefiting most
from new technologies. I believe so strongly in
the power of the Freedom Dividend to improve tens of millions of American’s
lives that I am personally going to give
one New Hampshire resident $1,000 a month, every month
in 2019. If you know someone who would benefit
from receiving $1,000 a month please do nominate them on the website below. Let’s build a new kind of economy,
one that puts Humanity First. New Hampshire, I will see you
on the campaign trail.

35 thoughts on “Andrew Yang’s 2019 Freedom Dividend

  • If you ever need help im on the border of MN and ND. You can find me online, I'm not sure if your a genius or crazy, but I have no problem w change. It's a necessary evil. People hate it at first, then they love it. Example social security was a big long battle now people see it as a right. Either way I'm following you here online and seeing where this goes. Thank jim

  • Step 1….take no donation/contributions from corporations!!!
    Step 2….do not make promises you can not keep…
    Step 3….it takes a village to make anything a success…remember this!
    And finally, I will be honored to fill a position in staff….make humanity love again!!!!

  • Looking forward to you campaign progress! Please let your supporters know what we can do next to assist your campaign.

  • Yes, I could benefit from $1000 a month but it would screw with my SSI, which is not enough. The money rules are such, that they have not been updated since 1972. I am allowed to earn $85 a month, then they take half of what I earn. I am not allowed a gift of over $20 a month. No assets over 2k. Please read the SSI rules, they need to be sorely updated. It is dire and cruel, the ssi rules.

  • If your VAT tax is like what they have in europe then the corporations you claim will be paying for your "freedom dividends" will just be able to have the tax money refunded back to them at the end of the year while the consumers won't. So the consumers will be paying for the "freedom dividends" when they have increased prices on all the goods they purchase in stores and corporations wont be affected at all. Youre nothing but a snake oil salesman

  • When will Americans learn that nothing is free…nothing will ever be free? There's always a price to pay, very often hidden right out in the open, as with this character's phony promises. Typical Dem.

  • My question is if someone is taking medication, stable, and no longer a threat to themselves or others, will they again be able to own a gun? and a violent crime at 19 should not subject the 56 year old from being able to own a pistol so he can defend himself and his family…

  • Jumping from #MAGA to Humanity First if they play this right. However, it needs to be properly funded and the deficit and federal debt need to be considered. Personally, I like the idea of taxing robots like we tax human labor.

  • If you'd educate yourself on guns and how all guns (pistol, shotgun, rifles) you can buy outside of law or military are semi auto and how "military style" is a vague and broad term that could include all rifles since most companies sell to both civilian and military markets… I would vote for you as a moderate conservative and a veteran. I'm for your gun safety tests and everything you mention on your website, but a broad all encompassing restriction on "military style" weapons would really open the door to a complete ban. Automatic weapons are already banned from sale, semi auto simply means the lack of a full auto or three round burst feature. Semi auto weapons require a finger pull for each shot. We could get into the weeds about pump action, bolt action, double action and so on but effectively everything available to civilians today IS semi auto. Leave the 2nd alone and I'll vote for you over trump. Cheers.

  • I hope to see the First Asian President in 2020 😛 I gotta read up on more of his policies, but an Asian American President would be a great thing to see. Especially from another Asian.

  • After the failure of Hilary and burne i just dont see much that dems or republicans can do especially how they back stabe i dont know yang but i can see it we need.more diverse candidates and your an entrepreneur like trump but your actually talking about real stuff that can happen i think we need a executive order from the federal too gain in more help to help the average american i think your plan can work its just simply reallocating portions of wealth americans love too buy but don't get anything in return for that lack of frugality i know if i know if trump made that happen i could move out of shared 3 persons bedroom in california and can start my own business after paying off my student loans i owe 5, 000 but couldn't make those payments the jobs are crap working 2 jobs last year almost go into a accident by lack of sleep it just need too.stop

  • It will take more than $1000/mo to buy my vote to end American freedom. This is another insanely unsustainable idea from an out of touch rich liberal.
    We need less government not more.

  • As a “conservative” I’m actually for the concept (especially given the rate at which automation and technology is displacing blue-collar jobs). I like the universal basic income over welfare because I feel the welfare system incentivizes the population to stay poor (we don’t help people who help them selves you only get help if you remain poor)……. while it all sounds well and good my biggest question to this plan would be where is the balance, the ying to mr yangs plan. Typically when any sort of social entitlement system comes up there’s a bunch of fancy jargon as to how it’s “free” but the bottom line is the middle class bleeds in taxes. With that universal income I think you could illuminate all of the government overhead related to doling out the cash as it currently stands but the question is would you? Or do you simply take out of my left pocket to put $1000 a month in my right?

  • Jesus fucking Christ….. Do you want to chase away business while driving up prices on everything? Vote for this dipshit. Literally, the dumbest fucking thing I've heard in 2019.

  • You're the greatest politician thinker that I can fully trust. Put up your btc address please so that we lift you even higher. Your boldness in this game and era would be the only hope and guarantee for a balanced human-AI future.

  • What is Mr. Yang's propsed Social Security policy? He has mentioned in interviews what he wants the outcomes of his Social Security policy to be but I have not heard  anything about the actual proposed policy he's going to use to accomplish his desired outcomes or how his proposed Freedom Dividend policy will affect one's Social Security retirement benefit and I cannot find that information on the website.

    Numeric examples and details please.

    If my Social Security is $600 a month and the Freedom Dividend is $1,000 a month will I be forced to give up my Social Security benefit of $600 a month in order to get the Freedom Dividend of $1,000 a month or will I get the $600 a month Social Security benefit THAT I HAVE EARNED and have already paid for AND the $1,000 a month Freedom Dividend that every u.s. citizen above the age of 18 is supposed to get.

    What would the outcome be if my spouse is deceased and I am getting spousal benefits with my Social Security benefit being $1,100 a month?

    Is this strictly a one or the other policy with regards to Social Security retirement benefits?

    Though the average social security payout for individuals signing up for Social Security in 2017 is $1,413 a month the vast majority of our retirees, mostly female, are receiving far less than $1,000 a month in Social Security benefits. A one or the other option will keep  these retirees living in poverty rather than being lifted out of poverty.

    If this is only a one or the other policy and I opted to accept the Freedom Dividend that all US citizens over the age of 18 are supposed to be getting with the proposed Freedom Dividend policy;

    Will I get back a lump some of all the money I have put into my Social Security account over the decades, less any amounts I have already used?

    If so, will I be compensated for the loss of use or loss of potential gain of my money since I didn't have it at earlier times when I really needed it or could have invested it myself because I was forced to pay it to the government to safekeep for my retirement?

    I have been asking these question for months and cannot find an answer or get a response.

    Retirees both current and future are all of the constituency and Mr. Yang's proposed Social Security policy would affect every single American citizen. Myself and others are very concerned that this information is not being shared right along with the proposed Freedom Dividend policy.

    I and many of my peers do, very much, like the majority of Mr. Yang's proposed policies and feel that the proposed Freedom Dividend policy will offer so much benefit for our economy, for our young people, single parents and struggling families not to mention all the good it will do for the sake of our children and teenagers moving into adulthood.

    It is necessary for us to understand how the proposed Freedom Dividend and Social Security policies are going to affect myself and my peers, in retirement or soon-to-be facing retirement.

    Mr. Yang is not polling well with retirees and the soon-to-be retired. The lack of disclosure on how the propsed Freedom Dividend and Social Security policies will affect such a large portion of the current population does not leave us feeling very secure, especially in view of the experiences we have had with politicians over the decades, and causes us to speculate on the reasons this information is not being shared.

    Please send this comment to Mr. Yang so that he may address it in future interviews or please question Mr. Yang on this topic yourself and please please feel free to send me any response you may receive.

    Respectfully, thank you for your time.
    Kat Furio

  • I like you mr yang but i just dont like that you are a democract i wish you were independant i dont like the democrat party cause it was made by the founder of the kkk so to people that read this and think that im being a troll but thats a fact and im not saying that you are a racist but the party itself i believe is rasict.

  • Want to prove that you genuinely believe in something? Put your own money up to prove it. I love that he is doing this.

  • As a millionaire, I'll literally wipe the poop off my ass every day with my monthly freedom dividend if I ever receive it. And then I'll throw it out the window and watch poor people try to pick up the poop smeared $20 bills.

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