Angela Davis on Freedom of Speech & Assembly ( 1974)

We can see you know, they talked about freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and academic freedom and And so they try to play with your mind, it’s because they want you to forget that There ain’t no sense in all and having those freedoms unless they are utilized to enlarge freedom and Not genocide and that’s a contradiction for someone to have the freedom to advocate the genocide of a people And I wonder, see I think the next time you confer with a situation like that where you have these Liberals saying ‘Well you know we have to let him speak because he does… He is a citizen of this country, and he does have the right to freedom of speech’ Ask them whether if they had lived in Nazi Germany They had lived in Germany prior to the seizure of power by Adolf Hitler whether they would have stood up for the right of some Nazi doctor to advocate the genocide of Jews

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  • Hi- do you have a date and location for this speech or would you be able to point me to where you found it? I'm quoting it for a project and am trying to accurately cite it.

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