Angelina explores Coronado Island, San Diego – On the go with EF #61

Hi everyone! Today, I’m on the island of Coronado,
which is an island just outside of San Diego. You can go here by car over a bridge,
overlooking the water and skyline. It’s absolutely beautiful.
Or, you can take a boat. And look at this beach! It’s incredible! Wow, it’s really hot today.
I wish I’d brought my bathing suit! This is the Hotel del Coronado.
I don’t know if you recognize it, but you might. It was in the 1959 Billy Wilder movie called
Some Like it Hot starring Marilyn Monroe. They shot a lot of the scenes here on the beach
and they actually shot some at the hotel as well. The hotel was built in 1888 and it is the second
largest wooden structure in the United States. In the 1920s, it was the playground
for all the Hollywood celebrities. They would come down here to San Diego
to party and drink and have a good time. Today, it’s still a really big hotel and resort
and a lot of people come here, celebrities as well. Wow, it really is beautiful here. It’s a really nice place if you just want
to come here and walk around. It must be incredible to live in the hotel and
be able to overlook the ocean. The view! They even have a beach bar. If I were to stay at this hotel, I would probably
choose one of these little beach villas. How nice would it be to wake up in the
morning and go out on your balcony, take a deep breath and breathe in the ocean air.
I wouldn’t mind doing that every day. You know, guys, it’s really fun being in the sun,
but it can also get pretty exhausting. I’m super-hot right now, so I know just
what to get because I’m melting away. Ta-da! Ice cream, of course. This is probably the biggest
ice cream I’ve ever had. Let’s see if it tastes good. Ready? Mmmm. That’s really good.
Wow. Chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, bananas ….
Dreamy. Perfect on a hot day. Wow. That ice cream was really something. This is the city centre of Coronado
with a population of around 25,000. Coronado is actually Spanish and it
means “the crowned one,” so the city’s nickname now is The Crowned City. This is the main shopping street, so you have all the shops, coffee places,
restaurants … everything you need. This one’s nice! I like the colors. Very beachy. I wonder if you can rent these
bicycles or just purchase them. I notice that a lot of people actually
ride bicycles around here. It’s perfect because you’re on the island,
so why take a car when you can take a bike? These look like … oh, they’re e-bike rentals.
You can actually rent these. I guess they have a motor on them,
so you don’t have to … You can get acai bowls.
Lots of people eat acai bowls in California. Oh, look! Postcards! Let’s see this one.
I guess this is the waterfront of San Diego. They have a lot of different ones.
Oh, here’s one of Coronado. That’s the hotel.
Hotel del Coronado, that’s what it’s called. And then, obviously, the flag of California.
You see that one everywhere. I just love it when you can walk down the street and you have all these beautiful trees,
like the palm trees. It just looks nice – so inviting, I think. Especially now, that the sun
is shining, it’s just beautiful. I’ve had a really fun day here in Coronado.
I got to spend time on the beach, enjoy the sun, and I had a really amazing ice cream. Now, I want to know,
what is your favorite ice cream flavor? Comment below and you can win this super cute
coin purse with a surfer and the sunset on it. Don’t forget to watch next week. See you! Next week: Angelina’s road trip along Highway 1

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