Angry Socialists Scream at the Sky

hi guys what are you doing here today this is so crazy everybody kind of looks the same you like him powers no I don't there wasn't an offer socialist we found the socialist crazy gun girl I found you let's be honest here what is the socialist alternative you are looking for me no no it's just keeping our eyes cuz we heard you were here oh interesting so you guys talk about me what is a socialist alternative doing you today I am rally don't need to talk to you about this actually I don't really feel like do you know I know a lot about socialism no I actually do know quite a bit about social delimit guarantee I know quite a bit more about it than you do but I don't want to talk to you I appreciate that okay thank you is there one that you can name in the Republican Party no no now Tommy thank you so much I appreciate it what is this socialist alternative doing here today off you that's really awesome that they asked me about how sandy ho cast I'm just wondering what socialist alternative okay did sandy hook happy accident was it by the government or was it by fire deranged mental mental guy weird how that have only changed when your your guys boss got is a stew of it okay that's fine can you explain what the socialist alternative what's doing here today with you primarily did you have to put your ABCs up there to remember what jobs win children [Laughter] already walking away you know to team cowards all in black masses okay you want to come with us there's more of this or I can hi what are you protesting today what I see one I can tell he's right there right there what are you here protesting today this disgusting person that's in the van andel okay who is it Donald Trump all right are you doing your good job you tall minute would you give yourself a 1 out of 10 would you give yourself hi guys what are you here today where do you your private property design your private property aye sir is this sign your private property is a sign your private property you know I recognize Infowars yes can I have your side Rosario is a private property or can I have it yeah I'll actually know this make me fun um actually socials believe in two concepts of property this is its some personal property and private property this is actually [Applause] [Applause] you don't want to get your message out all right thank you protesting Trump were protesting Donald Trump we're protesting a lot of dumb systems that seem to keep people in poverty things like that we don't enjoy that why keeps people in poverty well the war on drugs kept people in poverty yeah I don't think that we should have a bunch of unjust laws and stuff like that yeah I don't think that we should have a strong police force that comes in and supports laws that shouldn't be in place in the first place just for the sake of pp keeping people in poverty cause profitable protesting someone who's not my president are you an American citizen I am an American citizen was Barack Obama your president he was and you guys sit in throw em on ropes and I have other people put them on his front lawn I didn't do that no okay but the peeps you see me do that the people that you also wear these red hats and these hats right here I've done that yeah I don't get peace on that but you also align yourself with people who have right no none of those people are my friends but these people are here at the rally right none of my friends are in the rally okay okay I don't think you shouldn't choose me of doing that who pays you why do you want to know I want to know who sponsors here who sponsors me who fell worse and who sponsors Infowars alex jones thank you what did that prove what are you out here doing today are you protesting yes what are you protesting Chuck what about him I don't really like the racism and the stuff like that so I don't know name one racist thing he said well actually it's more against what he has against women like the the derogatory comments he's made towards women but even his daughter and whatever so that's that's part one what's one derogatory comment he's made grab her by the so even though that was like consensual that's not about everyone who says stuff like that then you really compare a red bag ahead to the KKK do you do you really believe that I would say yes okay can you give me one reason why yeah I would say people will not people in specific but a majority of the people in my opinion that support Trump they don't really care about the difference I mean why would they think of it this way yeah awesome can you hold the sign okay so if you see if you see someone's holding a baby's head underwater now there's gonna be a pretty brutal example but if you see someone holding a baby's head underwater you're not the one doing it but you see someone doing it and you do nothing about it aren't you equally responsible there's no concern that you're comparing around the same thing I don't think he's reading hate and he's dividing people hi ma'am I love your pink chicken what does it mean it's for all these people they're so scared a little Mexican children that's what the chicken means they're scared of little children so they had to put them in cages I mean you know just said no instead of touching my stuff apparently she's scared of it a dissenting opinion you think that's comparable to a red maggot I think all that stuff you just mentioned also includes hate people do that because they had hate in their heart much like all these people do much like Trump does and he's spreading that hate to other people my opinion I got it for a video thank you remember we are listener-supported we don't get billions of dollars from the government or Silicon Valley or George Soros we are supported by you so please go to infowar store calm and check out the highest quality nutraceuticals and supplemental info or store com

21 thoughts on “Angry Socialists Scream at the Sky

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  • Why are all these socialists so aesthetically unpleasant? Why would anybody want a bunch of people that can't even participate in normal hygiene routines to take over the country?

  • I have an idea… the east of the Mississippi we will give all liberals and the west of the Mississippi will be conservatives. Give everyone 1 year to get to your side and we conservatives will build a huge wall on our boundary but give an alley along the east side of Texas for everyone from Mexico can make their way to the liberal side. That would solve all this bullshit. We elect our president and the liberals can do whatever the hell they want..

  • Jeff Spicoli explaines socialism aye , " we don't want no unjust laws , so we're going to take all your stuff Aye " LOL we can't let these clowns get any power over us . Keep America Great 2020

  • Hahahaha, socialist wannabe. Ask them to share their bank account information and see how fast they stay quiet. I mean, some of them believe that socialist is to socialize, hahahaha.

  • It is my suspicion that most leftists, certainly most of the ones in this video, suffer from one or more hormone disorders.

  • The retards think they can just hold signs and scream in order to change this country. Sorry ya fucking dummies, you need to conquer this country in order for it to change and from the looks of it, all of those socially awkward circus freaks barely venture outside. They are nothing to be concerned about. Dude at 4:18 looks like a hippy from the 60’s LOL, people still look like that?


  • I hope this generation burns out dude we need to refresh the whole American or U.S generation and prepare the next gen to be more civil and think more on policy and learn more about both sides of the Left and right and not be outrageous people like the people shown being rude to our brave reporter.

  • The guy at 6:55 with the Bob Marley patch on his overalls… I wonder if he knows that Rastafarians are very anti-gay. So he's promoting homophobia, along with anyone wearing Che apparel. But he's accusing Trump of being a bigot.

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