Welcome to LinkedIn Heroes I have a
guest joining me today who’s from My Mortgage Freedom Anthony Alabakov
Anthony’s won a ton of awards in the mortgage broking industry including the
young broker of the year 2012 better business awards best residential broker
elite broker 2013 top 100 broker 2013 finisher best residential broker in 2016
and 2017 and more recently the better business awards best customer service
for an office what an outstanding achievement Thanks for joining
us we’ve got 10 minutes that’s how LinkedIn video works and we’re gonna cut straight
into some value if you like What is something that you would attribute to your success or maybe some of the other businesses out there don’t grasp as easily? yeah great so the very early stages of the business it was all around
that customer experience so that’s something we’ve been kind of harboring
over the last few years it’s something that’s coming into vogue in the market
the customer experience so for us it’s trying to stay ahead of the game and
head of the industry so little things within our businesses within our
processes that were set ourselves apart to the others and the banks because we
got so much competition in the market yeah so that’s probably attributed to
the most recent award which is the best customer service for an office and yeah
just the evolution of the business and what we do excellent so experience he is
a big deal yep this sounds like you offer which customers yeah forty to
fifty percent of our business comes from existing clients or word of mouth Wow so
we’ve got we work with the network of accountant financial planning and real
estate firms and they provide us the initial client so to speak but then once
that person becomes a kind of us they typically will refer to us so it’s
important for us to acknowledge that and to provide a lot of value so a lot of
value to our clients going through the mortgage process yeah and once they do
settle after that is keeping top of mind with who we are and what we do
speak to their friends of family so that is a significant part of our business
and we acknowledge that yeah well every we we met like five six years ago
definitely yes I I was working with it online marketing further time and they
do a lot every yeah and the girls were fighting over who was gonna get to
follow him up because he was they’re so so good-looking (laughing) but you’ve been quite proactive in the
digital marketing world you talk about top of mind and you know social media is
obviously it’s capturing a lot of attention how do you see my mother’s
freedom like utilizing social media moving forward yeah it definitely has
evolved from we’ve first started for when first started is all about like
Google Adwords and SEO and things like that that was generating the traffic to
the website and then try to get an inquiry to then fulfill the lead and
then was all about speed to the lead but it’s really evolving it’s all social
media platforms it’s all about content but relevant content that your clients
referral partners see a lot of value in what you do and it’s just I guess
spreading the word and and what we’ve done strategically is talk a lot online
of it and and social media platforms around our testimonials the good work
the feedback that we get you know very proud to say that we’ve got I think as
of yesterday 68 Google reviews and the 67 have been five-star and one has been
four-star so that is I guess a testament to the work that the team is doing with
all of their clients so that’s a big thing so spreading the the word a lot of
positive feedback and it does generate inquiries so there’s no doubt it
provides a lot of value to what we have that’s massive this is one thing you do
a good job there’s another thing to that you make sure that they tell their
friends or the world learns men it online yeah and it’s not easy you have
to really put in like the effort and systems and strategies yes to get people
to write a Google review for you correct know whether they’ve experienced a
question and that’s okay I’ll get the impression when I look at you know
Facebook page like it’s the quitting bit more active is in terms of the company
yeah it’s just seems like you’ve your team is a little bit like a second
family to you absolutely now that’s huge culture is culture is king yeah at MMF
we’re extremely fortunate our team is extremely tight knit that love working
together and they love I guess where it work more than we are at at home a lot
of the time so it’s really enjoying being at working and seeing a growth and
development we’ve just actually been nominated we found out today on a
graduate program so we’ve installed the graduate programs a lot of our I guess
junior people in the team that are coming through the ranks they have come
into finance industry with no experience they’re coming fresh and green but we
put them through the program so they then can become a student and qualified
and excellent brokers so so we’re fortunate that and then we have ongoing
team events cultural wards and things to really recognize the people that live by
our nine core values accomplished a huge amount and be able to focus on your
values in the culture you tell us a bit about how you got started like how it
was the original my freedom story yeah absolutely so become a qualified
mortgage broker that didn’t take too long when I first started a couple of
days but then I was door knocking at shopping centers so I remember door
knocked at the first shopping center got kicked out after the third shop because
to consider hawking went to five shopping centers in that day got kicked
out twice out of Chadstone shopping center for just going shop to shop and
asking the people in the shopping center if they’ve got a mortgage in if they
want it’s a refinance I was very green I didn’t know what I was doing so things
evolved from there and and then understood that you know where do people
need finance with the buying of property so approach to real estate firm they’re
really fortunate to see something in me and allow them to establish their
financial services business within their real estate business and then really
evolve so I understood you know the business straight off the bat or you
hear us out of the business yeah I went from being on New Starts in a wing to
starting the business and I was fortunate my parents would help me out
with a few thousand dollars to get going so I was self imported from Taiwan but
then yeah it was it’s all about generating leads and that’s it and then
the next phase to that is you generate the lead and how you fulfill the lead to
fund other customers yeah stage right now yeah I think you’re in that maturity
stage now where it’s close to 20 of us now and we’re really fortunate that
we’ve got that evolution of the business now we’ve got the Foundation’s in place
and the systems and processes so now it’s just tweaking along the way yeah
because we’re we won’t be stopped static staying still something yeah yeah that’s
also a very few businesses in the like broader finance industry that I’ve
noticed that haven’t these marketing systems in place or the customer systems
in place which really enable use to fuel growth I think is it what are you
excited about in your business or in the business world right now yeah so
evolution of for us internally its evolution of that customer experience so
like I said we’re always going to be tweaking things we don’t to be standing
still so we’re looking at implementing some really good I guess unique
strategies in the market that haven’t been seen a whole lot all around I guess
customer communication so to speak and how that’s evolving so that’s something
internally externally it’s it’s a lot around the the evolution of Technology
and how it relates to the financial services industry yeah will there be a
lot of automation whether it be a lot of AI and how that rolls out which is still
a few years away but it’s I guess for us we’re doing a lot of research in that
area to see how we can one day implement it in our business our chat box or wrote
and not so much Robo advice but things how we can package loan applications
quicker and things like that to create efficiencies so that’s it and you’re
very personalized we do all customer service as well I mean hello tell me
audience about what you do it gives yeah definitely so what we kind of worked out
was sending a generic gift to a customer doesn’t always work I mean at the end of
the process if you just sent them a bottle of wine and they’re not drinkers
so something simple as just asking the questions what do they like you know
what footy club do they do they bear it for what do they get up to on the
weekend what’s most important to them so when they go through a certain with the
process in a certain point we ask them these questions we know for life what
they like so we’ve got that on their file whenever we want to send them a
gift to thank them for referring a friend or family or just thank them for
their business we know what to send very personalized they really appreciate
that yeah so that’s something I would definitely always suggest don’t be quite
generic and sending a gift to a client to say thanks I understand what they
like so we’ll never be perfect that MMF but we’re always going to be trying to
find ways to improve ourselves if you’re running away from the lion you don’t
have to run fast in real life you just have to run people that faster than the
people running beside me yeah yeah certainly doing that so we’re getting to
the most important question of the interview as we have a tradition head
and I know you’ve prepped for this for all of 60 seconds oh yeah if you could
be a superhero who would you choose and why it’s half question it was really
tough but I’m gonna have to go with this is a bit left-field but I’m going to go
with Robin Robin yeah so the Batman Robin what I love Robins approach
because each seat back Batman will be driving around doing anything Robin’s
just sitting back and getting the job done at the very end Batman does all the
hard work with fighting all the villains and and Robin takes all the credit at
the end yeah awesome thanks very much for your time and attention I hope
you’ve enjoyed the show see you next week thank you

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