Anti-Racists Attacked by Police as they Oppose Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland

“Hey what’s up everyone this is Unicorn Riot here in Portland, Oregon. This event here is being billed as a Joey Gibson
for Senate Freedom Rally Joey Gibson is sort of like a far-right
organizer, he’s got this group called Patriot Prayer, they also work really
closely with the Proud Boys, which many consider them to be a
white supremacist group, they say they’re not, there’s this far-right men’s group,
fraternity, that’s been involved in a lot of street fights.” “This is the latest in a
series of rallies that Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys have been putting on here
in the city and they just they just been escalating the violence.” “So yeah you can
see this man’s shirt here says ‘Pinochet did nothing wrong’. This guy’s ‘Tiny’, he’s a
known member of the Proud Boys and has been implicated in several assaults. Can you
tell us what you mean by ‘Pinochet did nothing wrong’ on your shirt sir? “Communist’s deserves helicopter rides, that’s all there is.” “I’m here today because I am worried about my community and I’m worried about
what’s happening to people of color, what’s happening to immigrants and
refugees. I’m just concerned about what has become a norm of hate speech and
bullying. Honestly the violence is really scary and I want to be out here to say as a white woman, I don’t condone that or support that.” “The fact of the matter was when they
started doing these events, started doing these rallies they were associating
themselves with a white supremacist group called identity Evropa and we all
know what happened when one of those attendees did about a couple of weeks
later Jeremy Christian ended up killing two people on the train when he was
trying to harass a two Muslim women.” “You can sort of see, this a pretty large
anti-fascist crowd here, here to stand against the Patriot Prayer and their
supporters. Last month Patriot Prayer was saying that ‘we need to find the
illegal immigrants and bash their heads into the concrete’. People are here
opposing what they say is their message of hate it’s not all straight up white
supremacists in the Patriot Prayer group but they definitely mingle with those
people and are actively involved in inciting violence against immigrants and
also trying to like get combative in the street with anti-racist social movements
and also sort of give the police a pretext to crack down on
protest movements. “Well Patriot Prayer has been coming out here ever since the
Trump elections in Portland when we had 10,000 people in the streets there was a
million dollars worth of damage in the streets that happened and basically ever
since then there there was a wave of protests and declared riots of dozens of
them and Patriot Prayer came out and started doing citizens arrests and that
sort of thing, so they are a reaction to our mobilization, to our manifestation
and condemnation of where things are going and I think that’s a parallel for
the entire right wing push right now with Trump in general is it’s a response
to things like Black Lives Matter hitting the street
you know trying to fight back against white supremacy and police brutality and
so what Joey is hoping to do is to smash our movement into submission and
distract us and we’re out here to say we need to keep the eye on the prize of
building a world beyond capitalism hierarchy and the state.” *marching band music* “We are here to bring peaceful distraction and let everyone know that fascists are not welcome in Portland.” “So, some of the people we were talking to across the street were saying that they weren’t racist they weren’t fascist and that was some sort of of like leftist misinformation what do you think about that? “Oh the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer?” “Yeah” “I think they are complete racist and homophobic scum no doubt about it. It’s not like all these are equal, they mean to hurt people, they mean to repress people, and we have to make that stand now.” “These groups exist as hate groups in the
United States.The message of their leaders and often actions of their
participants are violent or incite violent rhetoric towards groups of like
racial minorities, immigrants, that sort of thing. So we’re seeing groups not just antifascism groups, but a lot of churches, a lot of unions, that sort of thing, are out
here today in solidarity to make a demonstration that this is not something
that’s going to fly in Portland.” “Cops are loading some rounds into some
less lethal weapons over there. *shots fired – explostions* The police are firing tons of
flash bangs into the crowd, they’ve only attacked the anti-racist protest.
There’s some projectiles getting thrown at the police now. So the Proud Boys and
other white supremacists on the other side of the street cheering the police
as they’re marching in attacking the antiracists. People are forming barricades up the street. *explosions – police dispersal orders given over LRAD speaker* There’s an arrest happening down
there, looks like it’s pretty violent. *explosions – police yelling* *police command over LRAD* *explosions* “Joey Gibson’s up in the front leading his
group, he’s saying is for doing this because he’s running for Senate in the
state of Washington but Portland’s in the state of Oregon.” “This is our city, clearly the police are not going to push these people out, they’re protecting them. And if we don’t stand, and claim our city,
and hold the line…” “It’s our country too, this is growing everywhere in the United States.” “Right” “People have to be out here screaming, it’s not an elegant weapon but it’s what we have.” “It’s appalling and they’re just looking for power and if
we allow them to take over our cities, Portland’s a target because we’re a
sanctuary city, we’re not going to let that change.”

18 thoughts on “Anti-Racists Attacked by Police as they Oppose Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland

  • Words the "reporter " used to describe none antifa and bamn.
    Freedom rally, far right, white supremacist, its not all of them that are white supremacists. They mingle with white supremacists….so which is it? Did they have a freedom rally or chant to kill minorities? What were they doing ? All you did was ask antifa and black block and bamn questions. You didnt talk to anyone from the other side except tiny. So how are you proving they are fasicts? Show me evidence of them wanting to kill minorities and wanting immigrants they want people to cross legally and i will join you.

  • This is a supply and demand issue. There is a huge demand for Nazis on the left but the supply is lacking,. So now now anybody that isn't a regressive antifa commie is a white supremacist Nazi regardless of the color of their skin.😂😂😂😂

  • surely you get that you’ll fkn lose with feminized spasmodics as your warrior class vs say veterans, families, and all-around a more certain focused population right? if the power goes out you ppl will fold like a cheap table

  • This terrible journalism. I know this video is old and these marches to don’t happen anymore but, watch any YouTube video with Antifa and they always instigate the fights. They constantly use weapons and attack people on the ground. Antifa is a terrible group. Patriot Prayer aren’t white supremacists lol

  • The police are on the side of the fascists. The ruling elites do not want workers to challenge the power of the rich over our lives.

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