Antifa Part 1: Nazis, communists and Antifa – oh my!

I don't know if you've noticed his we have a real problem in America right now we have a problem of Nazis and racists and communists and lions and tigers and bears oh my what are we going to do we have to have a real conversation about Nazis racist communists antiphon what is antiphon because some things they say really kind of good and right some things they do really bad are they an international organization are they a national organization what do they really want who are they because you'll hear things like I want to save space we disagree on what that means but I think everybody should feel good no racist I'm for that no Nazis go antiphon by any means and smash the system that's where it falls apart but because they say no hate speech and and no Nazis and no racists they look like they're fighting against the bad guy and when you think of fascists at least in the movies you'll think of Darth Vader you'll think of the really bad guy wearing the black hat always wearing the black hat so you want to be on the other side wearing the white hat except in this case the white hat is fighting for the same thing total control you can't put the white hat on you have to know who those are you you know you don't want to be in the black hat what you really need is the American hat that is where we begin anta fajas been around for a really long time even here in the United States but what does it actually mean we have to start here antiphon what is it well aunt ephah' is actually just a shortening of what they actually stand for they are anti fascist that's what aunt if it means we know that aunt of us primary goal is to confront fascism wherever they detect it and to shut it down that's why you'll hear the phrase shut it down you'll hear that a lot we know that they are not a national organization but a loose Association of dozens of individual organizations a little like the tea party was there mostly in larger cities around the u.s. they don't have a national headquarters or a national leader in fact a lot of antiphon members think of themselves as just a grassroots movement so they're organized locally to oppose fascism but what do they mean by fascism well these guys spooky dudes the original anti-fur groups in Europe formed to combat this man Mussolini and when he rose to power Adolf Hitler had guys I want to be a part of a group that's fighting against those guys Antipas says they are fighting the same form of fascism in America today however their definition of fascism has expanded over time for instance this is how you vet falaka defines it now she's the leader of an aunt of a group in California called by any means necessary what is a fascist so a fascist is someone who's organizing a mass movement that's attacking women immigrants black people other minority groups in a movement of genocide that's what a fascist is okay so if someone who's committing violence and it's someone who's committing violence since who's trying to organize other people to commit violence some elements of the description were part of historic fascism mainly the genocide in Nazi Germany but today's antiphon opposes anything they define is oppressive that's a problem notice she also defined a fascist as someone who's committing violence and who's trying to organize other people to commit violence well you vent by your own definition you would be a fascist watch [Applause] flakka helped organize the Berkeley protest and she says activists sought a copyist tactics for other speakers and events around the country yevette is facing charges for that attack and another violent encounter in September of 2017 in Berkeley California she is also a teacher at get this Martin Luther King junior middle school now historic and American antiphon members do have one thing in common and that is violence they both engage in violence Mussolini was an interesting guy he invented fascism in 1919 what he founded a political party called partito Nationale fascista I'm butchering that and all of my wife's relatives are rolling in their grave right now but I ain't Italian so here's what I do know fascista descended from the Latin word fasci which is a bundle of sticks that the Romans used to symbolize their empire in fact we have them on either side of the House of Representatives you can't take a bundle of sticks if they're all bound together you can beat anyone if you just have one stick it can easily break Mussolini thought it was his destiny to become a modern Caesar his party known as the black shirts terrorized and assaulted their political opponents they killed 2,000 of them between 1920 and 1922 then comes Franco a decade later Mussolini and Hitler ruled over their own fascist regimes and they helped this guy Franco Francisco Franco he became a fascistic dictator of their brand of fascism exalted the nation and the race above all else the individual didn't matter only the state mattered the dictators had unlimited authority and eliminated any opposition they used parades and rallies and flags and media to spread the nationalist propaganda this is what antiphon to be fighting against today we saw in 2017 that they often use violence to do their work their violence is a conundrum for many on the Left and in the mainstream media on one hand who doesn't want to be against guys like this and unfortunately a lot of people in antiphon and in the press have a real distaste for President Trump they also cheer antiphon for confronting white supremacists and neo-nazi groups and it's hard not to cheer who are blatantly offensive to most Americans regardless of being on the left or the right but then they can't they can't they can't really cheer because they can't condone anta's violence and destruction of property so the mainstream media is caught they can't be too hard but they can't be too soft they have to be just right usually that means unless you're in a fairy tale you're eaten by a bear here's a sampling in other words I think that and Tifa has a very bad PR problem now I don't know they should just call themselves anti-fascist because everybody in the world's anti-fascist they call themselves nt4 nobody knows what that means and then what we saw were some brave people risking their lives and putting themselves in between white supremacists and that you know and what they were doing one other fighting the fascism and whether their tactics are right you know we can debate that many media outlets don't even try to hide their Glee identify getting in a few punches it's cathartic for someone on the left when an anta phi a member sucker-punched a white supremacist Richard Spencer on Inauguration Day in Washington DC neo-nazis don't love me they K do not hate those people don't like me it's peppe's become kind of assembly [Applause] the Nation magazine described the punch as an act of kinetic beauty in fact Jonathan Favreau a member or a former speechwriter for the President President Obama spoke for many on the left when he tweeted I don't care how many different songs you set to Richard Spencer being punched in the face but I'll laugh at everyone I will tell you I kind of felt the same way I'm not a defender of Richard Spencer in any way whatsoever what he says and stands for is crazy repulsive I mean do I have to even say this he's a Nazi opposition to Richard Spencer and his ilk isn't the problem drawing more attention to them maybe even worse than assaulting them the right makes fun of the left man the left makes fun of the right but parody is not the answer and isn't the issue here it's the failure to pause and get to the root of the Nazis the white supremacists and anti-fur the masked activists who are they really antiphon unnerves Americans on both sides of the aisle because they're willing to break the law they're willing to injure people and destroy property and because they believe they have the moral imperative which excuses that violence nonetheless many on the Left still sympathize with antiphon unfortunately white supremacists and neo-nazis are nothing new to America so why is an tyfa so suddenly interested in confronting them because of their politics their politics namely those alt-right fringe groups that support this guy Donald Trump I kind of feel like Sesame Street when I say one of these things just doesn't belong but here's how the media enables antiphon by blaming boogeyman Trump Mike Kessler a reporter for the New Republic was covering an anti-fog protest in Berkeley when he was attacked by the group who stomped on his smartphone and stole his camera yet he writes about one of his attackers he said quote I felt sorry for him I could see the real pain in his eyes and knew he was angry for a litany of legitimate reasons from the president's response to Charlottesville to the pardoning of Joe Arpaio in the Trump fueled rise of white supremacists end quote so let's just follow this logic it's okay that they stole his camera and broke his phone because of Donald Trump it gets worse Kessler also wrote to be clear there's no equivalence between white supremists and antiphon one has a message of hate and the other seeks to stop that hate here's the problem he actually witnessed the antiphon at ACK on the photographer yet he still gives the moral upper hand to anti-fur Kessler said to the anti-fog who stole his own camera dude I'm on your side Kessler explained that he meant the side that finds white supremacists repugnant well I'm on that side too Antipas violence may make some on the Left uncomfortable but generally they're not speaking out why because an toughest side is opposing the president their mindset is that Donald Trump is so bad that he's causing these poor disaffected activists to lash out yeah they shouldn't break stuff but their hearts are in the right place now before you if you're on the right gets onto your high horse and gloats too much they do the same thing – excuse Donal Trump on the right the left is so extreme the press is out of control the press is so out of control that we should suspend the First Amendment and take away their right to free speech no they're both wrong remember black hat white hat American hat the irony of the left wringing their hands over antiphon is that an tyfa is not conflicted about how they feel about liberals they don't like them antiphon does not care for the Democratic Party's progressive agenda an tyfa is following an entirely different playbook at the Mylo unitless protests in Berkeley February 2017 antiphon spray-painted this message around town liberals get the bullet to edify members are socialists they're communists and they're anarchists those are not my labels for them that's how they label themselves they often refer to each other as comrades it's not a secret it's just that the mainstream media doesn't generally report about these things anetha because they think Trump poses more of a threat than communist and anarchist marching through our streets you know with SHIVs and Molotov cocktails that they'll use them to get rid of the president and then things will calm down but we know ant ephah' opposes fascism we know their definition of fascism is broader than it was in 1930s Europe we know that they often use violence to shut down fascism yet the left and the media largely sympathise with their cause but here's the problem that people have a hard time getting their arms around I mean take this guy down who you could be a fan or not a fan but he doesn't belong with these three and stopping these three wouldn't that be good we examine that question and explore the roots of this movement next time you

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  • Same thing….and it's as old as Rome…Rome…now there's a talking point…Europe is based on fascism from its Ancient Greek beginnings and have spread the crazy all over the world…Rome Rome Rome…

  • To stop any group who is emotionally distraught as is ANTIFA, you must become just as bad as they are. Why? Because there is a time for everything under heaven, and fighting fire with fire is the only way to make an impact upon them. When they know that doing what they are doing may mean their lives, they'll soon stop, because they are not adults who have any understanding of how an nation or an economy works. They just want to vent their frustrations. And they will unless we stop them "DEAD" in their tracks. We spank our children and do send them to their rooms without dinner for being a brat and talking back to their parents. This is exactly what must be done in a manner ANTIFA understands, WHICH IS VIOLENCE. When it is time, IT IS TIME !

  • As a matter of fact, Glenn you have it the wrong way. the Communists and antifa people were before the fascists and it was the fascistst who came in to stop the Communists. But would you expect from some Mormon schmuck who cries like a little girl… And when he dies is going to wear his magic underwear

  • Nazis are against Communism and Antifa. They are National Socialism. Do you really know what Nazis are? Nazis have been around since Thomas Jefferson.

  • ANTIFA is a communist organization made up of young poorly educated people. They claim to be anti fascist, but non of them seem to know what being a fascist means. As was the case with the NAZIs they are far left politically. They do not understand that they too are far left !

  • To get the Trotskyist to unite with the Stalinist the Stalinist put the Trotskyist in charge of the military wing of the Communist movement which is Antifa.

  • The west forgot how to win.  This is how we win.  Erect a giant cross, first at Notre Dame, also at ground zero.  Also at every school shooting and like defeat.  Put JESUS across the horizontal beam, and SAVES down the vertical beam starting with the S in the middle of JESUS.  The whole Bible in two words.  Ignore satan's demons as they rail against it and frantically tear them down, for they fear the cross with horror & dread.  Keep erecting GIANT crosses. cheaply built.  Attach speakers with hymns sung by great choirs.  Make the last S flicker like neon signs flickered in the old days.  No need for clash of arms or armies, great military exercises, just crosses.  It will work. It always worked & always will (I won't say how).  C'mon, lets get to work.  If lowly vagabonds can drag a Cross across the country, then…

  • Glenn comparing the right to Antifa shows just how far out in space he has ventured. He has list all oxygen to his brain and is in a vacuum. Show me 1/25 The number of attacks on behalf of Trump compared to against him. You can't even find that

  • Uh… Sorry. I think you are way off. ANTIFA shows up and makes conservative events violent from both sides. Not just Nazi. Any disagreement.

  • Antifa are the seeds of the dictator of the proletariat. They merely lack a charismatic leader that can unify them. Neo-nazis are the seeds of the sturmabteilung. They merely lack a charismatic leader that can unify them. The only antidote to these movements is the individual spirit of the American citizen. They merely lack the patriotism that can unify them.

  • How appropriate – Anti Fascists were and are the International Socialists. Really two sides of the same ideological goal but on different scale Global vs. National only!

  • Real Fascist political movements pretty much don’t exist anymore
    These “Neo-Nazis” are a bunch of idiots and criminals who get swawstika tattoos put on their foreheads and go around in biker gangs and say racist things to people attack people etc but they aren’t a threat at all.
    The German National Socialist Party was a nation wide political movement
    They had a paramilitary and a youth league they had money they had power they were organized and wore fancy military uniforms. These Neo-Nazis are nothing like that at all whatsoever.

  • Antifa supports no borders. Antifa supports safe spaces. Hmmm seems to me safe spaces require boundaries/borders. What they are really saying is there is no space for non-Antifa people.

  • I believe that the reason that we have many of these problems is because people have to many distorted rights.
    If these people actually had to work for what they had they would not have time to do and think of the things they do. Let's not forget what God said to Adam when He expelled Adam from the garden. That man would have to work hard to get his food this was a curse but the work God said it was for mans benefit.
    If man does not work hard for what he has he will never understand and value what he has and will destroy everything

  • Antifa runs around with Communists flags calling each other comrade, they consider everyone a fascist that doesnt agree with them. Fascism was created by the Left Mussolini was a Marxiest. Ive watched video after video these people hate Anerica, hate the cops, gate the military. hate anybody to the right of them, then mix in there PSYCHO

  • in the end times-"the truth will become lies and lies become truth",,the antichrist will come in the 6th trump,and the true JESUS CHRIST comes in the seventh trump….none shall enter the kingdom of heaven,but by JESUS CHRIST,,,,THE SON OF GOD YHVH

  • Antifa is a group of heroine addicts and funded by Jewish organizations to attack free speech of white conservatives that the system can't control from the inside.

  • The difference between AntiFa violence and fascist violence is an important distinction that every centrist willfully refuses to make and I think people in the comments should look into how those two types of violence differ before condemning people. There's a fallacy in the comparison, and I worry for people who are falling victim to this way of looking at it because it ignores really important details.

  • the attack on the photographer is why we all have a duty to keep and bear arms for defense. I willing to bet if someone drew their weapon and fired in defense, they all would have scattered like the roaches they are.

  • so she openly assaults someone and the cops do not step in until SHE is on the ground being attacked by the man defending himself. Does this mean the cops are also antifa supporters?

  • Sounds like a terrorist group to me. Their cause is just an excuse to be violent. They cause harm and destruction to people and property how is that not being a terrorist? Arrest them and charge them as such. And if the woman he pointed out is a teacher at middle them the school need to do something because if she is violent on the streets, just what will happen in a school?

  • Keep believing being peaceful protest is going to solve the problem when the right is violent as f*** and killing people

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