Apostle Jeremiah Cummings "The Power of the Covenant Part 3"

this and and if I did not if you have your body even if you have your phone if you have something that you can look at that scripture with I won't explain Isaiah 55 in verse number 11 and why we should have the spirit of expectorant amen and amen I talk to brother Madison all the time and you he had a desire a long time ago to drive a Rolls Royce but when he went to get one the first time they told him no you notice you know you you do not able to get this Rolls Royce but he did lose his spirit of expectancy he knew that one day he would have it amen and so that they came then when he was able to go and buy his Rolls Royce said oh that's not just what material things that's what everything enjoy your vision you know you have to have a spirit of expectancy and God honors your spirit of expected especially when you hold him accountable nobody said that's why it's so important that we pay attention to what God is saying and so God says this in Isaiah 55 in verse number 11 God says so shall my word be there that shall go forth out of my mouth it shall not return unto me void but it shall accomplish that which I please and it will prosper and the thing where do I send it now God said be a man but God didn't say it for God God said that so then you would have to the point that your words become what you say yeah y'all all right well you see the old word it will happen if you stand on because God cannot so if he says Scioscia my word be so well you and I have to do we got to know what the words everyman and we have to say what the word says all right so the word says this in Matthew chapter number four and verse number four the word says this but Jesus reply is written see the word for and forever remains written he said he said it is written and it forever remains with man shall not live by bread alone but what but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God now we just read he said so shall my word be that shall go forth out of my mouth but then he tells you and I man can't live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God that that's that is so powerful because he said it twice he said it in Matthew 4:4 then he said it again in Luke 4 and 4 jesus replied to him it is written and forever amazed written is it something he repeats the same scripture twice man shall not live by bread alone but he shall live by every word yes they go forth out of the mouth of God because Isaiah says so shall my word be talking about what God says can I get man man I can live bubble gusset so it fascinated me when I read the words of Jesus then he said when you pray first of all gotta pray yeah yeah anything that you want from God you got a prayer man they rent amen because he said when you pray that means anything that I want from God I don't want it just by me just saying it I got a prayer man you ever ask God to be my shepherd I gotta ask God to give me the victory cuz he promised that in his word so alright man amen so if fascinated me with Jesus said when you pray believe that you have received it already yeah amen and you shall have it now he said when you pray believe that you already had a many men remember a man I mean I don't see what y'all see you man you see empty stuff I see a new bill amen amen I said new bill I see well I see a new building in a full house amen amen so I see differently and I believe for that yeah amen because he said when you pray believe yeah amen that's my top minister Tracy come on let's build that media center let's clear out this wall over here cuz from the diagram that I've seen that one day will be the interest that would melt down almost to their three yeah I seen it we got an architectural drawing of that and so up so that's expecting that's not what we see now in the natural that's what we see in the supernatural I wasn't I'm a moment stunt no blog talk radio in 2016 you know until we going to see dr. Harris today is Chicago my wife is speaking up there you know but she said I asked I said can we do gloves off radio and just have like a Bible study over the radio she said yeah and she showed me how to do it all right so we started our own so right now we on Facebook live yeah amen hate matter now we keep touching folks on Facebook like that we can touch on calls on the radio so that means God is expanding our territory even while we here in Kankakee so everybody wants you to have a vision of expectancy at what you see but what you fall see but you look for see me for sight I don't see I'm not move about what I see I move about what I believe okay man you gotta be moved by what you believe not about what you see cuz if you can't move out what you see you can become disturbed yes you do want to give up either one of the way and then so too hard something moved by that I want to thank um people down in Mississippi for bringing us down there a couple weeks ago ambassador Joe Thomas and her husband and Mary Washington and and mother hazel and Gor Springs Mississippi you know they have culminated us believe me it didn't have to do that you know past the heart girl let me they pay for everything get paid for them for the room that we have you know they paid for the room wound up on the train big room on the train meadow um they paid for everything the hotel you know and then it put a few dollars in our pocket they didn't have to do that rear end but they but they got a vision and then and then they they wanted us there so that the people in Mississippi could continuously hear the word know they had a vision and a vision was successful and we're going back and September for conference so it's like I see something bigger than what we all remember you gotta see something bigger than where you are can you get married man I want to tell y'all about Madison and we're in a home that they just moved into and the land that God put a label on it I'm coming down you go fish but that's fish you got a fake beep God is a big big small I'm just not made like Rain Man I've been born the feet beater Amy I mean there's no other way to thank God is a big thinking gun you don't just settle for you know about he'll just settle for just an ordinary stuff he's an extraordinary guy and then he tells us what he wants us to believe he says so shall my word be now he tells you if you are in word you could say the same thing and get the same result he lets us know it Isaiah 55 verse 11 so shall my word be that should go forth out of my mouth another word for mouth is out of my book and then because the Word of God comes out of the mouth and the mind of God he said is going to happen remember it shall be amen and he said now he said that you receive it already you gotta believe it when you say it yes you shall have it now if that's not true that make the Word of God a life but it is true women this is Jesus teaching and confirming the power of expectation believe it together already yes faith is confident expectation and faith is entitled dealing to what you are already believing God to do and believing God for your faith is the title deed amen amen not only that your faith is the currency you don't need money you need favors yeah and then faith can get you the money faith can have somebody give you the honey yes can I get an amen amen and amen and so faith remember this faith is the currency yes the title deed even though you don't have that thing yet your faith becomes a type of deed our work should be God will deliver us yes our worship our God will doors for us yeah cuz it's worse as I said before you and open don't know and if God opens a door can't nobody close that door amen the only person that has the power to close the door is you you can close the door my words that come out of your own mouth can I refuse to close the door once I ask God to open how God opens doors for me according to Daniel chapter number three in verse number 17 the Hebrew boys were thrown into a fiery furnace they were being threatened with the furnace but they they student does were they they saw what they expected to happen a man and they said how God will deliver this narrowing that listen to God that we sir hey guess what we served the same time for them and if we stopped the fire and didn't cause gonna be burned back there he sent an angel then he'll send an angel now Oh God who we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace then it confirmed and he will deliver us yes man man word tells us listen he said so shall my word be well the word tells us that we are citizens of the kingdom of God can I see how a moon I see I'm a citizen John the system I'm a citizen of the kingdom of God I used to poke the scripture all the time from Colossians chapter number one and verse number thirteen I used to cook this all the time before I would get up his speak a lot of times I will quote Colossians 1 verse number 13 and 13 said who has delivered us from the powers of darkness and has translated us into the kingdom of his dear son who is our Christ and on the site amen therefore our expectation should be sure according to these scriptures listen to this y'all all right hey man listen to this he says in psalm 34:19 I haven't given him none of this you can put it up if he has done you know in psalm 34:19 it says many of the afflictions of the righteous many of the affliction of the rapture but but the Lord delivers them out of them oh yeah every one of them Koenig a man man when you understand that when you believe the word a man we expect him to deliver us because we know what God was for us he tells us in the word and according to Isaiah 55 verse 11 he did so shall my word be my mouth so we should know it we know the word we know what he believes father we know what he wants for us Jeremiah 29 and verse number seven says for I know the plans and the thoughts that I have for you saith the Lord yeah stick with me listen to me here God is saying listen I know the thoughts and I know the plans that I have for you huh buddy I don't want to know what the plan of God is a man a man when he tells you in his word he said I know the force and I know the plans that I I have you plans of peace and well be well be me done well yes God wants you to be well off yes Amen now if you don't want to be well that's your business man no but God says I want you to be well yes and the reason why God wants you to be well up is natural you fish so that's so that you can show all amen God wants you to be well oh so you can help somebody that's not as well off with you all amen and then God would you better feed the hungry it's called the negative man can you get man your God wants to bless you with money man and influence that's all you can walk around talk about how much money you got but God wants you better help somebody that don't have no money somebody that is out-of-doors he wanted to be able to bless us to expand his blessings and his favor to somebody else they don't have it and then he's expanding us to teach in German they man was just a sharing him and family know they know Caribbeans all in trinidad all in jamaica all in Barbados where I international ambassadors Elma born in he he extends us so that we can be a blessing out of my wife this morning I said men people are up at 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning over see just to listen to meet each other they don't even make sense you know debit wanna talk to a client waiting on the broadband and then a man now I was a deadly day enough that day for nothing then I must be saying something else man is getting the attention today she almost deaf until you come on yeah and then because they are getting something that is helping them and then but I got it I gotta give it out couldn't get man so that's what this kingdom life is all about and we expect him to deliver up because when you get blessed you want other people to be blessed man one thing that dr. Patricia Bailey told me we were on TV in one evening and she said oh she said if Angela's Cummings God she said the kingdom of God is not selfish yeah he believed that she said the kingdom of God is not selfish hey man she said you want for others what you want for your son yes you don't want to have it all that they don't have it you want to have it so that you can teach them that they can have you wouldn't have demonstration of what God does in God's favor and God's blessing on the planet Earth Thank You minister Tracy Tracy building I mean we got the wood and then he told me what he needed we went to Manoj paid for he picked it up the building but I don't know what kind of training he has or had in the past but he's using it for the kingdom of God will you get to do a project of building believe me he'll be with the contrary man can I give an amen amen so there's like it's like man there's no reason why we can't have it all yes there's no reason why we can't live a blessing favorite life so that other people can it's not even hard the blessings means I have confident expectation that we're glossy associa my word be they go forth out of my mouth if I take that word and speak that word yeah we'll be just like God is saying this I'm Way off I'm well from from putting scoop this up on the board but I'm gonna hurry to a close today my wife got to speak this evening in Chicago and we're going to be taping that on Facebook live this evening around 4 o'clock we'll get there or know early but she's gonna be speaking but we'll get there see when God says something all you think God ask is that you believe yeah and when he says that not only does he ask you believe it but he wants you to be able to say what he said y'all are a good man I ran my English teacher in the fifth grade miss Evans the reason why I got an A+ in English but because I was real smart it was that I could tell her what she said yeah well mrs. Evers that's not what you say I got a ring down this is what you said it out of a quarter and she was here so when I so when I graduated from middle school she said many times I thought that you wanted to take over my class I would try to take over her class I was just trying to correct us he doesn't know us know what you said Ernie if I'd look at me like yeah tell the teacher you know but but but God loves to hear you yeah very good see ya that's not he knows you know yes because you say but Lord you said or what before me because you said every time there's a rise up against me judgment is good dinner yeah you said I'll be the end not to tell no you said you got a remind God lady's head that's gonna be a little rest him he's convicted over you telling him what he said but at the same time the angels are standing around I'm calling you because they knew you got it will you have it can't nobody take it man and then oh yeah I mean we get discouraged we do we get falsely accused for you but that comes with the process of expectation gotta be criticized yeah you guys let me say this to you you gotta feel like quick loss you've never been called a man oh you don't have nothing can I get man and then you gotta get to the point where Lord I can't take no more and then God said okay they're not taking from here man I'm just telling you I mean but when you know you know you know can't nobody stopped you he said my word will beat and he says that it is written and forever amazed man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that go forth out of my mouth so shall my word be that goes out of my mouth it will not return them to me boy and it will not return unto you boys it will accomplish what you desire amen amen amen now here we have a servant of God by the name of Caitlin amen and caleb has spent 40 years in the wilderness 40 years in no man's land amen 40 years journey that would normally take three days yeah don't write man it was a three days journeys done but it took him 40 years and he kept going in circles yeah can I get man but Caleb never forgot what God had saved and he reminded Moses when it came time for him to conquer a layer of inheritance he reminded Moses a what God see listen to me and just look chapter number 14 and verse number now let's look at this jumps with number 14 now kayla is getting ready to remind Moses on all or Joshua what Moses see and Moses swole on that day say and he's getting ready to repeat what Moses say Moses he said Moses swollen that they say surely the land whereon the feet have trodden shall become your hair and so my god he remembered what Moses the man of God told him 40 years of yes t t there should be some of us in here they can remember what God said to us 20 years of a man some people can't remember what God said for a week remember because they don't really pay attention you got to get to the point that when you read the Word of God it is God having a personal conversation with you I take it personal so now he's reminded Joshua or what Moses said forty years later he didn't Moses warned that day saying surely the land whereon that be never trodden shall be your inheritance and your children's inheritance forever because because you have wholly followed the Lord your God he said God is gonna give you this land for your inheritance because you have wholly follow the Lord and put your trust in the Lord now what did Moses say and then what did Moses say then he will remember what Moses said what Moses said it and do chapter number 11 verse 24 and verse number 25 every place yeah we're on the sole of your feet shall tread shall be yours he remembered it remember he remember when Moses see Moses at every place now wait a minute that goes for us too y'all right that goes for you and I if you want something and you stand on the Word of God and at different houses that I have lived in that I have home before I moved in it I'm cooking it for but I believe God yes that if I prayed on it yeah if I laid hands on there if I believe it anyway even though I didn't have the money at the time the money would come that's called faith because faith now becomes a courtesy yes and then end up and expectation yes God does God will give you a vision of something that he knows you can't afford he know you can't afford but he wants you to use your faith so that you can see him make a way out of no way yeah and people saying no way the world it should be living like that no way the world this should be dressing like that no way in the world they should be Oh driving there no way the world no I just took you to Joshua 14 and 9 where he reminded Joshua or what Moses said now I'm sure Moses in Deuteronomy 11 24 25 he said every place of the Saudi official trailer shall be yours from the wilderness of Lebanon from the rivers from the Euphrates even unto the uttermost parts of the world that means every place you can see go it's yours you can move to another state and claim length free men kill gay men you can know look why can't we I told y'all give me a cell phone and a computer I'll build a business anyway hey man me in Alaska I will fishing bitch yeah give it a hug man we're not living it because of God that we serve and Illinois is the same God in a less yeah the God that we serve here is the same guidance whistling man okay man man he's a same yesterday today and when you all fell of God you're a citizen of the kingdom of God he's obligated to take care of you he make this his business to open doors for you everything Deuteronomy number 24 this is what this is what can avert every place that the sole official trade on chabi yard from the wilderness of Devon on to the rivers of the Euphrates even to the uttermost parts of the world verse 25 there shall no man know where be able to stand against you for the Lord shall take the fear of you and the dread of you upon all the land that use your trailer fun now guess what caleb is looking at land with their Giants yeah yeah he said look he's looking at a land that God promised him but it's occupied by chariot yeah can I get man so normally ordinary people will be scared but he was going on the fact that God made him up from them God said every place in the Saudi official tread on God said I will put the fear of everyone that comes against you he said I don't lay the fear of you and the dread of you upon him God to say whether they be John's wouldn't be miserable whatever you go yes your whoever there they will fear you they go fill you they want to back off this girl said wait a minute Chico liya got to a point when he feared danger yes because the document knew this scripture also that every place that the sole of his feet would tread on even in the Valley of Elah David was getting those giant yes because Caleb had already ran some joggers little a man he had no man with limited to now since cannot believe what Moses see Caleb said in Joshua chapter 14 and verse number 12 listen listen listen to his confidence now therefore give me this mount where are the Lord spoken that day you heard and that they how they acronyms were there the giant and that the children were great and fence if so be the Lord will be with me then Allah will be able anything that's standing in the way of my progress you've gotta be with us brother we're drivin man we drive them out amen very skinny yeah I've noted the devil be running from you and you ain't even chasing it but they're skinny most people that don't like you you're skinny hey man that's what it is yeah they see something in you that they don't see in themselves that's right amen then they get jealous of you because they can't beat you I had a guy who was a minister in Dallas when I was in the Nation of Islam couldn't stand me and then we did nothing to him you know but he couldn't stand me open up a bookstore open up a restaurant and when I opened up the restaurant him as some other guys was standing across the street and count the people that were coming in my restaurant hey man let's see if any of the other people will come into my restaurant and he couldn't stand me so I had a brother who decided that he wanted to bless me with a gift who was with me and he bought me a white Lincoln Town Car very very presidential and that brother that didn't like me went in what the same college the one that did like very very different when avoiding a white Lincoln Towncar presidential but he denied it you know and I'm saying well if you don't like me why wouldn't you want to be in the same kind of car I got what he bought is I got mine as a kid man you know but he wanted to be me ain't it something you gotta folks that don't like you I'm gonna keep it real they would spit they will you but they can't be used because God didn't equal one who we got but one man a man didn't want to be you so they need your word don't get mad Widow you need to give them the word the same God to bless you it's the same gun that would bless them everything and and see all of this is in the word I'm on close y'all all right the power of expectation caleb expected to go into that lands because moses had told him God was going to give him the land amen Caleb said I would drive them out because God had already said and do ROM 11:25 I would put the fear of you and the dread you on the people of the land there were giants yes you could drive out a giant man a man doesn't matter David see and I pulled the Word of God he said don't the enemy it kept me like bees but in the name of the Lord I will destroy this yeah I was in India will come in a flag the Lord will raise up a standard against him they can't touch you guys man fact you don't even see them that much anymore God draws love yeah around those that love him and those who expect him to do things that eats it let me close y'all have a minute Psalms 84 verse number 12 all Lord of Hosts Psalms 84 verse number 12 Oh Lord of Hosts how blessed and greatly favored is the man who puts his trust in you believing in you relying on you committing himself to you we're confident Oh and expectations amen amen when you trust God rely on God commit yourself to God we're confident hope and expectation God says how blessed and great in favor gotta give you so much babe I'm telling you people will see a date look I work all day Sunday to this Powell in expecting yes if you don't if you don't believe in Oh God this word that's what I love about the Madison Oh God say well God you said you know and this was three years ago never had a man and I'm looking at the progress I'm looking at the stages that were making looking at what we have planned and I know that you know we don't have that billion dollars to do this about people it's about God amen we nice to have people like you know what but I just believe God I just know I'm from 18 years old believing on going to Carnegie Hall believe them want you to follow I know Harold Miller man Harold Melvin and Dana all of a sudden I'm a follow I'm in Carnegie Hall I didn't know I'm saying this favor it's just yeah and if you make up in your mind today understanding what God says scripted of the night y'all know what happened to International and ambassadors Evelyn Bowen Madison's are here to bear witness to that very man she hydroplane coming to Mississippi car went out of control and she went into a ditch and totaled her car and she walked away yeah hey man she walked away you know she's she's a little soul but she could have been paralyzed yeah man and the Madison's have just moved to Tennessee yeah what she was having this accident and they were able to go get her without her even knowing they will come very round and then they were able to bring her on to Mississippi and she's a little soul but she's alive yeah amen the Word of God says that word has kept men on their feet yes and I believe that God will keep us on our feet God will keep us above water yeah baby I will keep us and you will always keep us along yeah to him we trust him yes I want to ask all of us to Spain we're gonna have tithes and offerings we oppose that we want to give you an opportunity to be able to give your life totally to our God and keeps his word amen returns his social my work beat vegetables out of my mouth I shall not return unto me void but it shall accomplish that which I please and it shall prosper and the things worth to us ended you want enough word that you could sit down and then see what you send out man come their hands amen amen and so I want to but you here this morning and see the blessings of the Bible said the blessings of the Lord to here I'm telling we can have anything we want the America we can have anything we want if we just believe and serve and worship God with a pure heart if you here the understanding of what salvation for the is salvation is deliverance from the powers of darkness and being translated into the kingdom of God when I gave those all over the world all over the United States Canada Germany well you are in the Caribbeans you know give your life to the Lord make a commitment stand on isaiah 55:11 and then stand on the other scriptures that I give you you can go back to listen to this message if you like yeah we're preparing we're preparing semester y'all but y'all on TV we are in that area amen amen so god bless you and God keep you will see you on Thursday night as a maverick we'll see you this evening at 4 o'clock Chicago and we want to aerate live live a man per minute so we'll see you on Thursday night we'll see this evening god bless you thank you for your time go back in the city of again we love all of you and we thank God for all of you and Jesus then somebody's a man

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