Apple Card: 3 Credit Cards That Are Absolutely Better!

– So on my last video, you basically heard me bash the Apple card for about 13 minutes or so, telling you a ton of
reason why not to get it. I figure, I should be responsible and at least follow up with cards that I would recommend getting over the Apple card. I have three of them
here I want to talk about with you in this video. If you haven’t had a chance to check out my video talking about the Apple card, definitely check that video out here. But a quick recap of the
rewards that it comes with or how they use their reward system, you get 3% back on anything
you buy from Apple. If it’s Apple brand and Apple related from Apple Store or
something that they run, 3% cash back. Very disappointing that isn’t 5%, cause most stores that
do these type of things give you at least 5% back. 2% back on anything
you use Apply Pay with, so any time you make a purchase at Apple Pay from a website or a store that supports it, or an app or anything like that, you’re gonna get the
2% tier back with that. Anything else is gonna be 1%. Perfectly honest, I think that’s a very
weak cash back system, and there’s better cards
that are gonna give you better systems for this here. I have 3 of them here I wanna talk about. First one I’m gonna talk about here, I did mention in the last video. It is the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. Why am I recommending this card? Well right now, the
promotion for new offers, basically new signups, is going to be 3% cash back on everything you spend on the card up to the first $20,000 spent. Basically you can get up to 600 bucks of cash back on this card. That is amazing to get back at 3%. It’s gonna be 1.5% after that, which is still pretty good, and it’s pretty much the industry average on unlimited cash back cards. You also still get 0%
interest for 15 months, which is a great way to finance things. This also gives you access to the Shop Through Chase portal. This is a great portal
cause in this portal here, you be able to get bonus points, on top of what you normally
would earn already. There are a ton of stores here, and they all have different
cash back percentages. All the way from 1% up to about 20%, depending upon the store, and these change throughout the year, as well, too. There’s sometimes a special or something going on with it. Now, specifically pertaining to Apple, let’s say you wanna make
a $2,000 Apple purchase, for example here. If you, you shop through Chase with the Chase Freedom card, you’re gonna be able to earn 5% cash back, and the way you’re gonna
be able to do that is is you’re gonna go through
the Shop Through Chase portal, which gives you 2% back from Apple. The card, right now, during the promotional
offer, gives you 3% back. You spend 2000 bucks, you’re getting yourself a hundred dollars in cash back already on the card. That’s pretty cool. Plus the 15 months zero
interest on it, as well, too. It’s a really good deal. I think that’s the best
deal, if you’re looking to finance an Apple purchase for college or something coming up right now. That’s gonna be the
best bang for your buck. Considering, you can use that card for other purchases as well, too, online and earn different bonus
cash backs with it. It’s kind of a no-brainer there with it. It’s probably a little bit more difficult of a card to get, because Chase doesn’t necessarily want to be the first credit card you get, so you can give it a
shot and see if it works, but it might be a little
bit more difficult to get. Another card that you
might be able to get, that I would recommend that, I’ve seen from the approval scores that I’ve kind of seen online, kind of falls in line the
same with the Apple card, would be the Amazon Visa Rewards card. This is another card
that’s issued by Chase, but it’s Amazon specific to it. It doesn’t follow an ultimate reward, so you’re not gonna be able to use the Shop Through Chase portal or be able to work with
any ultimate rewards tier, but this card gives you
some great cash back. At its standard, it’s
a 3-2-1 cash back card. 3% cash back on Amazon and Whole Foods. 2% cash back on restaurants and, I believe, drug stores as well. 1% back on everything else. However, most people who are
probably watching this video and are out there have Amazon Prime. If you have Amazon Prime, you can boost that 3% up to 5% cash back on everything on Amazon-related stores, everything Amazon, and also Whole Foods, as well, too, in store and online. That is just huge to
get that much cash back from anything you buy off Amazon. That includes Prime Now. Electronics are probably a lot of things you buy off of Amazon. If you’re watching this tech, You’re watching this tech channel, you probably buy a lot of
tech off Amazon, as well, too, and you’re gonna be able
to earn 5% off of that. You’ll probably be able to go get an Apple product off of there, and you’ll probably be able to save a little bit of money off
of that, as well, too, and get the cash back from it. That’s a great deal overall, in general. Another cool thing here, too, is that, they also run 0% interest
promotions, as well, too. Once you get the card, depending on the price of the product, you’ll actually see
something pop up that’ll say, right underneath the
product pricing, it’ll say, “Pay $50 for the next “15 or 18 months at 0% interest,” for that period of time. The only thing with that is is that, that’s great, and you’re
gonna save a lot of money, however, you won’t get the
5% cash back with that, so you have to choose between the interest or the 5% cash back. The Amazon Prime Store card is also a Visa Signature card, as long as you qualify
for at least a minimal of $5000 worth of credit limit. You get some great bonus
benefits from that. You also get no foreign
transaction fee with it, so some great travel benefits. It’s also a metal card, so if you want a metal card, there you go. The Amazon Prime Visa card will give you that as well. I actually have this
card, personally, myself and I do like it. It’s a part of my rewards strategy that I’ve been running. Let me know if you want me to break that down one day, in the comment section. I can talk about that, as well, too. The third card I wanna recommend here is the Uber Visa card. The reason I recommend this against the Apple card is because the Apple card’s kind of been promoted as this millennial-targeted card, but to be honest with you, without travel, you’re not really targeting
the millennial generation. I’m kind of in that generation. I’m on the adult side or
the older side of that, but I am in that vertical and, to be honest with you, if you don’t have travel on your card, or experiences of some kind where you can bonus off of, you’re not really targeting
that market very, very well. The Uber card does do a
pretty good job of this. It’s a 4-3-2-1 card. You get 4% cash back on
dining and going out. Basically, if you go to
clubs, bars, lounges, restaurants and what not, you’re gonna earn 4% cash back on that. You’re gonna earn 3% cash back on any type of airfare and hotel. Your travel will get
covered at 3% cash back on that, which is pretty cool. You get 2% cash back on Ubers and also online purchases. That includes your streaming services and anything you buy
online, including Apple. You can get 2% cash
back there as well, too. It’s a little bit less than you would get from the Apple card. That’s the only thing I could
say that’d be different. It’s 1% less, but you’re getting better
benefits in the other spend than you would just from the Apple card. Then you get 1% back on anything else that’s outside of that. It’s a no-fee card. There’s no foreign
transaction fee, I believe, with this card, as well, too. Overall, that’s a really good, mid-range starter card. It gives you travel benefits. It gives you some online benefits, and allows you to cash
back very, very well along with it. Those are 3 cards I
like to recommend there. Overall, I’m not the biggest fan of cash back cards, because you only really get the cash back from it. Travel cards are just gonna give you more bang for your buck. Specifically, with travel cards, depending on how you use the rewards and the points that you get from them, you can actually get more, than what you would get in cash back, in value against travel points. Chase Ultimate Rewards is a
really good example of that. When I was talking about
the Freedom Unlimited, if you take that, you get yourself a Sapphire Preferred, a Sapphire Reserve card, and you then move the points to that card, you’re gonna earn either 25 or 50% more in travel rewards on top of that. That’s better than what you’re gonna get just by taking the cash back. Unless you’re just not
traveling at all whatsoever, I really would recommend getting cash back cards only to boost your travel rewards over just getting them
just as cash back cards. I think cash back cards are just not the best for those things, but it depends on your own strategy. Let me know what you guys think, in the comments, of those things. Let me know if you want me to cover more things like this, in terms of credit cards
or things like this. I definitely have some knowledge on this I can definitely drop on here, on this channel, if you want to. Thank you for watching. Always remember to live your tech world in high-definition. I’m gonna keep saying that till I come up with a new sign off.

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  • Here's a better option; just don't get a credit card. FYI: There's no such thing as a "good credit card". Working 9-to-5 in the financial planning and insurance biz has taught me so many things.

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  • I’ve got to finally unfollow on twitter and unsubscribe on YouTube. Your bias is unbelievable. I’ve seen your tweet about selecting credit card for a card your forgot. I’ve been paying with my Apple Watch since 2015 and it’s been supported everywhere I shopped. As long as it can take contactless payment then I’m sorted.

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