I will be talking about the business plan
so everyone can be understanding this project, always remembering that the
greatest profit that a human being can make is the knowledge
so we start talking about who we are FX Tower Trading is the largest trading company
forex online course sales and other markets, with distribution of
profits on products, here comes to that person, when we say that is
a hybrid project, I already said that you can come to learn how to operate your
capital you can come to work within the
relationship marketing market you can come to work with selling
direct and you can see believing in a startup, in a project that is
starting and you can come to join our profit division
variable so today we have a team of
professionals and partner companies bringing an innovative philosophy of
work with a shared management where different segments operate in their
specialization areas bringing more security to the participant and
lean and collaborative management, making that ordinary people can be right …
and enter the markets before inaccessible … we can bring that
person who doesn’t know what bitcoin is what is cryptocurrency what is market
forex what is stock market Here being participating learning and earning
money within this project tracking profitability, operations
we have operating room where you can follow live our
operations we have the signal room which is a
product that will still be released where you may be getting buy signals
sells and you could be earning money simply for being following
our indications so we start is … speaking of this
project … showing who we are and talking of our mission right … that FX Tower Trading
develops today a work together unifying that it was just an idea of
teach people with the opportunity to duplicate this knowledge
and promote a profit sharing of those who earn from selling
knowledge we will always hit this key, the
our product is not an investment, our product are the courses our product is
knowledge, putting money in your pocket is consequence of what we will
is explaining to you we talk about globalization, right …
globalize … this is the definition that it takes each day to bring you new
contents and teach you that the world is for everyone and that the financial market
has no limits welcome to the globalized world … we
like to show this difference right … from our market … what is our market? it’s the
entrepreneurship market is the market outside from the box
what is our market? … from FX Tower Trading is freedom because because here you are
owner of your own business you are your boss
here the gains are residual what this means money works for you right here you have a working system
to generate wealth you are not a slave the money is
working to bring results to you, and you reap these fruits in the present
and in the future you make money now and will earn much more from now on
can increase more and more you have a flexible schedule right … where you
set the time you want to work because I know the result comes
according to the mood you’re in to have resulted
so the flexible time you define the yields are increasing right …
remembering who it is … develops network who develops work team, who
work for sale the more you go, the more you go
earn, biggest increase in your incomes you are never sent away because if
you are your boss, nobody will fire you right … and it’s true that you can yes retire
in five years that’s an average, so we have a
affordable career plan … it’s a plan career path accessible to anyone and everyone
person can develop … and then I show to compare, the traditional market that
the one you work on seven, I don’t know, the five from eight to five, from nine to midnight, I don’t know
time right … where do you have that fake security … there’s more there i have my
salary so we have been showing the difference
in the traditional market you work for others you are
employee, right … as much as you increase within a company you are
always employed, you’re always building someone’s dream right
the gains are linear you work for money, it’s not money that
it works for you right … you trade yours time and effort for money
if you don’t work you won’t receive … the time is always fixed and
exhausting, you work from time to time the boss can send you away to any
moment he his boss right you have the risk of unemployment
retirement comes after 35 years of work or more … still have that
problem will you get this
retirement … still talk about the plan career that is restricted to a few
you see at work this is traditional … few people can
climb right … within the career path not to mention the high curricular demands
ie what does that mean? right … for you reach the best positions you have to
have college, graduate … and that’s what doesn’t happen within our project
where anyone can even pass who’s been in the longest
business, who has any kind of formation … here is meritocracy, you
deserved you will succeed … we score
here … how does this business work it’s simple you understand
you get one of our course packs through smart system which is the
marketing and relationship, bought the pack you already receive the course within your
back office right you study our courses and content by
your time and taste just to get knowledge or even to become a
market professional learning to operate your own
capital is not required but you can want, and achieve that goal
and you also participate in the division of company profits and our system of
bonuses tracking everything from your virtual office without leaving
your home right … the satisfaction guarantee of our of our project
When you purchase your package, you already have the product inside your package then you
purchased a product, our warranty of satisfaction is that you got a
product, have you ever received it and we start talking about our packs of
courses that each product package It comes with a quantity of products,
so in the start course with only 25 dollars you are already entering a
this project, you get two points for the binary I ask you to pay attention
at these points, which I will explain, where you will use … so a pack of 25 you get
2 points you already have the product inside your back
office, which is an ebook explaining to you about forex, in the speed course right … which is the course of
$ 50 gives you five points in the binary you already have a forex ebook, a
binary option ebook, a management of risk … and so on
in your course … the course in $ 100, you get ten points on the
binary, right … you already have all these products
and still have the basic forex course that you already learn by being in
professional level, and upon reaching the senior, you getting the 200 pack
dollars that gives you 20 points in binary you have all the products besides the course
out of this basics, you will get the basics of stocks and options so it’s always
important you follow, and know right … that each product package will get you up
will take you to new levels right and you are, when you reach the intermediate level
you have the executive course of 400 dollars, gives you 40 points in the binary, gives you
all these products, plus the speed course complete trader, you already in this course
executive, are you already there knowing how to operate the market in the course
strategist that’s 800 dollars gives you 80 points in the binary
besides all products besides speed trader, in addition to the stocks and options, you will
also have the stock ebook so every time it increases
the product right … every time it increases the package, like the director course, which is the
$ 1,600 course you earn 160 points in binary
besides you have all the courses right you will still have a forex robot included in your package from the $ 1,600 course
you already have a foxex robot that you can is putting on your computer and
is there operating right, with the robot … which is the one you while
is doing something else the robot is operating for you, so
these are the intermediate levels but don’t stop there don’t
we have later right … the advanced levels in the daring course, besides the robot,
in addition to the ebook, all products you have the espeed trader, you have stocks and
options, you already have the mindset master right mindset is very important is the
trade psychology then learning the control your mind and your psychological
you become a consistent trade of successes so in the boss course which is the
$ 4,800 course gives you 480 points in binary, gives you a forex robot, brings you
besides all these courses that we said
In addition to the master mindset, you still have the arbitration course that will teach you
also working in this market, and in the our biggest course, right … in our biggest
that the owner course, you beyond the robot you have all these courses all
e-books, arbitration course, sports trade, which is the novelty that
we have been bringing, that from the moment you learn to operate
you learn mindset, you can work in any market you can
work with actions you can work with cryptocurrency, you can work with
assets you can work with commodities you can work even with sports
well then spoken … of our packages so our transaction center right
you will be able to pay by ticket banking, you will simply get the
bank slip in your back office Of course, this for those who are Brazilian
within our market, and will be able getting your course package, and we
works … is in tune with globalization with the world market and brings the cryptocurrency you can from anywhere in the world
you may be doing your … your package purchase, or its withdrawal
through your bitcoin portfolio, whether she whatever
you will be able to pay and withdraw directly for your wallet … so we come
now talk about the bonus forms where you start to change your life like
I explained at the beginning, our project is so complete that you can come to
learn how to operate your capital you can come to know, you
can come to work in marketing for relationship you can work with
direct selling or you can simply are you working and waiting for your
profit division … and our division of profit right
I always like to hit this key it is variable … it is according to our operations
even you may be following in everyday life, as I explained,
the first is the variable profit division right … where from monday to friday
you’re getting, right … one a split of profit, remembering that you bought
a package, right … the company owns the capital so look what the company does … it takes
70% of the value of the package you purchased. the company takes the capital that is already hers
operates for you, and returns, until you double the value of your course package
every day from monday to friday you go there in your back office you go there and see the
your profit share … so this is the profit sharing bonus
continuing with the bonuses, and we starts with a referral bonus, and the
referral bonus is the most obvious thing and basic in the world … look how does the
our project is simple you indicated a product package, you made a sale of
product you brought a new affiliate for the project
the company pays you 10% commission if you brought a new godson, he acquired a
package, you get 10% remembering that the referral bonus and the
binary bonus you can cash out immediately … entered today turned … tomorrow
you go there and get it, so bonus of indication
I always like to say that is the bonus take it here … you indicated won, you
is entitled to withdraw … this begins to change your life, and then we come
talk about the binary bonus already the binary bonus is for that person who
really want to work … with mounting team … with the work team
where you start right … building your team on the left, your team on the right, are
teams of … affiliates, students, … traders, from … from … from traders, you bring
people for the project right … you being qualified … qualifying is simple
how do you qualify? you having one affiliate from each team of yours, one
godson on the left, and an affiliate on the right you are eligible to receive this bonus and this is daily right …
this score you get you remember … those points that I talked about
packages, those points, they will be counted on their working legs,
your work teams which is just for you to count the binary,
and our graduation, how to explain later so being on your team
left, right … you both qualified you may have put that person
that person may have come by stroke sometimes someone on top of you puts a
person in the company, she falls below you we call it a stroke, so you
there is your left team there, right … adding all the packages you have on that team
you hit 10,000 points you have your team on the right with
all those packages you put that other people put that fell from
spill you have 9 thousand points, what happens
here at FXTT my friend … we pay 100% of the points of your lower leg so that
that happens? you have the team with 10,000 points you have the team on the other side with 9 thousand points you will get the smaller team
which is 9 thousand points … will transform this in dollar … and you will get
nine thousand dollars bonus for be getting in your back office
remembering that … this bonus is daily and you can withdraw immediately … entered
today for you tomorrow you may already be drawing … so
this is our binary bonus … we come talk now about the fourth form of bonus, it’s
very easy to understand you brought a friend … this person is there
every day receiving is … is …. the bonus or even studying and increasing your
package, what happens when this person right after a year, or when she doubles
the value of her package she has to renew or even upgrade, that you
make here paying only the difference what happens my people?
you win it all again What is it all wins again? you go
earn the nomination and binary again so who builds team, right … who
works in relationship marketing building sales team
you will get there … every day entering more people … because it becomes a
geometric progression, this begins to multiply, and then, ahead, in
two months, three months, six months, one year the person will renew your package … you
win all over again … and we come to talk about our e-commerce, you can be ok
selling the products sometimes you have there is … a person …
the guy … I just want to buy the robot you go there and sell the robot to him
you get 30% of the sale value look what the company does for you
and other products to come … and still going take the value, which we will give in
e-commerce, will still take 16% of value of the sale, the … the … project and will
will go to eight levels above your meaning you built that team huge right … you sometimes have a hundred
person connected with you all these people until their eighth
level, the person who … brought another person who brought another person who
brought someone else you’ll be winning over everybody … and I don’t
could stop talking about our career path which is our xodo, right … which is a very strong bonus right … and I’ll be showing more to
ahead what is this bonus and what you can win … in our career path
follow career at FX Tower Trading Network and win prizes
I’m going to show you … start right … with our simple little bronze package,
which is a package where you reach a thousand points simply a thousand dots on your leg
smaller, you already get this watch right … android and still gets a certificate of
leadership continuing with your work depending on the
as long as you want there is no … right … certain time
you reaching 2,500 points you will get an unbeaten watch, and the
leadership certificate, de … recognition for your work you
continuing with his work, by reaching the gold level … right …
you will win … right … with 5,000 points dell notebook, and its certificate of
leadership … remembering that … for you to achieve ruby, will have to hit 10,000 points on
smaller leg … and have the right to cruise and it doesn’t stop there, because when it reaches emerald
right … with 20 thousand points you are already going to our trip
you will be able to choose … when reaching emerald with twenty thousand
points you get the international trip beyond your leadership certificate
here my people … comes that second after the cruise you should
crave … that’s you hit the diamond so when reaching 50 thousand points
you become a diamond, and you earn that chevrolet crossover car, or the
automobile right … that is on the same level within your country
and continuing with your work, by reaching double diamond with 200 thousand points
you already get the fiat toro, and your leadership certificate
continuing with your work, taking the time you take, the time it takes
you with 400 thousand points you become triple diamond, and you already
enter this range rover evoke … that you go is winning
of the company, but then … don’t stop there we don’t because you continued with your work
time consuming when you hit a million points
you are a blue diamond, and you will have the bmw z4 … that there my friend nobody holds anymore then my friend, the company brings you black
diamond with 2 million points you will win a house worth 350
a thousand doletas … is not it … the house is yours, and you my friend, never again
will have problem in your life … this is the our proposal
this is the end, it’s … of our business plan right … here that time we like to
talk right … look for that person who invited you,
the person who called you to this project the person who invited you, you’re
making your registration as soon as possible because who arrives fast … and first in
source, will drink this clean water

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