Aquarius October 2018 Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant

hello everyone I’m Carolyn Clairvoyant
and I want to welcome you to my channel thank you everybody for joining me for
the October Tarot scopes and I will go through and do each of the readings
individually and I’m keeping with the same formula that I used last month
which is giving you a chance to see how I work with the Tarot of course you’re
going to find this month is a stimulus month it’s one that’s going to get you
proactive and out there and you’re really looking towards change not only
is this month beckoning new beginnings and transitions within your personal
life and your professional life it’s heightening ways in which you can
be successful within yourself which is a very good positive especially if you’ve
been kind of meandering around and not really seeing any results in the past
months some of us have been feeling like we’re circumnavigating and doing the
same things over and not accomplishing much because we’ve had quite a lot of
planetary changes but we’re starting to see these all move forward now so we’ve
got some really great successes setting ahead now if you haven’t caught up with
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video guys go and find the video that I actually released the other week and be
able to put it down on there and then you’re going to the draw I want to thank
you all very much for joining me I hope that you have a momentous month you’ve
got a wonderful time ahead this is going to be quite successful for each and
every one of you in your own individual ways you’re coming out of where you have
been it’s like the clouds have parted the sun is shining it’s not only coming
into a time of rejuvenation and wonderful changes you’re starting to see
some of those beautiful plans that you anticipated happening at the beginning
of the year or in the middle of the year now starting to manifest and this should
be just absolutely beautiful I thank you so much please enjoy my individual tarot
scopes which are about to follow thank you and cosmic hugs
Hello Aquarius well here we go we’re going to check out what’s coming up for
you in the time of October 2018 of course we’ve had a few cards drop out
which is not unusual that’s often it’s for its way of letting us know that
there’s something that’s important or significant sitting around that this
rate will have no cards to read because everything is popping out so you must
have a lot going on so before we go any further that we’re going to oh my
goodness we’re going to divide these cards up and start and I can tell you
we’ve got a very small pack alright so here we go we’re going to look over your
home in your family okay or where you are within yourself right now career
goals and aspirations are the things that you’re trying to achieve we’ll look
at your finance have a well being and of course your relationship areas and I can
assure you you’ll have quite a large set of cards that have all fallen out so it
must be a very interesting time for query s at the moment so the first thing
that you’ve got around to in connection with the home in the family you’ve got
the devil in Reverse now the devil in reverse tells you there are changes in
your accommodation changes in your normal everyday living experiences and
you may be finding yourself getting out of ruts that you felt that you’ve
been compelled to something’s changing bringing you a better opportunity to
have a little bit more independence but you keep going or being attracted to
this so this tells me that sometimes you can go back to the problems or sometimes
you can get caught up in the drama’s of this and now you’ve got a chance to
break that habit it’s up to you whether or not you stand by it now for some
people the end of a lease is coming and end of an era or is coming and an end of
a time is coming and because of this you are making that change for others this
is a time for you to look at being in a better location being in a different
time in your life and also looking at ways in which you can tidy up anything
that’s been outstanding buying selling changes in location changes in the home
changes in the home and family dynamics old problems things that you’ve felt
compelled to continue along with even when you didn’t want to or will start to
come to a bit of a cessation or a bit of a stop during this period of time so
you’ll be finding that there is a chance for you to break that cycle and to make
way on a new new time in your life now in connection with your career goals and
aspirations you’ve got the moon in Reverse now the moon in reverse tells
you there’s a very strong expression of interest around people are very
interested in what you’re doing even if you’re doing nothing they’re still
interested in that and therefore you’re going to be finding yourself really
looking at ways in which you can channel all this interest whether you can put
yourself out there is that time for a new job is it time for you to develop a
sense of who you are by following some of your own goals and aspirations
therefore you’re going to be finding that this is a very strong community of
time where you’re communicating you’re putting yourself out there you’re
getting caught up in classes and you’re being more energetic towards seeing
results and because of this you may find a very strong expression of interest
around you okay for employment or new work or new goals now if you’ve been
talking about this for some time and you’ve needed to get out of the rut that
you were already in connection with your living or personal
environments then you may be finding this enables you to make that break okay
because it just shows here that you’ve got a chance as an expression here to
open up a new doorway those that are looking for work of course this means
that you are looking at avenues in which you can challenge yourself with great
skills you’re wanting to get outside your comfort zones so new study new job
opportunities new areas and will definitely be there but it does come
down for you also to put your hand up as well it’s just not going to flop into
your lap your financial areas are the three of wands now the three of wands show
here great success this is your ship coming in these are opportunities it
shows here travel it shows here emotionally you put in a lot of energy
and you’ve negotiated what you’ve wanted and the money sitting there or the
opportunity to money is sitting there but it’s going to take you outside your
usual comfort zone so you may be looking at ways in which you can earn this money
some people might earn it on the side they say as in not declare it okay other
people may find that they’re able to travel because of work there might be
opportunities that support this through a company or an organization or
somewhere that you didn’t really consider that enables you to get that
financial freedom as well so I feel that you should have plenty of goals sitting
around you but money should not be an issue as far as this month is concerned
because you should be able to be able to make it or find it no trouble at all
especially if you’re traveling because this is travels and goals and overseas
and and trips and journeys and so forth so you’re going to be finding it coming
through all different quarters okay and all different types of people and
experiences health and well-being okay we’ve got the night of one sitting here
now the Knight of wands rule Sagittarius which generally rules in and around the
thighs the sciatica in the liver okay and obviously indulgences as well and
because Sagittarius is sitting here in the health house we’re going to give it
the ninth house and the ninth house is all about those areas that I just spoke
about the liver in and around the thigh area the sciatica
and of course you know our indulgences so this is about you being more
proactive on getting that body back into working okay and feeling more
metabolized you may be finding yourself really getting yourself physically fit
and because of this you may find yourself also looking at ways in which
you can help yourself open to new experiences where betterment is
concerned you’re taking a different attitude a different approach you’re
looking at things differently and you know like all Sagittarius vibrations it
loves that sense of freedom freedom to do what one wants to do so you may be
finding your attitude is exactly the same so where your betterment and
well-being is Aquarius you might be feeling a newfound sense of relief okay
I can do what I want how I want to do it but I just need to keep that be
proactive to keep that attitude up and by doing that I can break those cycles
and do exactly what I’ve said I always wanted to do okay so this is going to be
important for your health and your well-being relationships well everyone
that is stating here with the tower which I have is Change in reverse is
stating things in the present time your situations not about your past it’s not
about your future it’s about what’s going on in your home what’s going in in
your personal environments right now and what you may be finding is even though
you have said listen I can’t wait until I move out from here I can’t wait until
I’ve got this opportunity I want to meet new people I want this to change I’m
looking forward to having my own independence Spirit says we’ll hang on a
minute but the present problem still needs solving so you’re gonna have to
stay right where you are right now until you figure out what it is that you need
to do to remedy the situation you’re in and by looking at that in a realistic
term you’ll be able to make some very strong and decisive plans which will
give you that independence that you’re looking for but right now your present
situations or your present concerns are all about where you are right now that’s
your family that your friendships that your personal life everything is sitting
right there right now under your nose and for though
a single and looking this is telling you that you’re in for a time where spirits
just saying well look you’re not really making any progress but you’re not going
backwards you’re in this kind of mediocre time emotionally and therefore
while you’re in that just enjoy the moment just enjoy what’s there for this
present time it doesn’t have to be anything too extensive you don’t have to
overextend yourself in order to be happy just make the best of what you’ve got
right now so you had quite a lot of cards drop out and we’re just gonna
check out what these are okay because you have quite a complex reading this
month so we’ve got the Hierophant we’ve got the five of wands in Reverse we’ve
got the queen of Pentacles we’ve got the knight of Pentacles we’ve got the lovers
card we’ve got the six of cups in Reverse we’ve got the five of cups we’ve
got the chariot in Reverse we’ve got the nine of wands we have the magician in
Reverse we have the four of cups we have the queen of Wands in reverse we have
the eight of cups in reverse we have the ten of Pentacles we have the three of swords
in reverse we have the two of swords in reverse we have the two of Pentacles in
reverse we have the page of swords we have the page of Pentacles in Reverse
and we have the seven of wands in reverse now my very quick way of reading this
would be telling you that you’re going to be finding that there’s quite a lot
of frustrations around you’re going to need to get other people on board around
you okay you’re going to have to do the right thing
morally people are looking to you to do the right thing so they’re looking to
you to make the right decisions don’t give in to indecision this is a marriage
and commitment card but it is also if we look at this and a holistic approach
OK’d also it means about returning to your faith about having faith in
situations but you’ve been frustrated of late and you may be finding that this
has a lot about your establishing who you are re-establishing your life you
may be finding that you’re reconnecting with
someone or something from your past it could have been what you have felt that
you should have had different morals about it could be that you are finding
yourself very much connected to if you be married before previous marriages or
previous relationships and there’s this love blossoming something happening so
spirit shows here that you are being going through a period of time in which
you feel like you need to be doing the right thing by everybody and you’ve been
kind of in a bit of that emotional Marta don’t go giving in to the frustrations
at the moment you’re trying to re-establish your life and your life
goals you might be reassessing everything that’s on the table at the
moment you’re trying to follow in your heart you’ve been quite passionate about
it in the past you’ve been through quite a lot of grief and maybe you’re going
through that sense of healing again and there could be someone or something
that’s very important to this but you’ve taken the long way around solving some
of these issues therefore this is about you standing your ground but getting the
right support not becoming defensive and enabling others to help you through but
also not giving in to the frustrations this is about you accepting that things
may not be exactly as you had thought the life may not have turned out exactly
the way that you anticipated but those frustrations are well and truly behind
you now you have a chance here to re-establish who you are what you want
even though it’s taken a few compromises and you can see clearly see that this is
about you putting your life into perspective you’ve had 24 months the
last two years to really get a lot of this together you’ve written about it
you’ve talked about it you’ve seen every opportunity but you keep wasting time on
indecision you keep going back to something that brings up a complication
or a group or a frustration in your life and therefore you give in to that and
say I can’t make this change sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind but we
have to be kind to ourselves by understanding that we need to challenge
ourselves to overcome things we need to trust but the reason you’re in the
situation that you are is because you are still feeling that that’s where your
heart needs to be right now and you may be finding you’re really looking back
over the past you’re grieving over things you know or
made mistakes but you wish you could have made changes and for you to support
this right now spirits saying you’re going to have to make some compromises
and those compromises could be where you are right now within your life it could
have a lot to do with your family it could have a lot to do with your
personal goals your career path your finances all of these things but spirit
says you know what give it another six months and a lot of this indecision will
be over and done with because you’ll be in a much better position within
yourself but to get to the heart of the matter you have to deal with what’s been
hanging on to you in the past and the only way you can do that is to make
progress on being able to support the things that are supporting you right now
and put that into perspective well I thank you so much everybody and I hope
this has helped and I really do look forward to seeing how your October 2018
tarotscopes turn out for yourself thank you so much for joining me

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