Aragon – The fight for freedom

So you ask me if there’s gonna be a revolution? I think there’s already a revolution happening We’re seeing it everywhere Honestly, I feel like blockchain is almost slipping through the cracks They don’t even see that we’re a threat yet If you have a decentralized entity that people can opt-in to That starts performing services that the government used to provide Then what do you need these guys for Bitcoin is the first real experiment in DAOs It’s the first DAO that ever existed What’s a DAO? I mean, Decentralized Autonomous Organization is what it stands for Basically a decentralized autonomous organization is an organization in which you can interact with it without having to go through an intermediary I think that it’s very important for us to have tools that are really censorship-resistant We have evolved so much as a society but yet our governance structures are hundreds of years old We had a long period of monarchies And that was a very centralized form of governance And we had a great evolution with democracies spreading that power a bit more Now I would argue that corporations are superseding nation-states in terms of their power You’re a digital serf, right now, living on Facebook You work the land You work the feed And they take all the benefit, they take all of the value It’s a free service, where you are the product Systems tend to perpetuate themselves In other words, capitalism tends to do what’s best for the market Maybe not what is best for all the individuals who comprise the market Silicon Valley, they tend to fund projects or companies, that are trying to solve very much first world problems How do you get your food 5 minutes quicker How do you get your Uber 2 minutes faster Whereas with blockchain technology, we have the ability to fund initiatives that will produce true social good and provide value to the most undervalued parts of humanity This is the most egalitarian way to construct systems The culture is moving faster than the nation-state can handle We can have that same personal feeling that I have with my neighbour, with the people in a chat room Traditional government institutions take tremendously long time to fail and when they do fail, there’s usually violence so we try not to let them fail But today, we are in the first time in history that we can actually try out new governance models without the need of people getting killed because we can try those governance models from the comfort of our sofa In the mathematical realm you can not threaten an algorithm with a gun Because it’s unstoppable, it’s open source code The cat’s out of the bag right away when someone has the idea Anything closed source is like saying
“I’m a scientist and I’ve proved something but I’m not gonna show you how I’ve proved it” It’s just free, you download it from the Internet it’s open source, you wanna enhance it, you do and if you don’t like it, you can just fork it And if we have means by which groups can connect to each other to form larger governance structures, that govern the entire whole Then we have something that kind of is resembling a fractal structure If you think about kind of other examples of super-organisms you have like beehives and ant colonies or even just the human body itself it’s a bunch of cells and micro-organisms that are all working together in a single like human body is their environment But now what we have is proliferating with crypto networks is actually these supranational protocols in which human activity can be governed on this international basis, without nation-states, without corporations So what it allows, is for people to come together from wherever And they can interact together, they can make decisions they can share in the common enterprise, and then they can all benefit together Governance ends up being a really key part of making that work And if view blockchains from a evolutionary standpoint This may be the most critical feature one could imagine Any organization of any kind From your Mom-and-pop shop, to your decentralized autonomous organization can create an entity on Aragons Network and use it for all kinds of things like their cap table, like payroll, to show you where their finances are going for voting, for upgrades to the way in which that organization works Aragon is a tool that I think will spawn many different early attempts at decentralized governance structures, which if implemented well, will be powerful It’s actually two components So the first one is The Aragon platform to build and govern organizations societies and protocols And the other part is the first digital jurisdiction that has ever existed The Aragon Network That doesn’t happen very often in the real world It’s rare that you get to set up a new central bank or a new government So I think we’re gonna be in sort of this Cambrian explosion of experimentation on both of those fronts But with any huge transition that happens in human history they are very insistent in making us believe that we need them So the incumbents are trying to use their marketing power their communication power their surveillance power to convince people that they still need them But the market and the people will eventually figure out that they don’t And that will be the end of establishment

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  • crypto cyber hipsters incoming. na all jokes aside I think its a very appealing way to communicate the possibilities of the blockchain to non-techies. great job :)!

  • Oh man.. Video is nice and quality, but theese young men are dreaming about perfect, sweet society without government, withiout hierarchy, authority, violence.. )It's utopia! Admit it. They say about revolution without blood…. There will be blood. And there will be rulers and those who are controlled. Always will, because it is in the very nature of men.

  • I'm not sure that this is advocating No governance. Rather, it's allowing self-organizing structures that promotes growth through cooperation, instead of the more reptilian centralized top-down dominance. And I'm all for that, and this seems like a pivotal time in History.

  • Pretty arty video but what can be done and used and when. In the end, one needs to convert centralized currencies to crypto ones and the money trail is still monitored. WHAT does Aragon actually do and how is it different to Bancor?

  • whoa a little heavy handed. Aragon is an awesome project great work all, but I do wish we could dial back the messianic tone blockchain is being discussed with a little. May result in us looking a little silly when blockchain solved a lot but introduced a lot of new and unforeseen problems as well (just like the internet).

  • On the subject of “freedom,” the following is the latest research on innate rights:

  • Great work. Your vision is very inspiring. Can you allow access for subtitle translation for this video?

  • I share this Tutorial by Jose Garay on v0.5 Aragon to create your own organization (now on Testnet) join you yermoo DAO with Aragon

  • Intrigued – but if I had more faith in humanity I may believe an autonomous decentralized organization may help – however humanity on the surface is evil and self serving. Humans are the only creature on the planet to kill for reasons beyond the purpose of simple survival. Will stay close to your project…….

  • Inspiring and beautiful, thank you! I understand that the video and goals discussed might seem very idealistic to some people, but idealism combined with brains and business savvy, seem to me a great starting point for a new way of connecting people and doing things. However this plays out in the long run, I commend everyone involved for passionately pursuing this project!

  • This is one of the Best intro vids on what a Blockchain DAO, DIN, and Open Source Code Networks are all about & why !

  • The issues with governance are very subtle, and I don't feel this video discusses them.
    I'm not expert on this, and it'd be nice if the video educated me a bit, rather than just inspire me.
    I mean it was a nice video,
    but could have been much better with more substance

  • Aunque es una copia o muy "inspirado" en el comercial de Apple 1984 Macintosh (, y un poco endiosador de la imagen de Luis Cuende, creo que esta vez con Aragon, Luis (que ha sido vende humo desde hace tiempo), y Jorge, van por buen camino. Deben eso si, dejar de dirigirse a la etnia geek y hype fumones, dejar de hablar con tanto tecnicismo, que puede o no ser verdad, pero que aturde y confunde a todo aquel que no sea super experto en blockchain. Si van a imitar a Apple, háganlo simple.
    Qué coño es Aragon, qué hace, para qué es útil. Eso es lo que deben responder para el usuario común y corriente.

  • A lot of this was shot in Cape Town. Dope. Africa is the place to launch DAOs. We ready to #leapfrog

  • Pretty vapid marketing hype video with no substance. How is this different from substituting the word "Aragon" for "establishment" ? I am not claiming it is or is not. But there is nothing here to even speculate on, other than saying "blackchain" and "DAO .. we are so cool!"

  • Sounds like the answer to a lot of problems. If our planet holds out long enough we could try to create a world without corruption. I am sorry to say there will always be evil and greed and John Lennon was killed along with this beautiful dream. Peace, and God bless us all.

  • Ambiguous statements without any regard for actual human nature. This is the perfect world for programmed robots, not individuals. This is Borg society and I will not assimilate!

  • Una pregunta, esto podría chocar con los ideales de vox en su política del estado centralizado? Mi apoyo desde Villena (Alicante)💚💚💚

  • ¿Hive mind? I don´t like this sinister new utopia. Please watch video of truth stream video: "Brain to brain interface. The next gen social network".

  • GItHub is Microsoft. You've already made yourself reliant on a corporation. Even if you make a P2P repo platform, you'll be reliant on ISPs. It will always hit a wall at some point.

  • Chronologic list of all people who appeared on TV:

    • Griff Green, Giveth
    • Kenny Rowe, MakerDAO
    • Jorge Izquierdo, Aragon
    • Chris Burniske, Placeholder
    • Fred Ehrsam, Coinbase
    • Joe Urgo, District0x
    • Luis Cuende, Aragon
    • Oliver Nordbjerg, Aragon

  • I have some doubts about this project. What happens with lots of products that we use in our daily basis? textil, metal industry, plastics, etc. How can this platform bypass government when we are still dependent of the soil and the land, which is not digital and is still regulated by the state?

  • another one?…. the 'centralized' have warehouses of digital warriors around the cock tearing down these dao's, finding exploits, destabilizing. because they have unlimited wealth now. you wanna change the world, destabilize the wealth. that pitch would be interesting.

  • Here is that Aragon is helping to usher in Blockchain + DANOs = Social Capitalism

  • I would like to add Russian sub-title to this video, could you please enable community contributions? 🙂

  • Would be groundbreaking to see revolutionary platform such as Aragon partner with traditionally closed-source supply chains, if every individual within a company, an organization has access to the gears that shape their outcome collaboration and farts come naturally —

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