Are artificial sweetners hazardous to your health (part 2) Focus on Apartame and Neotame

good afternoon there folks YouTube world
this William Jaroske coming to you with another report this will be part 2 of
artificial signatures artificial sweeteners but lately I’ve been hearing
radio personalities radio talk-show personalities are talking like how they are
drinking diet coke which that says it contains no sugars like one of the
excuses that some of these personalities are saying like oh well
down the Trump’s to take drinking ten cans of diet coke every day term but the
thing is like a pretty alarming and shocking that this also contains
aspartame diet drinks diet drinks including Dr Pepper Diet Pepsi
other products you know children’s medicines candies and much other
products but the aspartame is generally modified synthetic sugar substitute
because according on dr. hall my doctor Dr. Alan Gaby, MDi report such a people report dizziness headaches and even seizures scientists like I believe it can alter
behavior to an altered brain function the long-term effects of this GMO
genetically modified organism on the human body health has not been studied
or tested but found there like a sweetener in foods and some body
products such as shaving gel and other types of products but the gerenian said
aspartame apartic acid and phenylalanine both economic
unanswering occur in our immune amino acids aspartic acid is produced in your
body by your body and I end with a fan I phenylalanine. is a essential amino acids thatyou get from regular food but like dr. Allan Gabi’s which is an MD reported
like in alternative medicine review that aspartame found in commercial products
or heated beverages may cause a seizure and should be valued in cases of our
typical Caesar management but like cancer Caesar’s headaches depression
attention deficit disorder dizziness weight gain and of course unlike other
Dr.Mercola. like oh no dr. McCall I mean sites with have no song researcher AB science policy research unit of sussex University has compiled thousands
thousands of pages of evidence and some which have been obtained by like our
Freedom of Information Act well you know 23 show on all the way back to the 70s
were like laboratories tests were fate and the dangers concealed by the FDA
tumors removed from animals and animals that died and the tests were restored
back to life and laboratory tests there is shocking a false and misleading
statements were made to the FDA to United States Attorney’s given the task
of bringing like charges against the apartame
manufacturer took positions with the manufacture'[s law firm and I prevail
you know the statue of limitations run out absolute fraud absolute scam and
I’ve got on a commissioner of the FDA overruled objections of the FDA’s their
own scientific board in Corino shortly after that decision he took in a
position with the birds in the Marcel a law firm and cares of public relations
play like a GDS CEO who is running with the FDA and now dr. hole know according
about a sweet poison bad time no phenylalanine is a hidden danger to
anyone consuming our aspartame most consumers don’t like that like
don’t know that much about like much about phenylalanine is a neurotoxins which
excites the neurons in our brain to a point of cellular death no connector a
DD no attention deficit disorder ADHD emotional like and behavior disorders
can trigger to much better emmeline in a daily diet if we are one
of 10,000 tens of thousands of people who are like TK you or carry of this PTO
gene which it calls irreversible brain damage and sometimes even death
especially when used in high doses or qualities and pregnancy but no Emily
emmalin’s is a 50% aspirin of f15 and to the degree humans consume
diet products which it states on a bottle which is no sugar added which is
an absolute lie and it has contains artificial sweeteners such as high
fructose corn syrup or aspartame or you have a new new team which is another
loud neurotoxin very dangerous and aspartame not but the nutritional fact
about phenylalanine and aspartame in 1976 grows expedia except of cyclopædia
states that cancer cannot live without phenylalanine which makes up to 50% of
aspartame phenylalanine is one of the most essential amino acids and proteins
food proteins you know it’s like the stuff is found and naturally in foods
such as eggs milk bananas and even meat but if you are picky you are sensitive
to the stuff – fennel Emily you will react to this kind of lean and aspartame
and you may want to get our blood chips the check for this condition no you know
I recommend that like talking you dollar a doctor but over the past 20 years
humans have become more aware of like tku reactions because the human beings
being using isolated often lead to agree that is it’s horrible example to some
individuals many assets as aspartame side effects my suggestion is you the
party research PKU and fellow family accidentally and you will find out that
it’s pretty much harmful to it beans especially yard arab-arab stir and
it’s a connection we can cause you become diabetic there if you end up
drinking nah too much of this stuff but you read all the food labels and avoid
anything with all isolate amino acids if you want to buy products earth at least
buy at least eight amino acids and combine them but I don’t retreat nurse
such as aspartame is consumed primarily and beverages by a large number of
Americans and that’s causing significant elevations and plasma and probably your
brain like a phenol every levels and like I know sent reports suggest that
some people suffer neurological and behavioral disorders and reactions and
associations to aspartame consumption and since this is like a neurotoxic
element and this ingredient it can have I can percentages the consequences and abilities the men on polling neurotransmitters neurotransmitters and the stuff
that’s in the aspartame could conceivably medic might mediate
neurological effects if mice given are given like aspartame and doses that
elevate the plasma thought I mean I’m feminine levels more than like those the
regular face off swing which probably curves asked for everything yesterday
after any aspartame dose in humans the frequencies of seizures following in the
administration of this type of drug and it’s pretty much in
in effect of like a simulation simulated by like
and blocked by concert’ administration of valin which blocks the entry to the
brain as pertain also like Apartame the introductions of seizures by inhaled
portal or by electrodes to source of shock perhaps regulations concerning the
sale of food additives should be modified or required to to the reporting
of adverse reactions of continuing their contact like the world cited independent
research Souls that phenylalanine means the main ingredient and aspartame
is a powerful neurotoxin like a D Janet Star Hull Janet Janet
Star Hall Sade said in her book like a sweet poison states that the amino acids should always be eaten in a way that presented in nature not extracted or
processed by food manufacturers but the thing is are pretty much surprising that commissioner like that the saw methyl
ethyl law is a wood alcohol this very kind of wood alcohol is extremely
poisonous in your body you can turn them for in to formaldehyde which is another
neurotoxin neurotoxin number two no it’s like that that your Diacetyl but you
find this and microwave popping corn which often contains a butter flavoring
with added addictive diets in autumn it comes across as a car like a brain blood
printer by brain barrier a protective filter which prevents from those
substances from entering the brain but it causes a fatal mo da clumping which
is a significant indicator of Alzheimer’s neurotoxin number three monosodium glutamate might no I didn’t
own as MS Jean and I you know know that this stuff
naturally encouraged and some foods and it also when your brains most important
neurotransmitters but the amount commonly is essential for healthy brain
and but the dose makes the poison and access Google Khomeini becomes a potent
excitotoxin that almost stimulates the brain cells sometimes even death which
is a reported by side effects from MSG including asthma headaches flushing
sweating psychiatric disorders convulsions migraines nausea fuzzy
thinking diarrhea our publications mood swings burning or
tingling in the muscle muscle weakness numbness chest pain and back pain but
the thing is likely with new your team which is another item which is a
ingredient just more dangerous than aspartame a sweetener hiding new food
calling are the articles by marco low calm neil team is based on the aspartame
my formula formula and i was like 13 thousand times more sweeter than table
sugar and about 230 times more sweeter than aspartame it is a proof for use in
a wide array of food products including baked goods however and country of
internet rumors Neal James is not involved allowed as organic foods but
like neo team is especially acceptably average team plus 3 point like do my bar which blocks the production of
phenylalanine therefore a limiting neither need for warning i’m labels
directed at people who cannot properly metabolize phenylalanine and this is
highly familiar you know to some listen mike elements is highly favored
flammable irritant and carries risk statements for handling including
irritating the skin eyes and respiratory system neo t aim is used as a substitute
for molasses and cattle feed in some instances the product is marketed as
sweet tones in India according to a press release but can consume more
fodder when mixed with sweet toasts and a statement that effectively bursts the
myth that artificial sweeteners like any old team are excellent diet aids it’s
nothing but a diet aid it just nothing but like I consumed the stuffs it just
makes you more obese and fat and more sluggish stir and many people like are
in a false narrative they give him this fall spring time all spring of mind that
they’re taking stuff to lose this stuff weight which is a misnomer you do not
lose weight drinking this stuff and of course some more efficient by dr.
Mercola one of more recent toxic additions to the food supply is a
sweeter like sweetener called Neil team and then you’re like did you
know surprisingly and the European Union like a rare was approved as a flavor
enhancer as about November 2010 it is known by its in number in nine six one
III and a made by nutrasweet a former
division of Masetto and it’s originally my manufacturer of aspartame you know
it’s like thirteen thousand times worse sweeter than sugar and bass are now
aspartame formula which despite the fact that 80% of the FDA complaints pertain
to this adverse reaction to aspartame unless I tell pineal team it’s like you
mean not toxin an excitotoxin more dangerous than not aspartame proponents
of Neil team claimed the increased activity is no concerned because of like
other less need achieved the desired effect
Salma Santo owns pre-approval studies of Neil team revealed the adverse reactions
and those no independent studies they’re found Neal team to be safe on august
2000 year 2000 so our firm apartment and Craven filed comments
I’m the Neal team dark and pertaining to the lack of safety data submitted in
support of Neil team like in the stadium part while some writers have made the
claim that new team is violent organic foods there does not appear in any are
supportive evidence for this hello for the like a rumor that it doesn’t have to
be a listed on the label for example according that a recent article and sad sott dotnet TV interesting but neo team
was approved by the FDA for the general use and July 2002 and say that even
though the FDA loosened arm labeling requirements for new team as part of
this large-scale effort to make it a near biggest and add a personal
sweetener to be found on the tabletop and I’ll prepared foods even organics it
simply does not have to be included and the ingredient lists that’s why you’re
not seeing it show up in ingredient lists on your products you buy in the
store but the Cornucopia Institute wrote a rebuttal to this internet rumor pretty
much like we’re getting foods cannot contain synthetic additives almost these
additives have had been petitioned and approved appear on the National lists of
approved and prohibited substance program rights like Eric Brown writes I
like Eric Brown which is like a standard specialist and at the US DA’s Organic
National Organic Program and you writes about neil team for organic food all
additives must appear on the national list of neotame but neotame has
never petitioned or or approved for inclusion on this nationalist and
therefore cannot be legally added to or near organic foods so why is a new team
dangerous that is said by like recommend recommend for our neotame is similar
to that for aspartame which is avoided are at all costs if you care about your
body and your health neotame is like aspartame on steroids
so why you like a lot to avoid both neotame appears to be more toxic
one way to avoid all are the one way of avoiding all our personal sweeteners is
the produce purchased foods bearing a USDA 100% organic label but I believe
there’s any reason to suspect organic foods will contain now Mule Team but
previously expounded many health dangers of aspartame and all those dangers
applied equally to meal team but as as offensive pain wasn’t bad enough no
NutraSweet there is no proved like years before the aspartame formula by adding
like three – three people fell all sentient lights which parks enzymes that
break down peptide bond between aspartic acid and phenylalanine after thereby
reducing the availability vanilla filling this eliminates the need
for warning labels directed at people who cannot properly metabolize phenyl
Emmaline now that the aspartame and neil team is the dieters worst enemy does the
reason the staffs ancestors like stuff is produced and i manufactured sister
berries controlled by monsanto it just souls like that one thing they do not
care about us they want a fatness after for some sinister ulterior like
Genda now the most effect of marketing and PR Texas tactics or artifice
sweeteners have been the claim that they help battle against obesity and
unfortunately they don’t and about the research and the epidemic data suggests
the opposite is true and out of sweeteners such as such as aspartame and neotame tend to lead the weight gain and one reason for aspartame and Neotame potential to cause weight gain is because phenylalanine and apartic acid
the to an amino acids that make up the 90% of aspartame and also our present
and needed like a neo team are known to rapidly rapidly stimulate a release of
insulin leptin to hormones that are entirely
involved with sexually and fat storage and so and often are the primary
hormones that regulate your metabolism and although so although you’re not
ingesting our calories and the form of sugar as aspartame and neotame can still
raise your insulin and leptin levels of elevated insulin and rapid levels and
turn are two of the driving forces behind obesity and diabetes and none of
our other current chronic health epidemics so just because you think that
you see these celebrities American Idol celebrities and that commercials diet
pepper diet coke commercials think do yourself
a favor and just pull that toxic stuff out this is not not worth drinking you
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