28 thoughts on “Are Netas Guilty Of Communalising Parliament?

  • Monojit mondal- his remark that the MPs seemed to.be having fun while so many children are dying in Bihar- most time MPs were saying joy bangla even after the doctors were being manhandled– is that how bangla will be hailed?!!

  • Unnecessary debate.
    Stopped the video after watching 1 minute. Nothing substantial in it .
    Let everyone enjoy his/her rights under the constitution.
    Do not create hype

  • If muslim candidates can say inshallah,takber,Allah Hu Akbar, what's wrong in jai shri ram? Problem is in acceptance,if former slogans can be taken as secular how can later be communal??

  • Sri Ram belongs to this land. He's an icon for all Indian just like swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, subash bose… . They don't belong to any religion. They belong to this nation. Even gandhi always chant sri ram.
    Jay Sriram jai sriram

  • Kachra bana diya parliament ka..
    Circus dikh rha h…
    Thank you all educated and non educated communal Indian brothers.

  • you see the difference between Kerala MP vs Rest of India. half of the monkey Parlament (MP) don't know what is the Indian Constitution.

  • Problem in India is the Muslims who stayed back in India after voting overwhelmingly for partition. They have wiped out Hindus from Pakistan and Bangladesh while increasing their population rapidly in India. Islam can never co-exist with other religions as they call them Kafirs and Quran wants them to wipe them out. They want Sharia so that Kafirs live as 3 Rd grade citizens and not allowed to practice their faith. No wonder not a single Muslim majority country in the world is secular. Not one of the 59.

  • Opposition should shout Jai Sonia or Jai Rome or Jai Didi or Jai Pappu. All sycophants. The people are sick who object to Jai Sri Ram or Vande Mataram or Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

  • Look at that bloody female anchor who is showing her utter contempt for Ram and spews venom on Ram just because it was uttered in parliament. She must be the least educated Indian if at all she is an Indian.

  • You are illogical and dont shout down who doesnt talk in your tune, people also watching and not all you can paint with Bhakth…How desperate…LOL.

  • This is Hindu -stan remember, if not in India where would they say jai sri ram shameless corrupt pseudo, secular ,freaks

  • This is unfortunate that Parliament too has become
    a site for Religious Slogans.
    I think the Prophecy of Sir
    Winston Churchil that India
    will be lost in the Poltical
    Squabbles and this looks
    the beginning of the end.
    People must keep Religion
    aside to live in Peace and

  • This anchor needs to chill😂😂
    Instead of debating on communal reaction by opposition parties by labelling vande matram (hail mother India) as unislamic, she is giving another angle to it.
    Just bcoz hindus are in majority doesn't qualify them as wrong people.
    Even in my village people still greet each other with jai shri ram instead of namaste. N there is nothing superiority thing in that. It's all in your mind.
    All the self claimed liberals r ruining Islam. Islam is the only religion left in the world for reform to get itself aligned with the modern world.
    Hindus did it just before independence. Christians did it far before that.
    It's sad to see self claimed liberals r knowingly or unknowingly supporting orthodox in other religion n Progressive islamic reformers r not getting any support or space in public media to bring any positive change. Sad!! Please stop playing with Muslims just to prove your individual superiority by claiming to be the last fair n loving person on the planet.
    It's u who is creating communal divide. This rage that u r creating among people bcoz of salary/job or fame or acceptance will cost India big time.

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