Are We At War? Iran Closes Diplomatic Channels with the United States Forever

all right so Iran has officially cut ties with the United States through diplomatic channels we are pretty much officially at war with Iran Iran and stop just short of declaring war on the United States but basically if you're shutting the door forever you're planning on wiping your enemy out the way that I'm reading it okay and what is not talked about in the media is what this war is going to entail Iran has 30,000 of these speedboats that all carry anti-ship missiles they can travel at 40 miles per hour and they can fire a missile while they're traveling Iran has very advanced anti-ship technology much like what we saw with their anti-aircraft technology okay that was a stealth fighter drone not a fighter you know per se is you know that was its role but it was a stealth piece of technology that is capable of amazing things and I'm sure that you could weaponize it if you wanted to the point is that it is a stealth technology that was shot down by an Iranian missile iran shares technology with north korea and it just blows my mind to think that we have the control over the channels and over the chatter and that we know everything that's going on everywhere and to think that North Korea would Excel nuclear material to Iran that maybe North Korea and Iran would it be in an alliance together why are we meeting with North Korea all of the sudden what in North Korea do that caused the United States to say wait a minute we're gonna you know change our tone here I'll tell you what they did they fired a ballistic missile to the stratosphere and Iran is capable of doing the same thing okay remember it was an Iranian missile that shot down the plane and the reason why I'm making this video is not to say Oh be scared of Iran Iran doesn't have near the technology that the United States has but what concerns me is the tactics that Iran is going to use if they don't use nuclear weapons in a first-strike type of scenario they're going to use tactics that are going to cause nuclear weapons to be used in the conflict and that's all she wrote okay there is nothing beyond that for us and and okay but remember the kingdom of the beasts these kings that have received no Kingdom as of yet but will receive power they only receive power for one hour okay within one hour there is a retaliation this all happens according to the Bible this all happens within a one-hour period of time people say well what about the mark of the beast how does this all play out and I can see it two different ways I can see the Antichrist coming to power after this event or I can see that the Antichrist has been in power and you have a beast system that rules over the world in addition to or in conjunction with Babylon the Great and for instance I mean you're talking about right now in the world that we live in freezing the ass of individuals freezing the assets of individual nations and I'm not saying that is you know representative of the mark but I'm not saying it's not representative of it either because it does seem to you know kind of fall in line with buying and selling and you know you have to have the number of the name which is part of the corporate interest of the United States you can look at in a lot of different ways okay but the key is that when when the nuclear weapons go off according to the Bible one-third of the population is going to be wiped off the map and I say this because this is not what we want we do not want war with anyone we do not want war with Iran we do not want war with anyone Iran has over stockpile their missiles coming over the border on the day that we go to war with Iran are going to be like what it would be like to be in a conflict in a conventional conflict between North and South Korea okay this is not going to be an Iraq war this is going to be much much worse as far as casualties as far as everything we cannot win this war and it god forbid the ballistic missiles bring war to our shores even without nuclear weapons there are a lot of kinds of munitions that you can put on a warhead we are not living in a world of safety and security and peace we are living in a world of nightmares that are about to unfold in war with Iran will kick-off World War three I don't see how you can look at it any other way I don't see any other alternative for one the Iranian thought process is than the Western materialistic mentality that you and I are used to okay it is a completely different type of thought process type of mentality where there is a holy war perspective that surrounds all of it and according to the thought process of the people in control in Iran Iran job is to cause World War 3 to bring down the Great Satan we have always been the Great Satan to Iran the United States has always been viewed as or for quite some time now as the evil influence that reigns over the earth and Israel has always been viewed as the daughter of the Great Satan also the great sate Israel in the United States our enemy number one and Israel may be the retaliation for Babylon but Babylon Falls first that is what I'm telling you we are living on the brink we are living in that moment when we're standing at the door we can see the writing on the wall we can see everything that's unfolding around us and we continue going on about our lives as though nothing is going on because we're isolated we live over here they live over there cuz do you know what you could do with remote control drones like aerial drones and explosives and how easy it would be to implement attacks and different kinds of attacks I mean we're talking about the nation of real terror okay that has come up with real terrorist plots around the world and made huge plans for us you remember a summer bin Laden the day of terror that they found mapped out for Osama bin Laden believe me there is a plan in the playbook of the Iranians that follows those same lines we cannot expect the world to fall in mind when the technology is becoming equalized as you move into the realm of quantum computing and artificial intelligence saying you figure out different ways to solve problems you end up in a new arms race that is not defined by the old rules okay it's not defined by the old thought process because we're dealing with new technology technology that we might not even know about or have thought about possibly to me it seems that we are being very very over confident in our stance and what we're capable of doing what do you think we're capable of doing short of nuclear war that is the only thing that we're capable of doing we're capable of nuking Iran maybe KS 400 s cannot missiles out of the sky there are a lot of missiles that cannot missiles out of the sky these days and there's new technology that we see and probably new technology that we don't see but 30,000 motorboats in in an armada that's ready for the order and that's the scenario you have 30,000 of these boats you can use just 500 of them at a time and cause complete chaos you could use 500 one time and cause a nuclear war between the United States and Russia and China in India and Pakistan that would blow up into a worldwide mutually assured destruction conflict because we're gonna be left with no other option okay what do you do if you have 300 boats have 30,000 of these what do you do if you have 300 boats coming towards you firing missiles at your ship okay when we go out further well look how big these boats are okay they have the capability of carrying probably quite a bit of fuel how do you stop the threat once the threat is coming your way how are you going to stop 300 boats coming towards you in the water from 30 or 40 miles away or from closing in from 200 miles away how are you going to stop it you're going to have to use nuclear weapons you're going to have to use nuclear weapons and once the nuclear weapons are deployed guys we're the only country to have used nuclear weapons on another population and I'm not saying whether it was justified or unjustified I don't think nuclear weapons are justified regardless okay I think if you invent weapons like this that and again we're looking at Iranian weapons here I think if you invent weapons like this that you are creating the destruction of the world I mean you're creating inevitability of the world being destroyed and nations doing whatever it takes to get their hands on technology because it's the only way they can defend themselves it's the only way they can have a voice in the world and so you have all of these nations fighting for the nuclear weapons that the United States and the Russians and all of the nuclear players have but to what end to this end to this end I remember watching the news 20 years ago and on the news then saying that it was 15 to 20 years before Iran would be a real nuclear threat to the United States and that is exactly where we are we are at that threshold we are out that door and you know I just wanted to make this video to you know get people to pay attention and get you to pray about these things pray against this none of us want this to happen this is not again this is not an Iraq war this is the stuff that nightmares are made of literally if we go to war tomorrow tomorrow is going to be one of the scariest days of your life no matter where you live in the world because this is not going to be an Iraq war I can't even imagine the bloodshed that will come as a result of this and people who know the region people who know and understand Iran you understand the ancient ancient culture of Persia the devil himself lived in Persia and we are prideful we believe that nothing will happen that people will bow down people with the different mentality people with a different way of viewing the world viewing it as though if we can force the United States to use nuclear weapons we are martyrs that is the way that Iran looks at a conflict with the United States and Israel we cannot win this war we cannot fight this war what are we gonna go to war over a lot of people are going to die if this happens this is no joke a lot of people are going to die if we go to war with Iran it is not going to be firing some Tonica Tomahawk missiles into Iran and walking the other way Iran has said time and time and time and time again that if the United States attacks it that there would be hell to pay and I don't think there's a military analyst anyone on the planet that would disagree that Iran has the ability to hold its own when it comes to the u.s. aspects in the Gulf in that region Iran has the ability to destroy our assets in the region and with their ballistic missile technology they have the ability I believe to hit us right here at home again the drone the stealth drone was knocked down with an Iranian missile this is not Desert Storm no should want to go to war with Iran we should be praying with all of our heart against this conflict this conflict will lead to the end of the world it will lead to the end of civilization as we know it we cannot go to war with Iran

10 thoughts on “Are We At War? Iran Closes Diplomatic Channels with the United States Forever

  • 100% Israel will eventually attack Iran's nuclear facilities with the F35. Watch Lindsay Grahams interview with the press. This is why we sent the F35 it has decent stealth. This will start a huge war.

  • the people of iran hate their tyrannical mafia government and want to get rid of it once and for all. They want freedom and the average iranian has nothing against ordinary americans. Man you seem to be totally clueless.

  • US already declared war on Iran. US declared war on Venezuela,Syria, Russia, N Korea, n Iran as soon as Trump started starving all the people of each country and stole their money n gold. Iran has better Technology just wait n see

  • Come……look into my crystal ball……… SEE! LOOK! NOTHING IS GOING TO COME OF THIS, AND CHRIS IS (for some reason) gunning and juicing everyone up for NO DAMN REASON! Are you aware of something called “muscle flexing” and may I say that this is just another distraction, that has no TEETH. YOU ARE SITTING THERE SPEAKING LIKE YOU HAVE SOME LOVE AFFAIR WITH MASS DEATH… WE’RE NOT GOING TO WAR WITH IRAN, IT WOULD OF HAPPENED A LONG TIME AGO, CERTAINLY NOT OVER SOME DRONE..SILLINESS..HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING?

  • We have been at war with Iran directly after the fall of our puppet government there. And have been preparing an invasion for 15 years. The block nations will unite to combat the U.S.A. We will be fighting and right here in our own cities. An E.M.P. is very likely over the U.S.A. Many people will kill their own here in the U.S.A. simply for water. Radiation will be everywhere do-to all the spent fuel rods heating. The people of the U.S.A. are not capable of surviving the harsh conditions that the war will bring to their front door.

  • Israel if their dumb enough will try and attack Iran. If this happens then China will attack Taiwan then North Korea will follow with South Korea. Russia will sit back until their attacked just like in WW2 and retaliate with relentless force. Soo happens they got a base in Syria ugh.

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