ARES Fail, Covenant replacement for Exodus on KODI (RAW and UNCUT)

what's up guys so if you followed my tutorial yesterday about the Aries wizard you are probably having some issues right now where when you try to install a build and you're getting that Aries wizard air now the reason this is happening is because their servers are just completely overloaded right now but there is another option so I would say follow the same tutorial that I showed you yesterday and every couple days or so come back and try this wizard and see if it's working but in the meantime head over here again still follow the tutorial that I showed you yesterday but come back to add-ons choose the box icon and come back down to install from zip file and again still pick Aries wizard now this time what you want to install is that third option the repository Colossus this is the one that you want to try to install now I just I just installed it on this fire stick and it took a while it took a few minutes before it actually installed but when it does install go up to install from repository and you want to select the Colossus repository so once you have that again guys be patient let it download click on that then come back to video add-ons and what you're looking for is something called covenant so I have it right there covenant so get that installed and again it took a few minutes I think their servers are just severely overloaded right now but but give that a try let it install and basically you what coming it is is the replacement for exodus so I could show you what it looks like it should look very familiar and this is basically the updated version of Exodus and as you can see it is working yeah it kind of sucks that I uploaded that video and it immediately went down so hopefully this will at least hold you over until the Aries wizard starts working again the Aries wizard the one that I showed you yesterday that directs build I actually really really like it I still have that running on the fire stick that I showed you yesterday this one's actually in my room so it's a completely different fire stick I just want to make sure that this covenant is working it is the replacement for Exodus so what this means is you can watch movies and TV shows perfect there you go so hopefully that will hold you over I mean this video is kind of crappy right now but I just want to get something out there for you as soon as possible all right good luck guys

24 thoughts on “ARES Fail, Covenant replacement for Exodus on KODI (RAW and UNCUT)

  • My error message when I tried to add it was that there was no internet connection. When I check I did have access. What would be the reason for that?

  • Just learned that ares is dead, if you don’t already have it. Won’t be available any more, because of a cease and desist order received by Colossus. We need new repos, to replace Ares, which will no longer be available. Suggestions?

  • Hello Fred…when I'm in the install fron zip file the only option I have is I watched the entire previous video on ares and followed all the steps. I am at a loss….was there something I missed?

  • Fred yen
    I have exodus on mine
    Do I need to take exodus off before I install covenant?
    And if I want to install ARES
    Do I need to do a factory reset or just install it?
    Thank you

  • I keep getting an error when downloading covenant in the ares wizard saying on Kodi 17.4 saying "normal download method failed, do you want to try the alternative?" That also doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

  • @fred yen Hey I installed ares wizard and added durex from your last vid ive had no issues. But on this video when it starts how do i get back to the screen your on when this vid statrs? Blue screen with kodi at top left and gear icon?

  • I'm going to have to watch to this one & the 1 previous a few more times, but I'll get it. He has the best Kodi vids.

  • Good look man, Exodus (Covenant) was all I ever use anyway. I'll circle back though to give ares another try tho.

  • Thanks man, I came to the channel for EDC and guns, but this tech stuff is really useful too.
    What would you recommend to watch live TV channels on Kodi? I was able to find a bunch of movies and series but no live TV channel streams

  • Never subscribed before. I have now! Thanks Fred Yen! Finally someone who knows his shit and keeps us truly informed!!

  • Fuxkin life saver dude. Im subscribing so i kan see when you post about ares wizard bein baxk up! Thanks a ton

  • Thanks, I thought I was doing something wrong. I've been trying for about an hour or more to install Ares wizard. Thanks again!!!!!

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