ARIES 1/6-1/12 ~ Reconciliation

okay so it's gonna be a collective reading for Aries Sun Moon and rising okay so I just want to get this out there before I begin the reading now this either can go for you Aries like this is you or this is whom you are dealing with so as I'm reading the reading just switch as it fits and take what resonates and what doesn't resonate just leave it be okay so what I'm seeing Aries is like I said this could be you your situation or whom you're dealing with what I see here is dirt the divine is stepping in to offer a change to the situation because there is a change that is trying to happen and it's being resisted right now if someone is playing it safe with their feelings so like I said areas this could be you or whom you're dealing with someone is playing it safe with their feelings because they're heartbroken so someone might have walked away from someone or someone walked away from them so they're kind of just playing it safe right now with their feelings although they do want to offer something though they want to put in the effort right now they're retreating they're putting a pause torez action they're just there they're in their heads okay they're really using their head on what to do because they're being very closed off with their heart right now however they do want to manifest this relationship because they do have love there is love here okay there is a there's possibly an engagement wedding coming because we have the four wands and the lovers and I interpret those two cars as a sign of like an engagement a wedding okay so this is what I'm seeing going on spirit seen to let go of control and she stopped trying to control the situation let it be let it unfold naturally however Aries someone is going to be reconciling with you they're coming back so if this is whom you're dealing with Aries they're coming back okay they're coming back because they feel like they belong to you and with the oath card I feel like this is for some of you guys this is a twin flame connection okay for some of you guys this is a twin flame connection this person really feels like they belong to you they feel like they they've made a promise to you and they want to keep that promise whether they told you verbally or this is spiritual because this could be a tone clean connection for some of you guys they feel like they belong to you with a vice from spirit cuz when I do my readings I do like to pull love Oracle's and I do like to focus on the main reading but however I'd like to get in depth with advices from spirit from the spirit guides from the universe okay I feel like people need those advices okay especially in love situations so I'm a little different with my readings I like to use all types of Oracle's in the reading anyways spirit wants you guys to focus on your crown chakra so many guises crown chakras could be blocked there's a lot of videos on YouTube that you can watch to help cleanse that chakra get it back aligned because when the chocolate is blocked that can throw you off that could throw all your chakras off and especially when you're in a spiritual connection you need to make sure you're aligned so this card is about pay attention to your ideas as they are messages of the true true divine guidance sent into your prayer so if you've been praying meditating you're getting your answers do that you got to pay attention some of you guys need to change your lifestyle your habits your eating exercising all that stuff because also remember your body is your vessel if your body is not doing good you're not doing good spiritually let me tell you your health has a lot to do with your spiritual salt peach inhale a breath to life so some of you areas just need to take it easy relax you know ground yourself some of you guys are need to heal from the past or stings in the past you're holding on to that are no good for your higher self whether it's friendships relatives relations with relatives exes whatever it is that you're holding on from the past let it go whom you're dealing with is wanting you to open up your heart maybe you're feeling closed off from this person they're being they're telling you to open up because in order to receive love you got to get you can't have a closed heart act as if your partners are what here so maybe some of you guys are in separation with this person act as if they're here an advice from spirit okay so some of you guys need to work on your third eye chakra some of you guys have psychic abilities and these abilities are gonna help you in this situation okay so some of you guys need to open up to these abilities because it's gonna help you with the fourth the fourth way of Harmony I'm gonna get the book on that one this is about the fourth way of harmony comes to you now with the qualities of beauty harmony and balance and empowers you to complete a spiritual initation any conflict you experience now serves your divine purpose it will eventually become the fuel you need to be born on you something negative will be transformed into something positive the Archangel Gabriel helps you to receive this blessing of the fourth ray so this is basically you know what you're going through is part of your journey it's part of who you are it's helping you transform into the person you're supposed to be on this journey because this is a spiritual connection for a lot of people and then we have the magic of the co Helen druid and this card is about beauty this is about coming into your divine power embracing your divine power your appearance some of you guys can be really focused on your appearance wanting to better yourself so this is kind of a confirmation that that's okay to do with the return of Aphrodite temple birth of goddess guidance goddess energy in treating us sacred and I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and read the book on that so this is about as schools go with the other car this is about coming into your divine power and what not you could have some girlfriends that are kind of maybe trying to keep you back from enhancing yourself and what I mean by enhancing yourself like bettering yourself as a woman coming into your divine power so either way whatever you're doing whether it's changing your hair changing your way or whatever embrace it embrace your divine power and don't let and once pull me back from that acacia your guidance is divinely guided because like I said this is a very spiritual connection for some of you guys it is divinely guided flow find an easier path for surrender the outcome release your expectations again stop trying to control the situation let it unfold naturally it will vote naturally it is a divinely guided connection everything is on divine timing so if you're like well you know I'm hearing this reading but it's not happening or I've seen reading saying this and it hasn't happened you have to understand everything's on divine timing patience pause before you take action trust the divine timing is our word be patient and play while you wait so just take it easy focus on you focus on your life and let the things unravel the way it's supposed to on divine timing and some of you guys are need to have compassion for this person you're dealing with so kind of having a negative approach to this person is not going to help the situation you need to have compassion in the situation because they are going through their process for this journey so you have to understand that or respect that luck is on your side and I do want to get the book on that because the book has other meanings for these cards just give me a second okay so other meanings for this card you need to laugh more this is a wonderful time to start a course of studying or teaching don't be narrow-minded start a week of gratitude practice so some of you guys need to do some gratitude approaches so wake up and just write all the things that you are grateful for because this will help raise your vibrations and also would benefit your journey especially because like I said it as a spiritual journey adjustments are required and I'm gonna get the book on that one okay so for this card think of yourself as a vessel the husband filled more and more over the past few weeks some of what has come your way may have been wonderful but there is also a lot of negativity and you need to let go of this whatever situation you're asking about now be honest about whether they are toxic emotions evolved which you need to release into the others this card also comes with the promise that all is not lost however there are changes or adjustments required before you will get to where you want to be a change of course is forecast now that recent events I have been understood and acted upon this may also may be a crisis now which will remind you what you want and what it's time to let go up so pay attention other meanings is your late your life may be out of balance and this may be causing your issues it may be time to hatch a whole new plan something new and exciting is around the corner trust may be required to move the situation boards what do you need to release so this goes with the other card that I mentioned about healing from the past so some of you guys are needing to release past wounds past pains memories anything that is keeping

9 thoughts on “ARIES 1/6-1/12 ~ Reconciliation

  • I understand some people want to take back the one you love. I do too. I miss her so much. Even after everything she did. I am Aries. She is cancer. But how do you get past what happened? I don’t think I could get past all the lies, cheating , selfish behaviour. I know she loved me but it wasn’t enough. Fair play to any of you who have the strength to forgive and let go. I am so stubborn when I’m deeply hurt. I love her but I honestly don’t think I could forgive and especially forget everything that happened. Good luck to all of you 😉 x

  • Chakra blocked because they left me in the cold, they don't care, played with my feelings wow, no wonder why every path they tried to get back to me is blocked. If they come back, will I ever Trust them. Tough for them, and its not my problem anymore.

  • Ill follow up because husband of 20 years wants divorce due to a huge lack of integrity in everyday life especially raising kids. He thinks he's a teen- letting punks take over my home

  • Thank you Elisabeth.. Resonate strong with my story, if his coming like water sign, very stubborn! I'm a vegan, but I smoke… Namaste

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