Aries December 2018 “POP UP” Reconciliation is possible

hello welcome to sage intuitive love understand that these messages may or may not resonate but for those that it does please leave your comments down below please like share and subscribe if you like to book a permanent reading with me email me at sage intuitive love at all of my information is in the description box down below for Apple iPhone and iPad users contact me on the instinct Go app so let's get started this is a pop-up reading for Aries sun moon rising and Venus for the month of December 2018 love and relationship so let's see what are the energies for Aries for those of you that are new to my channel thank you so very much for joining me you're always welcome here don't forget to hit the subscribe button as well as the notification bell and the like button sometimes we tend to like video so we forget to hit the like button so please keep that in mind those of you that are diehard sage intuitive love fans thank you so very much for all of the love all of the support the generosity the likes to shares the comments the emails the text messages the confirmations I greatly appreciate that for those of you that are celebrating Christmas Merry Christmas okay I hope you guys are enjoying this holiday season for those of you that are not celebrating Christmas I'm pretty sure that you are enjoying the scenery your lights the atmosphere so I really hope that you guys are having a wonderful time with friends and family and relatives those that are nearest and barish of children so let's get started let's see what's going on with Aries I'm going to make sure there's I didn't leave any cards in the box perfectly and me I'm just like so we have the four of swords here in Reverse so what I'm seeing here is you're unable to get your mind off of someone Aries or someone is unable to get their mind off of you this message can go vice-versa okay but either you can't get your mind up for someone or someone can't get their in mind you the obstacle here is the king of chalices water energy to cancer Pisces Scorpio you could be dealing with an air could be done within Aries but some of you are dealing with an air side we put you out of query is okay this person can't get your mind can't get their mind off and excuse me the obstacle is that this person feels deeply about you or you feel deeply about this person areas okay you really can't get your mind off all right head of the reading you have the page source here in Reverse you could be negatively spying on this person or maybe this person is negatively spying on you maybe you guys just have not communicated in a while it's been a while since you guys have communicated and that's the reason why you're unable to get this person off of your mind or maybe this is how this person is feeling about you okay but the obstacle is that this person loves you this person feels deeply about you or you feel deeply about this person the reach is the death card okay things came to an end there was a major transformation within a relationship and even though there was a major transformation you still love this person you know you're still unable to get this person off of your mind you guys have not communicated in a while okay maybe in the past when you guys weren't communicating or when you did communicate to this person it's like there was conflict with his floor and his page okay there could have been conflict that's at the five of swords you know it could have been a lot of negative communication when you did speak to this person at one point and ultimately things came to an end I am seeing that you and this individual wants to come out of conflict okay theythey still love you you still love this person all right recent past yet the queen of child says yes you guys are counterparts okay you guys love each other okay I feel like you know this person could be hiding their emotions or maybe you hate your emotions ajar emotions of ass but now it's because I'm more of an obstacle because you love this person you can go through this person alright and you want to get out of this conflict you want to transform the situation so that you can get out of this conflict I feel like you know maybe maybe you're gonna realize this person loves you okay you definitely could realize that this person loves you I thought this person loves you deeply equally okay king and queen that's like soulmate connection that's like your counterpart right there okay a lot of deep emotions here near future we have the four of Wands so this talks about yeah twin flame energy okay stability marriage commitment yeah great let's see what's the overall energy the overall energy is the seventh of warranty and the reverse okay so you gave up on this person okay someone gave up on the situation okay pretty much someone gave up on the situation even though you gave up on this person oh this person gave up on you they still are thinking about you or you are still thinking about this person the obstacle is that you really love this person very much you love them deeply okay you want to come out of this conflict well this person wants to come out of this conflict with you I am seeing a sense of regret either you're regretting this ending or the are regretting this ending okay and you guys love each other very much okay but someone gave up along the way okay someone did not fight for this relationship that's why I came to an ending I feel like it's a major transformation possibly for you or this individual it's like suddenly they want to come out of conflict or suddenly there's a sense of regret or guilt or suddenly appears these deep emotions that really has you wanting to get out of conflict with this person okay I'm gonna build on this is at the bottom of the deck uh-huh and you have the page of cups here so you have the whole family it's a whole family is the king the queen and the child so felt like there was some sort of missed opportunity because you didn't fight for the relationship where this is how this person is feel like they missed an opportunity because they didn't fight for this relationship so Aries sun moon rising Venus month of December 2011 relationship reading pop up reading clear messages wanting to come out of conflict of course you do you know it's the holiday time it does you know bring up these feelings of regret especially if you're not like a person that you really want to be with or that you love funny though it's so funny I didn't even realize that but it looks like this is a giant scale in the background if you look decide this looks like a giant scale air energy Libra and Aquarius Scorpio definitely and of course fire I really feel like things have things have balanced out these emotions have balanced out spirit wants me to let you guys know that you are filling this way and you're wondering if this person is flowing this way about you yes they are they just could be holding their emotions or not really showing them right now that the death card here and the movers okay you you know I feel like you know you want to resurrect the situation you want to resurrect the situation Aries well this person wants to resurrect something with you they can't get their mind off of you or you want to resurrect something but this person because you can't get your mind off of them we have the eight of Wands you could be trying to communicate with this person wow that was a lot of cars I was too many so what is the Ox for the absolute via is that you love this person seeing look pick me up the queen of cups with the king of it you love this person obstacles that you love this person and this person loves you equally okay can't get Queen showing once again the Queen you want to resurrect something with your counterpart you feel like this person issue your counterpart like your Bonnie to your Clyde your clients of your bun okay and you can't get this person up with your mind alright you got the full card here this is your energy you want to start over with this person Aries you do wow you have the ace of swords hit in the reverse okay but you could feel like there's gonna be nothing but negative communication maybe someone has black communication from you yeah someone does block communication from you and walked away okay there was definitely some negative communication you guys have been out of communication for a while now okay expresso could've blocked you for a while and could have walked away from you so that's why the Deaf card is here at the root okay a major transformation this person definitely walked away from you your counterpart walked away from you you probably never thought that they would and they did okay well this is what happened this person never thought you'll walk away from them and you did and it really caused a transformation a major ending okay I feel like you know because this person has walked away it has transformed how you feel about them it has resurrected these old feelings okay so what is this death part here that's a lot let's way too many M not go through all that today clarify this desperate Oh sweater said you want to do it today I'm just gonna look at them once again we have the king of cups yeah okay there's a major transformation and these emotions and now you feel very much deeply for this person your emotions have transformed and you have a lot of love with this person okay five of Pentacles here and the reverse you want to go back to this person or maybe this person will be coming back to you someone that you love or someone that loves you either you'll be going back to them or they'll be coming back to you and then you have the lovers card here and the reverse you know this is definitely after an ending after a separation after time apart and then we have the knight of Wands fire energy Aries Leo Sagittarius this could be you coming back in okay wanting to come back in two of Pentacles alright this definitely could've been a situation where he was juggling within a relationship where this person was juggling you and maybe they had to end a relationship in order to come back to you okay and I felt like right now this person is definitely gonna come back that's what is looking like but they're still juggling their emotions about the relationship about how things ended okay and how them coming back in is gonna transform the entire relationship they're probably unsure whether or not you're gonna allow them to come back in or this is how you're feeling maybe you're I'm sure that this person will allow you to come back in maybe you were the one Aries that had to leave someone in order to go back to this person and I feel like you really could be juggling juggling you know you're you don't have easy emotions about this okay you have uneasy emotions about the decision of shape to make okay you have the four of warranty and the reverse okay unstable household unstable commitment oh right like I said you could be in an unstable commitment right now and you're really trying to decide what are you gonna do max whether you're going to end this relationship and go back to someone that you love or are you gonna stay in the relationship that you're in now contingent on if the person that you're with now will change but it's like you can't get your mind off or someone that you consider your Bonnie or your Clyde okay it doesn't matter who you're with you can be look someone completely different but you are thinking about someone else that you love very very much and someone that should want to resurrect something with after being out of communication after a major individual information happened with the death card you know it like I said you may have to end a relationship in order to come back or go back to the person that you love all right and you could be really juggling if that is the right thing for you to do especially if you've never had in the communication with them okay but apparently you could be in a unstable commitment so let's see what is this seven of one this person loved you very much okay they love Judy those were Cal aparts but with the seven of ones they felt like they had to defend themselves against you okay with the nine of cups in Reverse they were emotionally drained okay they felt like they had to defend themselves Aires you could have felt like you had to defend yourself okay you could have felt very defensive and this person was trying to love you we've got to push this person away through this is your and then she got pushed this person away when they were trying to love you okay this person had deep emotions for you knew you could have considered this person you could have felt like this person is not too wish fulfillment I feel like you know yeah you could have the fitted yourself when this person was all he was trying to do was love you you could have pushed them away or this person pushed you away when all you try to do is love them this person felt very deeply for you very very deeply for you okay clarify this 11 once there's a lot of love here yeah Empress some of you were dealing with either a tourist or a Libra but yeah it's like you push this person away and this person a but had abundant emotions for you abundant abundant emotions for you okay for some of you you could have you know this could be the mother of your child this person was offering you a lot of abundance you could have that you just pushed it away you push this person away I see you pushing them away pushing the love this person's trying to give you away and this person loved you very much this could have been a mother of a child this person was offering you abundance maybe he was offering this person about this maybe there was a pregnancy maybe I was a pregnancy but I feel like this person has grown this person was offering you a lot okay and with the four of mugs here I just feel like maybe you were given them an unstable commitment there was some sort of unstable commitment some instability within this relationship okay it's almost trying to offer you something and you could have been pushing it away so let's see we have an Indian feature we have the four of Wands here for vlogs pop up let's see what's going on before blondie this is talking about one point energy okay stability marriage coming together Wow wonderful fun as well you know what okay so with the four bonds we had the ten of cups emotional fulfillment okay joy bliss happiness within the household page of water and the reverse okay looking back at a situation I feel like you could be looking back on this situation Aries okay maybe you could have been acting very immaturely and wasn't seeing things for what it truly was okay you know you could be looking back on the situation and you know what I'm seeing here is that there was a lot of joy and happiness and stability and a relationship okay but you you're looking at things from a different perspective you see things as you see that this relationship and something that was unstable and unhappy but it's a page of one which talks about being immature that's the reason why you were looking at things from that perspective because you are immature okay next car we have as the three of swords and it definitely caused a lot of heartbreak okay you could be offering up an apology or this person could be apologizing to you if the king of swords hear you you may be apologizing to this person you could be apologizing to this person because you may look back and realize that you know in the future you may think about it and be like you know what I did have stability I did have everything that I need it within this relationship where this is how this person is feeling okay but I was immature and the reason why I say it was you Ares is because you're coming up as an age and if you're dealing with an air sign they're coming up as a king okay so maybe it was a situation like that such a way you were immature some of you were drinking on Lots awful lot with this ten of cups here that could have caused an unstable commitment to you I feel like you're gonna look back on the past and at the past relationship I realized why this relationship really came to an end and why someone had to cut you off or this person is gonna look back and see why you know you cut them off Aries okay and you may be offering a pathology or they may be offering up an apology yeah we have the double part here in Reverse okay this talks about addictions okay needing to apologize to someone be truthful about the situation the king of swords is talking about if you feel like this person did something horrible to you Aries spirit is advising that you really turn back around and reevaluate and reassess the truth okay because you know you're at maturity is stopping you from seeing the truth and the truth is if you are drinking or addictions is playing a major factor or played a major factor why this relationship ended then you need to come out of addiction you need to apologize this person and sever your ties with your addiction that's the truth okay that's for some of you it's merely saying that your addictions could have definitely severed the bond that you guys had in this relationship and you may look around in the future you will be looking back and the truth is going to slap you right in the face if you've been denying it whether it was sex addiction drug addiction gambling addiction you're going to be forced to look back at the situation and confront it okay and the only way that you can confront this and why this relationship came to an end as with the truth okay and I feel like with the truth you're gonna see why this person cut you off and you're gonna see that this person loved you and you're gonna see that you guys were counterparts you're gonna see that you could have had this happy family with this person and it's the ability in this house in this household with this person or this is up with us what is gonna happen with this individual they're the ones that was battling addiction and so on and so forth applied this message is it relates to your circumstance the next card that we have here is the knight of Pentacles okay and the reverse realizing that someone acted in bad faith in this relationship very much so we'll watch and watch you can't confront this things will start to change for you arrey so once this person can confront this reality of why all this has happened it doesn't matter if you're thinking about your love a lot it doesn't matter if you're thinking about this person a lot if you're unwilling to change it doesn't matter what has happened in a relationship if you have not confronted the call is the root reason as to why you are in this situation should end it's so easy to say oh yeah that this person did me wrong oh yeah this person did this to me and this person did that to me but have you ever did you ever think like okay that's just like this when you get in trouble and your and your parents yell at you about something and they put you on punishment that doesn't mean that they don't love you so you have to think about love in that same perspective like just because you are in a relationship with someone and they loved you and you love them if you're messing up and they decide to cut you out it doesn't mean that they never loved you I don't understand why people get that misconception as to feel like okay just because such as such cut me off oh they never love me no sometimes it gets to a point where someone has to stand up and the relationship they cannot be walked on whether it's your this person so maybe this person was cutting you off you're not I'm saying because they didn't know what to participate or they did not want to see your demise so they decided to separate themselves or maybe you did this you separated them separated just stuff because you did not want to be a part of their demise if you're in a relationship that someone is drinking and doing drugs and it's toxic and it's trickling down in the relationship to where it's domestic violence and there's abuse and this person it's just not behaving like they love you when when do you say okay I messed up when is this partisan suppose a walk away of course when you're doing all of this and you're doing the drugs and you're drinking and and and you're showing out and you're being toxic and this person cut you off of course I'm initially you're gonna feel like oh this person never loved me and maybe when you're clean and sober you'll come to that reality that that person did love me they love me enough to let me go they love me enough to move on with their life and better their life because I was no longer participate in and our journey in developing a relationship that was meaningful and powerful as the ten of cups as the four of Wands as the ten of Pentacles okay so sometimes you have to look at a situation for what it truly is next car that we have is the 4 of Pentacles some of you are really really holding on holding on or holding yourself back okay you need to change okay some of you need to change this hold on to things too tightly holding on to the reason why this person decides to cut you off too tightly next weather we have is the knight of cups and taking your luck somewhere else deciding just to take you your left somewhere else saying you know what this person didn't love me you know blaming someone else okay and not facing the truth of why this person cut you off this person cut you off to get out of a toxic situation because you could have been acting a bad thing and you needed to change okay this person could have been holding on to you really really tightly at one point but decided to move on to take their life somewhere else we have the ten of swords yet major transformation major ending here so what is the seven of wands here and the reverses talk about someone giving up on this situation give it up you could have gave up and now you could be feeling like you missed an opportunity and really battle it in your mind that you gave up for this person clarify the seven of wands Nate we use going through this you probably wasn't even seeing that the relationship was toxic or what you were doing or their behaviors or this person that would see that so we have the temperance card here okay this person was very much patient okay this person could have been very patient and gave up or you could have been very patient and just gave up on the situation okay it just gave up but I feel like you want to bring healing okay you want to bring healing to the situation some of you if you want to bring healing to this you're gonna have to balance out your drinking habits if you drink too much yes because I'm saying a lot of cups here okay and also I want to also say something to you just because just because you know you're in a relationship and and this person drinks with you or have a drink with you every once in a while and you drink every day and they confront you about your drinking it doesn't give you the right to say oh well you drink with me to know acknowledge that there's something wrong if this person is only drinking with you on the weekends but they see you every day they see you every day with a bottle of whiskey you know and they drink yeah they may have a drink or two with you on the weekend or you know maybe once or twice a week or whatever and they say you know babe I really think you should slow down on the drinking it doesn't give you the right to turn around and say you know you check with me – is that don't act like you don't drink glass but you don't have a bottle acknowledged what is happening cuz that is gonna be the exact reason or the cause of why this person is not going to be with you that could have definitely been a part of a problem here okay so we have the page of cups okay so I feel like you want to bring healing you want to make an offer so this person this is a peace offering okay you could you may have the balance ounce you're drinking for some of you and I thought this person was very much patient but they gave up on this situation this person could have been expending their love and this opportunity for you to you for a long time where you could have been extending your love and opportunity to this person for a long time and you finally gave up all right and now either you or this person is felt like you missed this opportunity because we have the page of cups here in the reverse like a spade two cups and the reverse for Ares yeah six of cups felt like you missed an opportunity with someone that passed or this person is feeling this way about you hangman here feeling stuck in a situation okay hey but hanging around left in limbo okay we have TRUS the situation is calling for you to have faith this person could have faith in you supposed to could've trusted trusted in you or believes in you or gonna actua trust me maybe trust was a major factor in this relationship maybe this person doesn't trust you anymore battle that IKEA of reconciliation someone from your past is returning to your life hmm Wow clarified by the six of cups don't like you missed an opportunity Wow Wow Wow I really don't think you guys enjoy this reading please like share subscribe comment comment comment if you like to book a private reading with me email me sage into its above 11 lanes

25 thoughts on “Aries December 2018 “POP UP” Reconciliation is possible

  • Love the reading. Waiting for my scorpio husband who walked away dur to a 3rd party. They don’t live together. We live close by. Love him.. I don’t know about him. He comes regularly to us.. hugs and kisses. I pray he will soon come back to us and leave the bitch.

  • I have tried to confront it he will not communicate with me so what else can I do but walk away which is what I had to do yes I Love him . But love never stop mhmm from cheating luring and stealing he left me out in the cold when his third party returned to his life . I’m done his action spoke louder then words I’m very clean and sober I love him enough I let him go be himself which is a player player he needs to just accept himself and be the player he is he loves many many women possible men too . I’m done and have moved on with my life . He is holding on to whom he really loves which is Aquarius !! I don’t want him in my mine at all I want him to be dead to me in my mine and thoughts I have been healing .

  • The only thing I want from my ex Pisces is the truth. He is s coward he refuse to tell me the truth he pushed me away he is in love with a Aquarius not me he made it clear where he stood I’m not falling for it again and love never stop him from cheating luring and stealing being a-con Artist used me from day one Thank God no kids d never married or pregnant . He offered me a lot of pain and heartache he nearly killed my spirit. Yes he is my soul mate past live and t win flame but this never stop him from cheating plus he is s player player I’m not going to be a fool-in
    O Love again his heart belongs to Aquarius . His action made it crystal clear where he stood and where I stood in his life. Yes I forgive him but I will never trust him he manipulated me that is my ex Pisces who is drinking now because his third party left him now he is depress he had no-integrity I tried to communicate but he I would not respond period I have no addictions my ex Pisces has the addiction this reading is twisted upside down. I. Have no addiction and no regret he treated me like s dog returning to his own vomit. I’m enjoying being a single female period.

  • This Aries is done with her ex PiscesI cannot trust him. I have already left this relationship he left me out in the cold for the third party whom he loved I have moved on from my ex Pisces narcissant. I’m a single Aries dating enjoying spending time with others being free to date or see whom I like until my new soul mate arrives.

  • Do all tarot's 'do readings just for the woman?
    Good reading, 🙂 but! It's always mostly directed towards the ladies. Lets get some masculinity going on the readings?? Take's two to see the truth. No offence 🙂 just asking the question? Men are men, women should behave like women. When you girls going to wake up, understand it, and see this basic differences, respect the differences?.. I say with politeness.

  • he hiding his emotions he's not communicating his feelings he said to trust in him .. and then backed off no communication went on one date but I know he's dealing with stuff I will always be here for him .. I waited 15 years for him and I will always love him he's a.part of my soul he's my twin he's an air sign aqua soulmate from my past.. he's having a hard time coming toward .. all in divine timing … thank u

  • This reading is the reverse for me as my former partner did not drink, but had emotional issues and was a user of women since high school with an entitled athletic mentality Me First. I gave and gave and gave until he walked away leaving me puzzled, angry and hurt.

  • Wishing you a blessed holiday ms sage. Thank you for all you do for us. 2019 is going to be great for us Librans….i can feel it. Gets stronger closer we get to New Year's. Much love & light to you and your loved ones. 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  • Yes!!! Correct this Aries asked me to move in i did once im there with him he would drink everyday start acting a fool very immature created arguments that shouldn't have happen i believe there was someone else there was no intimacy what so ever i had to leave pretty much he left the house while i was crying didnt care so i packed my stuff and left 6 hrs later he must of got home to all my stuff gone.


  • Is this mirrored? Only I’m nearly moving on and letting but his silence is killing me, I know he was more in love with me at the time it frustrated him to the point of obsession but his silent punishment has me thinking I can’t play this game into the new year

  • Yes he is addicted to talking to women on date sites I found out I feel it’s a way of massaging his ego but what worries me is he could go meet these women I won’t accept shady behaviour he needs to work on this

  • ♎️ was being deceitful lying talking to other women online if I had t of been sneaky I wouldn’t of found out I still don’t know if I can trust him I do love him but is it enough

  • Sage. Very good spot an aries male married to a taurus. She cheated several times so i ended our 19yr marriage.yes i loved this woman and gave her a stable life but she stabbed me in the back. We have not spoke for 3 yrs now and she still won't agree a divorce. She has a funny way of showing me she loves me if we go by your reading. Cheating is never a foundation for a stable relationship.

  • That Leo pushed me away with all the cheating and babies popping up he asked to work it out after asking for a dna test for our baby i gave him his test and i walked away too much toxic energy. We only spoke in court but other than that it has been silent for almost 3 years. He speaks highly of me to his mother i have a great relationship with his family. He was a heavy drinker but i was told he has slowed down. I am hoping he gets it together and comes home so we can build this empire. Love your reading thank you for the messages.

  • I'm a Gemini female my ex is an Aries male….Im an independent woman and he has narsasistic energy addictions 3rd party situations and all that foolishness….He apologized and asked if we could still marry and have a child and a female reached out to me over messenger and told me that they been together and she just had a miscarriage….I walked away last June and never planned on going back anyway…..I want new everything❤🙌

  • First like!!! Girl I have been waiting for you for so long!!!😂😂 I hope you're doing well, can't wait for my sign's reading

  • Hey Sage, been waiting on this Aries Tea….I'm a Libra….who just told him, bye….you not going with me into 2019

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