Aries July 1-15, 2019 // Karmic Debt Paid & Brings Prosperity // Tarot Reading

hyeri's Sun Moon or somethin this is Dane and I'm going to be doing your July 1st to the 15th 2019 that's two zero one nine finance and career reading for you now I ask that you guys give this video a thumbs up also make sure to subscribe to my channel this is the way you let YouTube know that you're appreciating the content that I'm putting out and I'd like to start each reading with an attitude of gratitude so I want to thank you so very much whether you are new or old to this channel for all your support and for stopping by you are absolutely amazing and I absolutely adore reading for you so thank you so much for being here if you would like to donate to my channel or book a private reading with me all that information is going to be pinned to the top of the comment box below meaning it is going to be the very first comment in the comment box below you will also have links to the cards that I use there so let's get started Aries Sun Moon or Senden and see what the 1st to the 15th of July holds for you for finance and career Aries July 30 315 2019 finance and career areas July 515 2018 finance and career areas the 1st to the 15th 2019 finance and career Ares July 1st 2015 2019 finance and career Ares July 1st 2018 finance and career Ares July 1st 3015 2018 finance and career show McCarthy show me Kerby ok fantastic that's where the cards fell so that's where spirit wants me to stop at the center of everything ok we have the 10 of swords now the 10 10 is a completion number ok so I don't want you to get upset this is also the darkness before the dawn so at the heart of this reading is a sense of being overwhelmed a feeling caged the feeling trapped you know really wondering how things are going to work out how are you going to move forward how are you going to get to where it is that you want to be to where it is that you need to be so at your heart for finances and career for the first half of July is is worry and anxiety but this is also if you see they all fall away ok so this is kind of overkill your mind is working overtime so you have to kind of step back and by kind of I mean you have to step back and spirit is saying you have to step back you have to breathe and you have to connect with yourself because if you don't you're going to have worry and fear and your emotions just take over and it's going to be a bit of a mess then we have the 5 of Pentacles see here this is the beginning of the Kabbalah Tree of Life then you have here the cross with that you have the Celtic Cross now this is a cross with the pagan worship of the Sun put together so you have divinity guiding you ok that's where the Celtic Cross comes from the Christian cross and the pagans sun-worshipping alright so here you have both these elements coming together to move you forward you have your angels walking with you that's how I see this person right here it can also be somebody within your life who is walking with you this is prosperity this is success okay this is feeling as if you're going through a winter but actually the divine is leading you to someplace even better than before the divine is guiding you so don't doubt it's actually going to lead to you seeing things very very very differently with the hangman you are caught between the spirit world and the earthly plane you are caught between two worlds and you're seeing things you're going to have insights and understanding to things that other people just don't have okay so that is going to be kind of your ace in the hole it's going to be this insight this understanding this beauty that guides you forward then we have the tower this isn't bad either I know everybody sits there and thinks oh my gosh we have the tower card we have the ten of swords this is going to be a terrible first half of July it's not this is actually a time of tremendous change for you this is changing everything this can be a karmic debt that a lot of you are finding that you're paying off because you're seeing things differently and now certain things that were once important to you they're not the main things that are important to anymore all right you're seeing everything differently it's turned up the waters it's changed the game and then you have I love it then you have at your root the king of cups now this is a water sign of Pisces a Scorpio a cancer let me just move my camera just a little bit so you can see a little better okay cool so this is a Pisces a Scorpio a cancer it is a water sign but it doesn't have to be so look to see if you have water sign within your chart where it comes up with in your chart it's where spirit is trying to give you this message it is also saying here that love and healing is at your root that's why you're going to be going through some stuff in July because you are setting yourself up for financial success yes you are eternally prosperous but you need to find this balance okay and as you find the balance how I love it the whole world opens up to you the universe opens up to you any limitations that you wants to find yourself as having any way that you once thought oh my gosh they couldn't possibly do this you're going to see that starts to fall away and it's all because you've had this change come in I love this you're clarifying the hair ephant the 10 of Wands okay you have the repeat of the number 10 and that's at the heart of everything and then you have earth sign I love to see Pentacles here we have three Pentacles that's beautiful once I love to see that within okay within a day finance and career reading and why I say okay is and when I pause I'm just listening to spirits so don't mind me you have a lot of Major Arcana cards here all right you have four of them and that's a really good amount now you have Kings at your root so know that people are going to be taking note of you when I see Kings Kings are the actors upon the stage Queens are the directors so you have these actors upon the stage you have people taking note of you when it comes to what it is that you love they see that you're coming from the heart that's actually going to be and not to sell sound callous that's going to be one of your greatest selling features is that you come from the heart and that's going to put you above other people now whether you're in sales or whether you are you know living your life and whatever it is that you do for a job okay people are going to see that you do it from the heart now this can even be if you are a stay-at-home parent alright don't negate yourself don't say oh finance a career it doesn't apply to me no it does it definitely does if they if you had to hire somebody to take care of your children that would cost a very pretty penny so here you have your heart in your soul that you're pouring into things and people are taking note of that they're also taking note that you are very good at what you do so don't negate that either even though you're going through this transformation even though you're thinking oh my gosh can I move forward you know am i heading in the right direction the answer is yes the answer is yes you are you're just changing everything up you are coming to a completion within your thoughts within your mind and you're coming to and completion within your passion within your work you can be wanting to change things you can be sitting there and saying okay you know what this isn't working for me anymore I'm going to move on to somewhere else you're also Aries carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders you're carrying a tremendous amount of weight of you know how you want to move forward and you want it to be just right this is saying kind of back up a little bit breathe take it all in and take what it is that you want you know look at what it is that you desire and then start moving towards those goals don't carry everybody else this workload either you're going to have a tendency in the first half of July to say oh no I can do that oh and you're being so nice and helpful and you really have a great plan going and it's just going to add to the anxiety that is kind of going to be an undertone for a lot of you areas well for all of you during these 15 days during the first half of July now this can be worried coming in from home that's affecting your work this would be worry about work you know it doesn't really matter it's just worried here it can also be that you're not sure why you're worried or anxious about anything life is going really well but you feel like there's this huge change coming because there is there is this huge change coming because this is a karmic debt being played okay being paid and this is also be a karmic debt being played out now let's do your fairy guidance right here okay show me clearly show me clearly show me clearly areas financed and come here July 1st to the 15th 2019 areas finance and career July 1st to the 15th 2019 show me tell me show me show me this card right here discovery show me clearly show me clearly clearly and creativity now I love it yet with the hariphunchai here people don't usually know or a state that torian's are very very creative science so you have that creativity coming through you also see where or if a tourist is somewhere within your chart that's where spirit is telling you to focus on and that's where you're going to have for a lot of you the insights coming in and kind of putting down the weight and the pressure on your shoulders you're whittling guidance cards show me clearly show McCarthy show me clearly Aries finance and career July 1st to the 15th 2019 areas financing career July 1st to the 15th 2019 their young intuition and confidence your intuition is actually going to be giving you confidence so that is pretty cool intuition right here the power of intuition will light your path providing a connection to the divine so really really really listening to your intuition that's what the hangman is saying you're changing the way that you're seeing things you're also following your tradition so follow your gut follow what it is that you know is right Aries you're actually going to find when it comes to your finances when it comes to your career you're going to be your greatest compass to success the color that's shining through here is blue that's healing and cleansing the throat chakra it's also making sure that you make your voice heard it's not being the loudest most obnoxious person in the room but it is saying that your voice matters and letting and letting your opinions be heard that's going to be very important for some of you areas very much so then we have confidence self confidence opens you to the energy required to carry you through each day at your very best be confident that's so important because you have here a sense of kind of wanting to shrink away like it's all just a bit too much so you're going to kind of want to shrink away this is saying don't this thing don't yes it's a lot yes you're handling a lot but you're going to find that because you're handling a lot you have to kind of schedule your time really well really look at things really get things in order and then you're going to find that by the end of these 15 days if you you've put in the time you've put in the effort you've you know done all of that you're like a well-oiled machine and the color that shines through here is yellow that's healing and cleansing your solar plexus chakra then we have discovery and this is your fairy guidance behold the world with new eyes and excuse me that absolutely is what the hangman is saying you are looking at the world completely differently you are beholding the world with new eyes creativity allow your creative spark to work its magic allow it because you have a creativity to to you that is going to really open up doors so you're going to have insights and understandings when it comes to your finances when it comes to your career where you're not staying small anymore you are opening the doors you are creating something great the 10 of sorts at your heart this is anxiety for a lot of you feeling caged feeling overwhelmed just being anxious okay you are going to have to be honest with yourself and you're going to have to make time for yourself and for some of you Aries it's going to be really hard because you have so much that needs to be done and you're looking at so many things and you're juggling so much because you are so focused on your success that you don't want to take time for you you don't have the time to take you know even a coffee break you would drink your coffee while working and just keep going just keep going this is saying you need to take a time out you need to take time for you or else is going to get to be too much and you're going to have your emotions taking over and you're going to find that you're not enjoying yourself and I'm not saying that you have to enjoy yourself every moment of every day that's just not possible well it's not not possible but it seems unrealistic it is saying here there needs to be a contentment there needs to be a satisfaction so you need to check in with you to have that satisfaction driving you forward or else you're going to work yourself to exhaustion and that's at your heart right here it's kind of like you feel it coming you kind of just want to take a break and if you can take a day off where you simply take a day off you don't do anything you stay in your PJs and you eat ice cream I mean that would be absolutely ideal for you if you can't do that because most people can't then it is saying just take a moment take a moment even if it's in the shower where you know kind of and you lock the door to the bathroom where nobody can get you you know when nobody can say that they need something or call for you or anything like that take that time because you're going to find that it's really going to help you focus yourself because you feel as if and this is your crowning thoughts this these are your thoughts this is what's crowning you you feel as if you're in this by yourself and with the 10 of swords it's like okay I have to do this all by myself you have divinity guiding you and when you're in the shower all right we have that seems like a great idea just to go in the shower and and have that quiet time you actually let your mind wander there's nothing that's going to be calling your attention so that's why people have the best ideas in the shower because they let their mind wander if you do that if you have moments like that and you have moments like that for yourself throughout the first half of July you're going to see your productivity just increase you're going to see your finances increase because you're getting your work done better and you're staying more focus and you're actually going to feel happier and you're not going to be by yourself because you have here divinity walking with you you have the kabbalah tree the first half of the kabbalah tree you have the Christian symbol and the pagan symbol coming together you have the angels walking with you yes you are going through a winter because there's a lot that you are dealing with here but this is saying that you will be doing things that you don't want to do you will be doing them like an adult like you know all adults have two things that you don't want to do but you do it anyway and you keep on kind of soldiering forward know that you're going to be getting to your success you're going to be getting to your prosperity and know that you're not alone because you need to know that on this road to financial security and abundance you are not alone Aries you're going to be seeing things differently looking at things understanding comprehending things differently insights and understanding you have a strong connection to the spirit world listen to your intuition it will guide you forward and it will help you discover new things it will also spark your creativity listen to that little voice inside of you when it comes to your work it's going to be highly highly beneficial because you stopped seeing limitations and you start seeing opportunities as you do so you start seeing the whole world differently you play towards your strengths and you take the burdens that you've been carrying and you let them go you're completing a cycle here this is a this is things doing a 180 things are starting to change by the end of this time period by the end of the 15th you're going to see for a lot of you that you feel stronger you feel more confident if you have been proactive if you have been putting in the time in the effort and and soldiering forward now we have the tower card the tower card is saying that things fall apart yes but this is a change that's needed and it can be for some of you that you've hit rock bottom and things have fallen apart and now you're rebuilding but it's like the Kipling porn poem you're building with worn-out tools building with worn-out tools if you can stoop and build them up worn-out tools right the first part of that is if you can stand to see what you give gave your life to broken and stoop and build it up with worn-out tools and yet not breathe a word about your loss okay you'll be a man my son that is the poem it's if bye-bye Kipling here it is you being strong it is a comic deck coming into play it is a changing of things it's being shocked it doesn't have to be in a big way it can be very subtle but it's it's something that happens it can be you're watching something on YouTube and all of a sudden it just kind of makes it and click in your head and you go wow I never thought of it that way before or I never saw it that way and that's the change it doesn't have to be huge it doesn't have to be it brings you to your knees for some people yes the tower card does show that but for others of you I don't really see you being brought to your knees actually areas I see this as being a change and I see this as being a change that you have been waiting for and you know it's coming hey you know that there's something missing here and at the root is love it's a water sign of Pisces or Scorpio or cancer but it's love it's calming the emotions it's not being carried away in everybody else's drama because people are going to want to carry you away in it people are going to sit there and they're going to see that you're going through things and they're going to want to kind of carry you away within drama to make themselves feel better to know what it is that they desire and you're not really into this at all this is love this is healing this is a water sign around you it can be for some of you Aries there's a water sign around you at your root for others of you this is saying look at where it is in your chart for those of you where it's not in your chart and you don't have a water sign around you this is saying you're moving forward in love you're moving forward in healing you hold the Holy Grail within your hands that is said to have been the cup that was used at the Last Supper for Christ in Christianity and again I don't care if you believe in Christianity as a religion or mythology it really doesn't matter it's the message in the symbology within the cards the green is for healing the green is also for the earth so you have Higginson some symbolism you have Orthodox symbolism you know kind of steady religious dogma coming into play it doesn't matter here you have love guiding you forward it's sacrifice and it's love you're holding that within your hands it's kind of like you know there's something greater coming and that's what you're working for and that's what you're working towards your healing and your embracing the place that you want to be people are going to be paying attention to your heart to your kindness how that is going to help you financially I said people are going to be trusting you more how that's going to help you career-wise people are going to be seeing that you put your all into what you do and they're going to think Wow okay that's that's the person I want on my team now this is not you being a doormat actually you're being worn here do not carry everybody else's burdens because that is just going to be too much and you might find that that brings you to your knees you try to be nice to everybody and they just take advantage that's that's not your concern your concern is not everybody else's problems you're concerned here Aries is you and it's not saying to be a jerk about it but it's saying make sure you take care of yourself because if you run yourself into the ground nobody else is going to care they're just going to walk over you and wait for the next person who helps them and who takes their problems from them you don't need to do that especially not in the workplace because that's what they're going to do in the workplace or in your career whether you work at home whether you work from home whether you work in an office it doesn't matter okay know that people are going to be trying to take advantage of you and you're going to be having none of it actually you you you're going to be taking it and then you're going to have none of it so if you can cut that off beforehand if you can sit there and say you know what no go I'm not doing this I'm not being caged in by you I am really focusing on the way that I need to move forward and the work that I need to get done that's going to be absolutely the most beneficial thing for you because you have eternal prosperity there's just a lack of balance okay it's because emotions run too high it's because here you have your root is in love but also you're feeling other people's emotions really strongly you're feeling other people's you know desires and wants and that's why you're going out of your way to help them mm-hmm no no do not make yourself do not this is going to sound harsh but this is what's Spirit is saying it says do not be a fool do not be a fool because they're going to take advantage of you to get what it is that they want now if you're well aware that this person is taking advantage of you but you know that your end game has to do with okay but you know that you're going to do it anyway not your endgame it doesn't have anything to do with them but you know that you're going to do it anyway go in with your eyes wide open and be that loving caring beautiful person that you are alright but do not let yourself be taking advantage of areas because somebody here is going to try and take advantage of you and there's a link here to the water sign Pisces Scorpio cancer to Taurus and to the earth sign Taurus Virgo and Capricorn so know here that I have this connection with being taken advantage of and actually what it's going to be is for money somebody's going to take advantage of your heart that is it so it doesn't really matter what sign they are but for money somebody's going to take advantage of your good nature you they see your endless prosperity they see that you're not balanced right now okay they see that your feet you see here how one foot is up and one foot is down and he's on a wet slippery dock so they're going to try and take advantage of that use your cunning use your cunning use your insight use your understanding do not let people take advantage of you and if they do take advantage of you do you not sit there and let it make you bitter and angry because there's somebody here that I'm very much seeing who's going to try and just push too much too hard and it's really going to leave a sour taste in your mouth yeah here so earth sign Taurus Virgo Capricorn but it's somebody who's really focused on the money and you're gonna know it you're going to know it they're going to slip up some way and you're going to sit there and be like wow I thought you were a good person and you're kind of scum so just know that just know that for you Taurus and Taurus Aries that that is going to be something that comes into play I can very well be a Taurus because that's what he just said so also you have a connection you have a connection either to somebody because redfox mate for life you have a connection to somebody you have a connection to what it is that you want okay there's also a connection to your prosperity you're kind of doing life purpose or you're moving towards your life purpose to see how to balance the finances keep focused on that goal because that's what guides you that's what has your back then we have the universe the universe is opening up the universe is you're seeing that the limitations that you once thought you had any disabilities that you've defined yourself as having whether they be physical disabilities mental disabilities you know whatever it is you're going to see that those disabilities aren't defining you anymore or that lack you know oh I couldn't possibly do this because you know somebody said that I wasn't good at whatever you know no that's that's not the case anymore and why I say this is because here you're an incorporeal being you're being made of snow and of air and you are flying free in the right away its mythic this is a wreath of victory all right with a woman in the middle clad in a purple ribbon holding up one's victory there is no earthly being here there is just again this incorporeal being this being of snow and air that can go to the highest point and to the deepest part of the sea and who doesn't have to be constrained and that's what you're finding you're finding that once you embrace what it is that you truly want once you find your balance of prosperity okay by connecting with spirit and listening to your traditions and not feeling as if you are being held in a cage or being held back anymore you're going to find that you can do anything and that door is start opening for you in ways you hadn't imagined none of all at once it doesn't have to be something grand it can be something very subtle Ares and it just kind of moves you forward in a way that you think wow it kind of takes your breath away and we have the hair fit the Taurus energy again the time frame is April 20th to May 20th now this could be working towards a goal and you see the doors start opening and you're going to see this by 2020 I know that seems like a really long way away and he'll be here before you know it it really well like time has a tendency to just at least I feel it is just flying and then you have the king of Pentacles this is listening to your tuitions this is listening to yourself and your soul is also a tremendous amount of creativity creativity around you an expression through the finer things all right you will be drawn to the finer things you will also be expressing yourself in a way that I would a spirit trying to say here in a way that brings you almost greatness and I'm not saying that you're going to be kind of movie star famous or anything like that but it's in a way that's going to set you apart from everybody else it's kind of like you're rising up kind of like cream rising to the top of the carton okay that's what you are here you're rising and then you're carrying all your passion all your understanding everything that you want do not take on other people's burdens you're going to have this strong sense of oh I'm going to help this person out oh I'm going to help this person out don't don't help you out first if you have time areas then yes of course lend a helping hand to whomever needs it but make sure you're taking care of yourself first because that's going to bring you the prosperity that you want and that prosperity is actually bringing jealousy towards you and that's going to be where the person and then I'm seeing here wants to make youthful to be able to get the money that's coming your way right Earth Sun energy Taurus Virgo Capricorn you have a Taurus right here see if it appears within your chart you're crowned with prosperity hey this could be a person for you in your life all right so for some of you I'm really seeing be wary of this Taurus right here but I'm also seeing that there's a person around you and it can be a Taurus it can be aracite a Virgo a Capricorn who is steady who is stable and who is going to help you in a way get insight and understanding to where it is that you want to be and it can't just be something that they say in passing that really has a big impact on you so keep your ears open right because you're getting kingly energy when it comes to your prosperity your prosperity leads to the king of Pentacles leads to wealth and abundance and people taking note of it all right your subconscious message Virgo energy another earth sign right this is a timeframe of August 23rd to September 22nd but this is your turning inward subconsciously you're really looking at what you want now Arius not what everybody else wants your passion is guiding you you're going through a transformation you're setting yourself free and your passion is leading you forward trust your intuition the divine is leading you to a place that's miraculous okay all right Aries I hope this reading has resonated with you there's a lot of growth that's going on here and there's a lot of beauty that is coming your way okay kind of hold on be ready for the wild and crazy ride that the tower will bring that this change is going to bring into your life because it's going to be so worth it it's just going to set you free all right Aries I hope this reading has resonated with you if you've made it all the way to the end Bravo thank you so much for sharing this time with me thank you for giving this video a thumbs up thank you for subscribing to my channel and I'll be reading for you all really really soon bye guys

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