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what do you mean incident send us your grid over we cannot do that see you again why not over we do not have a map GPS negative copy wait one it's always something with these people all right change of plans everyone gather around the sergeant come on don't be shy now we're gonna learn something useful bring up your map Conway okay here's the deal since your people are completely incapable of intelligent thought it has fallen upon us to rescue them from certain doom before we begin sergeant if you'd be so kind stick a marker on our location zero six six one six zero for those just tuning in six-figure grids are a crucial navigational tool coordinates are read from the bottom first followed by the ones that run up the side we're gonna attempt to triangulate their position however before we get on to that you guys still there yes we need some landmarks to go off here do you have anything we could use did you spot anything recognizable on route to your location over well we know that we are west of petha we go through it okay that's one hold on all right sergeant stick a marker on suta it should be about three klicks to the northeast clicks three kilometers in other words now let's draw a line going west from Sirte can you guys give us any other landmarks there is a hill nearby in a smoke up on top of it it is a bearing one three zero from our position over cubby wait one that's probably somewhere southwest of cr2 itself think you can locate it sergeant alright the bearing they gave us was one three zero however that's from them to the chapel we want to work out the bearing from the chapel to their position so let's do a 180 that makes it three one zero from the chapel itself you'll notice the lines intersect that in a nutshell is all we're looking for it tells us that if the information they provided is accurate they must be somewhere near there however the intersect won't always be exact use common sense to enhance your accuracy or try to obtain further information over to you sergeant stick a marker on their position yep that looks about right America what is your status we've got your grid zero seven four one eight three we're on our way stay put out okay we're gonna go find your friends keep yourselves busy while we're gone the rest of you load up Conway you're driving take the left up ahead shit take the left Conway around the town okay for the record I'm blaming CSAT keep driving I'll check with McKinnon Broadway alpha 1 1 actual was that what I think it was over confirm on one just a small tremor no cause for concern or Gabby broadly filing still Union we just experienced the light earthquake do not be alarmed return to your post and resume your duties out what if n11 yeah we got a colonel one one out gift some greenbacks must have shit themselves take the next left take the right coming up this must be the place pull up in Park Conway everyone out Christ what the hell happened here you were on patrol you're a that patrol huh yes and these people they attacked you yes well that'll clear you ever heard of excessive force sergeant Staff Sergeant they're just civilians did you sweep the buildings and what's the deal with that man over there yes we did they are clean you searched all of them including the ones down there no only these one and that man do you have medical support inbound no are you kidding me sergeant search those buildings down there the rest of you set up a perimeter and you come for a goddamn medevac now you atoms I've got a weapon stash here small arms and Explosives definitely guerilla over yeah and I'm sure they just attacked you for no reason God be sergeant form on me status he didn't make it damn it I let Broadway know what's going on we've been ordered back to face I've told these idiots to clean up the mess they'll handle the weapons I can't help but think the guerrillas won't take two kind of idiots all right everyone mount up we're out of here

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