Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society

Dartmouth to me is an incredibly unique institution I don't think there's any other school out there that has the same focus on the students of all the major research universities out there and that creates a combination that's just incredible for me what that meant was you have a holistic education it has helped me incredibly as I went into the energy field the skill set that I need now is so different than what I needed five years ago the energy sector is at an inflection point right now there's never been a more exciting time in the energy world transitioning the energy system from the energy system that got us here to one that can continue to provide affordable reliable and accessible power and have it be sustainable is in one of the critical problems facing our human futures one of the strengths of Dartmouth is providing students with a really strong liberal arts education that provides students the opportunity to develop a really thorough and broad skill set needed for solving problems the importance of energy itself and the issues going on on the energy industry itself are so large right now that we need an institute and we need leading universities like Dartmouth to be studying these issues and educating leaders for the future in this the case of the Irving Institute I think it's even even a bigger opportunity because you're integrating it broadly across the entire college and the three professional schools and it truly is an opportunity to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts with the Irving Center I see an opportunity to create a flywheel here that's a graduating student after student undergrad and grad alike well prepared with a liberal arts education to take on the vexing problems that the energy sector is presenting today and that it will for decades and decades to come it is my prayer that my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren will come of age at a time when they look back on my generation in the generations around my time and the only debt they have is the debt of gratitude for us having stared in the face this problem and addressed it using all our skills and talent and resources

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