Aryan Brotherhood leader David Sahakian threatened to kill 10 of us for each of them executed

this video will be about david michael say hey kyun prisoner number five four seven four four – zero nine seven his claim to fame with me is that he is the guy who told me that if the government execute any Aryan Brotherhood men that they would kill ten of us in retaliation I have no doubt that this was a nod not an idle threat I've worked around him and the rest of the a being leadership for well over a decade by the time he made this promise I won't call it a threat it was a promise I was a guard at USP Marion for over 23 years I never did anything else but be a guard the whole time I worked at Marion in other places I've been you know street cop detective soldier Coast Guardsmen in total I have almost 32 years of government service while you hear about say hey kyun keep this in mind the feds are going to put him back on the street in less than seven years but don't worry I'm sure he's been fully rehabilitated and he'll pose no further threat to the community just hope you don't move in your part of town JB's have a top leadership called the Commission it was usually two or three men the Commission appointed a group of assistants or advisors known as a Council Sahay Qian was appointed to the Federal Council by Barry Mills prisoner number one four five five nine – one one six and Tyler Bingham prisoner number zero three three to 5 – 0 9 1 sometime in 1993 Cleo Roy prisoner number 3 9 3 2 1 – 0 6 6 and Wayne K Bridgewater prisoner number 2 0 – 2 0 – 1 4 8 was on the council with Sahay Keon the a/b councilman Roy has less than three years to serve in prison so you look you can look forward to him you know in your hometown soon Clio killed a cop on the East Coast in 1976 the officer was only 25 years old with a pregnant wife and a three-year-old daughter he shot the man dead when the neighbors called the cops because Roy was blasting his music too loud at a house party while I was being interviewed and selected to work at USP Marion Roy murdered a fellow prisoner Thomas Larry lamb prisoner number 7 8 – 4 5 – 0 1 – on a 15th of October 1988 he's been released from his federal sentence and is awaiting parole in New Hampshire I hear he's doing very well is expected to be released seems life for killing a cop would not keep you in prison and maybe butchering another inmate would how about being a leader of the most violent prison gang in America well the public believes that anyone can change and should be given another chance in 2005 he was convicted of racketeering for his activities with the ABS he also was given five years for making a knife in prison but he says he's reformed now and I have no doubt he'll convince the parole board he's ready to come out of prison his lawyer is very confident that will happen here's a photo of Roy just after he shot the cop dead with a rifle another councilman will say hey Keon was Wayne que Bridgewater he's another hardcore a be on the 28th of August 1997 he viciously murdered a man at USP Lewisburg Pennsylvania for the crime of being black he attempted to kill another black man but by a miracle the guy escaped death despite what others will tell you and some changes in the organization they are primarily a racist group being a minority and assaulting a member is a death-penalty offense Bridgewater is currently at the ADX to prevent him from killing again it's my opinion that the only reason that the Aryan Brotherhood is no nearly as well-known in the community is that the average people have no opportunity to interacting with them all the drugs robberies killings and prostitution the Mafia does is reported on the six o'clock news kill a few prison guards pimp out some prisoners sell some you know a bunch of drugs in prison and nobody hears about it I don't know about the other prison systems in America but I can tell you that the Bo P keeps its mouth shut we do all we can to cover up anything that happens behind the wire remember the nationwide coverage of the two prison riots at USP Marian Wright I never heard of it either but I was at both of them if you don't hear about that you can imagine what the other stuff is that you don't hear about I was asked about Alcatraz it was closed because it was expensive and high-profile it was in full view of a major American city you sp Marian its ancestor is hidden in the woods the ADX is a windswept frozen hell out of sight and out of mine is just what the government is at attempting to keep prison and prison gangs and crime unless you're involved in some way you hear a very little of what's going on now back to councilman shaken some of the duties of the council was to make recommendations to the Commission on membership for example Richard Scott Macintosh prisoner number 0 2 0 1 2 – 0 to 8 was recommended for murdering a black man at Marian that we guards called the Zulu warrior Terry Lamar Walker was his real name prisoner number 4 3 5 4 9 – 0 1 9 he was brutally stabbed to death in front of the guards I plan on doing a video on the inmate and his murder in a later episode it is common practice to be given membership in the ABS Oh we after you kill for the organization it is also common to leave the group only when you're dead there's no such thing as a retired a be the closest you get to retired is on the run from the ABS when a men trying to make parole say that they have left the brand you know behind I know they're lying no doubt the ABS had a long reach break the rules and there's no place to hide Jimmy Lee Inman prisoner number five four three seven seven – zero nine seven thought he could beat the ABS he moved from the California system to the federal one the a/b is in California had their own faction run by a separate Commission and a council what he forgot about or maybe didn't know about was that the California councilman Robert Lee Griffin federal prisoner number 0 3 2 1 1 – 2 0 1 6 had a contact with say hey Keon Griffin in prison since 1970 was a confirmed member of the ABS since 1979 and you know he's claimed he's retired and should be released from California supermax prison in Del Norte County Pelican Bay in 1970 my cousin was a track star in Del Norte County Griffin was just starting his prison career say hey Qian and Griffin agreed that nobody should be out of reach so they struck up an agreement if either Commission authorizes a murder the other faction will help carry it out now I'm not saying it was done overnight no the ABS are a patient lot like a cat staring at a mouse hole waiting for the mouse to stick his head out it took a couple of years you know they sent an assassin Laurence clacker to do the job when he failed it could have made the federal faction look bad so the head of the organization Barry Mills took chart he ordered Curt King prisoner number 4 zero eight six three – zero six six to get the job done it was the kind of order of mafia don gives to a trusted soldier on the 30th of September 1993 King stabbed Inman multiple times only problem was inmate Inman was tougher than expected and he pulled through imminent was released as the streets in 2000 no idea where he went but I'd keep a low profile if I was him babies are not known for forgetting a debt or forgiving a past offense I have no idea what made Inman think he could get away scot-free because way back in 1986 the same duel a Sahay Keon and Griffin had put out a hit on another guy Joel Burkett prisoner number nine zero 7 4 2 – 0 1 1 4 giving information to prison authorities about the locations of weapons hidden at Folsom state prison in repress at California the California faction made the request it was approved by Barry Mills the most vicious man I ever met John gresner prisoner number 0 – 5 5 0 – 135 passed the order on to the assassin Lawrence clacker yes the same guy who botched the later killing of Inman it took him till the 1st of March 1992 clacker did his best and stabbed a shit out of Burkett but he failed to cooperate and he refused to die it might sound like the ABS are a bit of incompetent but you can be assured that any ordinary person would have died in these two assassination attempts I've seen inmates lived through stuff that would have been certain death for anybody else a saying among the guards is that the thugs are like cockroaches you just can't kill him I sincerely hope there has been a mistake and this part about Gresham is not true but it seems he's in a residential re-entry program that's government speak for they're getting ready to let him out after all he's old and gotten all reformed and stuff just ask him he'll tell you he's all better now who says a life sentence has to take the rest of your life to serve anyway what idiot thinks a prisoner doing life will die in prison in September of 1995 say hey Qian and his pal Michael Patrick McElhaney president number zero four one nine eight zero nine seven we're in the hole in USP Leavenworth Kansas as an aside when McElhaney was in USP Marion he was a nobody when we were a level six Supermax but when our mission changed he became Big Mac the number one dog Marion because all the real big boys had left and he was the last one anyway well those two were in the hole and using heroin somebody stole McElhaney heroin his mule Alan Holley prisoner number six zero six six two – zero eight zero was told to keep his mouth shut and not share heroin with anybody other than a B members in the future Holly's been released to the streets just a couple of years ago Holly featured prominently in the plot to kill an informant on the abies list say hey Qian want Holly to kill Charles ledger prisoner number zero eight eight four five – 0 7 eight had been talking to law enforcement he wondered Holly to get his bones and become a member of the brand but it would also show everybody that to squeal on the ABS is a fatal disease but McElhaney had a guy who wanted to get his bones very badly so he could become a full member of the a b we learn about the killing from the three times the government put McElhaney on trial for drug pushing at Leavenworth the murderer chosen was gregory story a small-time hanger-on of the abs he is proud of the killing the ABS tried to get him off by forcing inmates to say it was self but story pleaded guilty to the killing and took his place as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood according to story the murder was on the special housing units rec yard he said quote I went out in the rec pen and I was standing against the back wall story told the jury and I said what's up he says nothing I turned around and started walking away and he bends down I turn around and look he's digging in his Sheol and he comes up and he has a shank and I had a shank too and I pulled my shank out and we clashed in the assistant US attorney Tom ludka says and your shame just happened to be a 12 inch metal rod sharpened to a point and his shank was a toothbrush answer yes story stabbed Ledger about a dozen times continuing to stab him when the responding officers were in sight and could clearly see what was happening what's the hey Keenan McElhaney had intended to do backfired rather than scare the prisoners into silence they scared them into talking when an inmate wants protection they do what we call check-in that means they tell an officer that they want to be taken into protective custody holly was afraid he might have fallen out a favor was – hey kin so he checked in besides a life sentence didn't appeal to him McElhaney his cellie thought he had seen and heard too much – so maybe he was gonna get eliminated so he checked in Stephen Ritter also thought he might have seen too much to stay healthy and say hey Keon wasn't making noises about him being a snitch holly kept the notes McElhaney and Sahay Keon had passed back and forth their only means a communication in the hall it showed that they both used and sold heroin Holly's testimony helped get McElhaney more time Holle wasn't so scared maybe he would have kept his mouth shut but a live snitch is better than a dead full member of the ABS he knew time was short when he got a note from Sahay Keon that said quote you better wise up Fuli oh this ain't time for your goofy ass behavior D unquote he said in court that that warning didn't matter anymore because he knew Sanae say hey kyun was pissed off at him he thought he'd be the next corpse to be taken out of the special housing all this detail came out during the three trials of McElhaney the first one was a hung jury when a female juror holdout fell in love with the charismatic McElhaney the second was overturned on appeal because of a defective jury instruction but the third stuck adding 30 years to his sentence now after all this dealing of drugs and killing to protect the income stream you'd think it's a hey kyun would be making a killing so to speak perhaps not he seems to get to set in his cell stoned on free heroin as a benefit you know in 1995 he was found to have gotten a hundred and five dollar money order as his cut of the drug distribution profits hell I can run a lemonade stand making $5 a month and you know not have to kill half the people say hey kyun did then there was a hickey inspired in the plot to carry out the hit paid for by the dapper Don John Gotti prisoner number one eight two six one zero five three babies were paid something between forty thousand and four hundred thousand the amounts a little unclear to kill Walter Johnson prisoner number four three zero eight three – zero six six God II wanted Johnson killed because he reportedly called him the n-word and got his ass kicked god he did get his butt handed to him I saw Johnson do it McElhaney ordered Stephen Ritter to do the killin you may recall a few minutes ago I told you about how Ritter turned snitch and checked in when he thought the ABS were getting a little quick kill people like him in this case say hey kyun was unable to get to Johnson I have another video about Johnson and how he went to prison for killing a police officer in DC when God he wanted him killed he was in prison for bank robbery he was only free for a month when he killed the cop Michael Patrick McElhaney told Aryan Brotherhood associate do Ely president number zero one three seven one – one nine six that Lee was to murder Walter Johnson have given the opportunity because God him would pay to have Johnson murdered the same Dooley and Raymond Oh Shelley prisoner number four four seven seven six – zero six six was ordered to kill Wayne Alton prisoner number 4 0 – 5 7 – 0 1 9 by McElhaney answer a Qian Alton was to be killed because he was black you know I seem to recall like killing somebody for being black as a hate crime and has an enhanced punishment just wondering why this was not applied to the butchers of the Aryan Brotherhood to tell you the truth I could go on with all the murders plots – murders people had gotten in the way of the Aryan Brotherhood that say hey Keon was involved with I think it would be best if I covered those other murders and assaults and attempted murders by telling you about the people with the actual blood on their hands and other videos if I did it all here about the involvement of this one guy we'd be here all night suffice it to say he should not be getting out in seven years but oh my to judge the system says he is reformed paid his debt to society and should be released yeah sure if you believe that some beachfront property in Arizona you might want to buy or perhaps you know I could give you a really good deal on the Golden Gate Bridge if you enjoyed this video hit the like button you know and would it kill you to subscribe

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