Asifa : Open Letter To Nirbhaya | BNP Films #JusticeForAsifa

Sister where are you? i'm searching you i dont know whom to tell show my inner wounds we are not real sisters but..we have the relationship of same wounds this is why i'm telling you Sister, 16th December 2012 those 6 peoples raped you you left us, and all the peoples came on the roads for you at that time it was like now this country will be the safest place for the girls didnt happen see, after 6 years what they have done to me i'm just 8 years old my name is ASIFA My home is in Jammu's Kathua distt.'s Rasaana village Sister, i was searching for my horse ..and they caught me up he took me to the temple the Pandit was his uncle they locked me in a room and they keep coming and raped me again and again they were 8 peoples sister it was so painful they used to give me some drugs one of them was a policeman whose duty was to search me to rape me a small girl.. they invited someone from Uttar Pradesh's Meerut i was about to die.. they took me to the jungle, they are about to kill me but the Policeman asked to STOP!! i thought they will leave me now..BUT He said something that was so henious he said 'LET ME RAPE HER ONE MORE TIME" they all laughed and again RAPED me one by one you know Sister, they had no grudges to me all they want is to make my family and my peoples to run from the area but Didi (sister) why these people do this to the girls ..and i'm just a child who do not know about CASTE, RELIGION i'm so fearful Didi (Sister) Some politicians and Lawyers are shouting to get publicity i'm in fear, if these peoples get saved they will again RAPE someone Yes, there are some peoples who really asking for Justice But you know Didi, its for sometime only they will go back to their houses and everything will be same again they all will forget everything..NOTHING WILL CHANGE HAS THEY CHANGED ANYTHING AFTER YOU? Bengal, Unnaav, Assam.. Everyday Rapes happening, with small girls, aged women i just want to pray to god do not give me birth as GIRL again ..and if you would then do not send me a place like this

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