Ask an Independent Episode 2

Hello again listeners! Welcome back to Ask
an Independent, a show led by me, Elizabeth, where we deconstruct tweets and posts and
headlines from actively engaged American voters. Today, we will be focusing on tweets and hashtags including
#Planned Parenthood. Disclaimer: any tweets that are shared today are not meant
to reflect my own personal opinions, but rather look at a spread of what the internet is talking
about. Let’s get down to it and read some out, shall we? “They attack #PlannedParenthood to deflect
from the fact that they care more about their guns than for children who have actually been
born. #TheyHadHeartbeats” I seriously don’t know what I was expecting.
Gun control and abortion are two completely separate issues, but we really don’t need
to say all voters who are pro-life and pro-the Second Amendment automatically care more about
gun rights and freedoms than the lives of unborn children. This is a bit of an unfair
claim here. We really are demonizing the other side with this one. “StemExpress provided completely intact embryos,
fetuses, beating hearts, and babies with their heads still attached to their bodies to Stanford
and other universities for research.” #abortionismurder #PlannedParenthood” Okay, whoa. This is quite the headline, first of all. The Federalist, notoriously known
as one of the most Repubican leaning news sources to date, published this article in
2019. It’s quite a gruesome article, officially being titled “3 Sickening truths about fetus
trafficking that we learned from the Deleiden hearings.” The first line says it all: it
reads, “This article contains explicit and gruesome information about live human dismemberment.”
Quite the warning label, isn’t it? But seriously, this article is so violent and emotionally
charged that it’s difficult to read it without seeing the abortion doctors or anyone who
supports them as evil baby killers with literally a heart of ice. The actions discussed sound
more like something that the Evil Queen would do in Snow White than an actual human doctor.
This is not regular news reporting, which provides the facts and allows readers to make
up their own opinions. This is dripping with opinion and bias, but yet it’s categorized
as regular news. There is no way to read this article and not feel like a piece of shit
person if you disagree. Not to mention that the only piece of evidence they are using
to make these claims is a comment made in an undercover recording of a witness to which
she made no comment confirming or denying. This whole article is written based on speculation
on usually admissible evidence. Sketchy if you ask me. “This is why abortion on demand needs to STOP
NOW. It’s purely a “for-profit” industry. It is disgusting that this is allowed to go
on in this country. #lovethemboth #prolife #prochoice” We’ve talked about this before. Seriously,
who in their right minds wakes up and thinks, “Ah yes, I’m going to go to work and make
money today by ripping apart newborn babies.” Really? I somehow have trouble believing this. “#AbortedBabiesinVaccines #PlannedParenthood
#DavidDaleidan #BodyBrokers making Billions off aborted babies being sold into this evil.
This is why kids are gender confused.” WHAT THE F***? Why is #abortedbabiesinvaccines
even a hashtag? Yeah, there’s eggs in flu vaccines, but BABIES? Seriously? Also, why do people think that abortion make kids gender confused? These are two completely separate issues.
I’m actually in pain. “Abortionist Testifies:
Babies Being Born Alive To Harvest Organs” Seriously, Daily Wire? I usually don’t have a problem with your reporting, but this is
pure clickbait. I don’t trust this one bit. “#Americans #Canadians #Prolife #BoycottHollywood
#Pedowood #Satanic #Liberal #Actors #Killers Just as the #Nazis used their #filmmakers,
#Democrats & #PlannedParenthood use #Hollywood for #Propaganda to further the #World’s Greatest
#Holocaust.” Okay this is #stupid, #ridiculous, and #false.
For more context, listeners, this is a tweet someone wrote sharing a dubious news article
by claiming that Planned Parenthood Admits Abortion Propaganda in more
than 150 Hollywood movies. The tweeter who shared this post included the previous tweet
as her comment to the article, including four photos, each of which makes me want to literally
punch myself in the face. The first is a photo juxtaposing Greta Thumberg with some random
braided pigtailed girl in a Nazi propaganda poster. The second calls out Hollywood for
being hypocritical for not following the lifestyle they preach in their own films. The third
is a photo of pedophiles and rapists on a Hollywood star. Finally, the last is a photo
of a baby. These photos literally are so unrelated to
the content of the tweet that I don’t understand how one person saw this as a good idea. Also,
By saying that the people who support abortion are creating a new Holocaust, it diminishes
the actual autrocities and horror that real Holocaust and genocide victims faced. It’s
disrespectful. Literally, this tweet makes my brain hurt from it’s stupidity. I seriously
can’t even talk about it anymore. Well, everyone, I think that’s about all
I can handle for now. Please keep this in mind. I am very much in the middle of the
pro-life and pro-choice argument. But my opinion does not matter anyway. While I understand
that this is a very emotional topic, we really do not make any headway saying the other side
“cares more about guns than human life” or are satanic Holocaust perpetuators. None
of these tweets help reconcile the argument between pro-choice and pro-life. While I expect
this to be a question we have to constantly ask ourselves, we have to seriously reevaluate
the way we talk about it. Ignored are statistics and facts and stories, and emphasised are
curses, exaggerations, and misconceptions. If we ever want to make any useful change,
we have to learn to stop calling each other monsters. Well, I guess that’s all for now! Please
tune in again to hear more about polarizing tweets, internet arguments, and hate speech!
And remember, if you don’t want to be featured on our show, don’t be an idiot and calm
the f*** down.

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