Ask BBB: How Do BBB Ratings Work?

Hi my name is Marissa May and I’m Director of Operations at your Better Business Bureau and you asked BBB how can a company have so many complaints yet still have an A+ rating? How can a business have so many complaints yet still have an A+ rating? That is a good question. Well even though complaints are a factor within the business’ rating it’s not the only one. There actually one of 13 factors that we do have. And one of those factors is the size of business. So, I know a lot of times that a smaller business may have a few complaints and their rating could be a lot lower but yet a large business could have a lot more in the rating could still be really high. How does that play into it? If a small business has a complaint and they don’t respond to it that definitely weighs heavier than a larger company with a larger volume of customers coming through. Would it be fair for us to rate a business let’s say that’s a single firm and accounting firm one person versus a nationwide business it just wouldn’t be fair to try to rate them the same. Then then, would you say it’s important for people to take the time to actually read through the complaint detail we provide and see how the complaints were closed? Yeah definitely that is a huge huge thing that I would like to tell consumers is definitely read the complaint see how the business actually resolved the issues or if they didn’t resolve the issues just so at least you know kind of insight on how business actually deals with their consumers. You know I think we could easily just give a company rating and not give any background to it but we want to be as transparent as possible and and have that information the detail about the complaints customer reviews and who that business owner is as well so I think all of that is just available to you as a consumer to help you make that decision of whether you want to hire that company in the future. So look at the whole package Absolutely. Look at it all. We hope all your questions were answered But if you’re still curious about something go ahead and leave a comment and we will get back to you. If you want more Ask BBB videos don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and like us on Facebook. Thanks again for helping us build a community of trustworthy businesses.

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