Asli Fighter (Okka Ammayi Thappa) 2017 NEW Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Sundeep Kishan, Nithya Menen

Smoking leads to cancer and
its life threatening. Drinking alcohol is injurious
to health. ASLI FIGHTER.. Mohammed Sayed Aslam. He is behind
many terrorist activities. He is the main accused
of the destruction. India’s most wanted terrorist. ATS has caught him endangering
their life. He is now imprisoned in the
Arthur jail of Mumbai. He will be shifted to
Tihar jail very soon. He has taken the lives of
many innocent people. And has targeted India many times. Destruction of India. Our freedom.
This is Aslam’s slogan. Hi! I am Krishna! This is not my story. But I am a part of this story even
though it is not my story. I had to. The circumstances.
The situation. For one’s victory. And other’s defeat.
That situation was the reason. A few days ago an incident took
place.. No. It was an accident. No.
No. A situation greater than that. I had nothing to do with this. But the person who started
the game is Anwar. Do you know what you have
to do at the flyover? Yes!
-The flyover of a high tech city. As it is high fly for I.T industry. Many people go on duty daily. But no one must return home today. The accident will take place
at the right time. All the vehicles will crash. So many cars will crash.
And the result will be.. Traffic Jam! Exactly at 11.30 am after 10
days a bomb will blast. And Hyderabad will have
an heart attack. Kayum, the plan that we prepared
needs execution now. Kayum, this is not a business. It’s a war. Go! It will be fun when the whole
of Hyderabad at 11.30 am.. The thinking of one.
The outcome of another. A plan for someone.
A job for someone. This story is about those people
but this story changed me slowly. And the reason is that girl. That’s the only girl. If you want to know my situation
then you must know my story. The respect for our country
is pride for every citizen. Our national flag! In my story.. ..the National flag has
a huge importance. That day was 15th of August. Along with cultural activities
games were arranged in our school. Cricket match. This is me. And this is my enemy. My brother. The team that you are
in always loses. We want 2 runs in one ball.
-Play well! My brother believed that the team
I am in will surely lose. For me the team plays an important
role more than the game. If I don’t like the team I am in
then I let the other team win. My other support in my life.
My future wife Maggie. What is the name of that girl? Mango! Mango! “This childhood and fun.
You are my hope.” “Don’t forget this moment.” I want that. “This childhood and fun..
” -I want it. -Alright. “It’s you.” Don’t touch me. Go away! “Don’t forget this moment.” Satya! Pledge. -India is my country. India is my country. All Indians are my brothers
and sisters. All Indians are my brothers
and sisters. Beside one girl. Is it okay? Come, let’s marry Mango. I can’t crawl on buildings
like spiderman. I can’t fly down the buildings
like Shaktiman. I can’t fly like Heman
and superman. But I will be with you
like a gentleman. I will be faithful like Daburman. We will marry. And our children will
study here too. We will do homework
and lunch together. I will not only celebrate your
birthday but also your death date. You want to marry? This is for the marriage.
If you do that again. That day I broke up with God. My brother is like other brothers. Because of him,
Mango went away from my life. I couldn’t bear that torture. So my tuitions were taken at home. If you don’t study,
your life will get wasted. Father, he is in 2nd standard.
-He doesn’t know how to count. Do what your brother
tells you to do. He was explaining Biology so
I got interested in plants. He was educating me so I got
interested in the country. He was teaching Maths
I was getting upset. Say one. Two. Three. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Jack. Queen. King. Are you scared? The one who loses has a best
friend called fear. Who is the best friend of
the person who wins? Helplessness. Shall I write diamond 7? His next card is diamond 7. He played diamond 7! Twenty six? When I stop the count will be 26. Show. Twenty six.
-Hey, It was so perfect. The one who play cards
hunt for themselves. Luck chooses few. And keeps many perplexed. Jack on Queen. Queen on King.
This game is of many kinds. There are 52 cards in this game.
2 colours. 4 designs. The style of distributing.
The expression while holding. The one who discards
can take his game. If the card is not good
then it’s a blind game. Put diamond 4 and think
of taking diamond 5. Forget it the cards are double. One open card and the
other is with me. So, triple 8 cards. The confidence that there
is only one life. Confusion diverts confidence. I started with small
cards to start that. His focus was on my game. Shifting focus means
saying hi to valour. The tension that the card
I want is not here. The card that he played.
I picked it up. So more tension. I put 6 to trap him. Dropped. He put 7. I closed the game. Jack and Queen were with
me in the second life. Six total twenty six. Game over.
-Wow! Superb! -See you brother. If you want to win in life don’t
manipulate but calculate. Chill bro! Just cool, baby! So be good. I feel like singing the national
anthem seeing the flag. Or to salute it. But I remember him. But he said I love you while
he gave you a flag. What? How do you know? Whether anyone asks you or not.
You keep telling people. He said I love you after
giving the flag. What will you do if
you see him again? Ignore him. Reject him. Block him. I will kill him. Excuse me. Hi! I am sorry! I will do it again. Please take back the complain that
you gave to the management. Anyway, it was a small mistake. Small mistake. Is that a small mistake? What did you say? He said my figure is good. Figure? What is a figure? Is a girl some statue?
Will you sell her? He says figure. Learn to respect girls. SANSKRIT WORDS.. If you respect girls they
are like goddess. Phone call. He says figure. She keeps pestering me. Grandma! Hi! Hello. I don’t like Hi and hello! Say ‘Namaskar’. Namaskar grandma. This is not namaskar but ego. Grandma,
you look cute when you are angry. And you will look good in
a wedding trousseau. You will have to marry
with the one.. ..your elders fix your
marriage with. You will be happy. The boy is coming to
see you in an hour. What? -The boy is from America. He is going from so far. Are you listening to me? -Grandma! Listen! The noose is ready
for me to commit suicide. If you don’t come on time.
I will commit suicide. -Really? Am I lying? -Grandma!
I will get bored if you die. What? What? You will get bored.
-Stop talking nonsense. Come soon. Grandma! Grandma! Please! If you don’t come home.
I will really die. Will you listen to your grandma? I don’t like to see these boys.
-What? The boys who come with proposals. Look, in 5 years the girls will
visit boys house and like them. No. No. That is not possible.
-And I won’t agree to it. If you believe then a lime
can save your life. Lime? Citrus. Vitamin C.
A medicine if it goes in your body. If I hang it in the car
and if it comes.. ..under the tyre then it’s
pollution. -Hail the Goddess Durga! Krishna! I am seeing your horoscope
since childhood. Your future is very bright. That is why I came here
in search of you. Listen to me.
Don’t go out for one day. Please! As per the horoscope today
is not a good day. There is danger. -I came here
to inform you about that. Tell him something. Krishna, his sayings are true.
-I know it. He told me I will stop bullying.
But I won’t leave the knife. I used to cut earlier.
Now I scrape it. He asked me to set up this shop. Try to understand them. Come on. What are you saying? You are showing a horror movie
in the name of horoscope. I love you! Sir, how much for the hair cutting. Rs.200. -Okay. Something is
not right. -Remove it. Rs.300 for this. You are very smart. Take this.
-Swiping machine is not working. Alright. Take it next time. Dude, wait! Wait! I don’t
give credit to anyone. The ATM machine is close by.
Withdraw money from there. I have some important work.
Get the money. Alright. Why did you make such a face?
What do you want? Tell me. Come with me to the temple once. We need to pray to the goddess. I know you don’t believe in God. But look at the goddess once. If devotees look at the goddess
once. She takes care of everything. Please! Please!
-If I don’t pay him, he will cry. I will get the money from the ATM. Can your goddess wait for sometime? I didn’t listen to the astrologer
on that day. I didn’t want to hear him. Chandi, ask her if my granddaughter
left from college. Tell her that she has left. Ask her how is she coming? By car. Hey,
why are you puncturing the tyre? I won’t go by car. I will go by share auto. So that I get late by getting
stuck in the traffic. And outwit that boy. Did you understand? This is for your traffic
department. And the officer is on holiday.
-Okay! Hey,
today the wireless shouldn’t work. Keep the traffic recovery
van outside. Today is an unofficial holiday
for traffic police officers. O God!
That boy shouldn’t reach my house. I don’t want to marry. Not at any cost. The scarf. The style. That’s cool! The girls who are called fairies. Hide behind a scarf looking
like some dacoits. Where is Mango? I have no idea.
-I can’t see her. It is better if you are in
a car in this climate. I must buy an air-condition
car soon. The rain is not at all difficult. You had a lucky day today. Why? -I don’t look at
figures in an auto. What did you say? What did I say? You used some word. Fi.. Figures. Figures! -Okay. You don’t know
the meaning of figures. Bad boys call good looking
girls by names. Woman. Lady. -Dear. If she is still extra-ordinary
then they call her Ma’am. Don’t you know about it? What? -What do you take girls for? If the girls gets angry and goes
to the police station.. ..and she complains at
the police station? You will get a dog’s
food in the prison. Red chilli? People like you should be hanged. Your face must be covered
with a black cloth. Put the noose around your
neck and pull the lever. Mother! Look! What you are saying and your
personality doesn’t match. You told me so many things.
The rain stopped. I don’t know which boy
will marry you. Yes. What do you mean? Right. I don’t know who will marry. Yes.
What do you mean who will marry? That boy will be very lucky. He is a very lucky fellow. Yes. Me. Hello! -Hello! You are the
grandmother of the girl. She is the girl’s mother.
And she is the maid. Your house maid. Am I right? -Right! If you don’t mind can
I take one selfie? Thank you! Please come. A bit closer. Yeah! There is no maid in America. Have you come alone?
-I will marry alone too. Basically my sense of
humour is very good. When I joke the whole
of America laughs. He says the whole of
America laughs. Please come in. We must use the tissue. It’s good. Please sit down. We use tissue in America for
everything. -Call the girl quickly. No time. Time is money. -She will
come. She will definitely come. Since how long are you in America? One month. One month? -Yes. I like America! I love Americans, grandmother. Excuse me, I will get the coffee. Excuse me. Don’t add sugar in the
coffee. -No salt in the snacks. Simple salad. American style. Oh yes,
when are you planning the wedding? The girl wants to study further. Fantastic! Tell the girl to study. Excuse me. It would be fun if this joke
was said in America. You would enjoy. Call the girl urgently.
I will see her and leave. She is not here. She has gone to the beauty parlour. Oh, Indian cool girls going
to beauty parlour.. attract the American groom. Son,
my grand daughter got these prizes. Fantastic! Look here. She won in a cycle race. She is doing cycling.
That makes your healthy. Very good. This is for.. -She is into
sports. -No. For chess. Do you know what’s chess? Which is not carom board. If this joke was said in America..
-You would laugh for an hour. Exactly! -Take your coffee.
-Aunt, you are naughty. I like Indian coffee. Indian girls. Call the girl quickly. She will come in 5 minutes. I have to see 5 girls. I have to select one and
get engage, then marry. You know what’s after that. I have to fly back to America. She is about to come. Anwar. Tell me. Congratulations on your freedom. We will meet in the evening
and celebrate. Bye! Bye! Aslam, you are using a cell
phone in the prison. Reddy has complained
to the authority. Cell phone. No. Sir, it’s not a cell phone. -Sir! Arrange for his dinner.
-Alright sir. What should I get for dinner? I don’t want dinner.
Lunch at Hyderabad. Dinner also at Hyderabad. No matter how much
I try to go ahead. I stop beside this auto every time. Oh my God! Heat! Hello! Driver Pappu! -Install an
air-condition in your auto. Or some girls complain
to the police. There is a chance we
can also use it. Sister, give me Rs.5. This is wrong. You shouldn’t beg. Yes! You shouldn’t beg. Put you request at I and she will pay you online. This is the trend these days. Hello listen.
Vehicle number 1702.I.. Hello! -Granddaughter,
how many times will you call up? I am coming. Coffee! Please take it. Thanks! They will kill me with
their coffee. My god! Tell me. -Where are you? -The ATM
outside said it’s out of order. I am going towards the other end
of the flyover. -Come soon. Sir, do a smooth shaving. Smooth! How will you do it?
-Take this ball. -Ball? Keep this ball in the mouth.
And roll it. I will shave smoothly. Don’t you have any other colour.
-I am using it since five years. What will happen if I swallow it? I will do what the earlier customer
did? -What did he do? He gave it to me the next
day in the morning. Mummy, give me one rupee. Daddy, give me two rupee. -Uncle. Get lost! Ma’am, is he your driver? She is my wife. She is your wife? -Yes! Oh God! God bless her! -Brother! I don’t have cash. I have the card. I have the machine. Block the road. Do you know the plan? Yes. What is this? Something is
happening every minute. I am getting stuck every time. Hello! She is following me like a ghost. I didn’t think anything. I mean I am telling you. It’s a traffic jam. Why are you honking? Shut up old man.
He is getting disturbed. Hello! There is no need to honk
when you are in a traffic jam? Hey boys! You don’t know about her. If she gets angry she will
go to the police. 92.7, 93.5, 98.3.. She will get you imprisoned
with these sections. She will feed you dog food
and get you hanged. It’s a very old adage. If you respect girls then
they are goddess. Otherwise they become ghost like
her. -I am not telling you. Be frank. There are ghost. Ghost! Ghost! My pigeons! The pigeons are flying.
I feel something magical. She was fighting for so long.
Now she is smiling. I like her a lot. Hello! All the pigeons flew off.
-Sorry brother. Who will pay for it?
Give my money quickly. She was smiling at me.
But I didn’t get angry. Not at all. I had seen girls smiling
before this too. But when I saw her smiling I felt
as though I was smiling. I don’t know who will marry her. She will come in sometime. Dear, she got this.. How many times you told me that? This is for cycling.
This is for chess. Different sports. How many times? If this was America,
I would have sued you. You will pee? -Yes.
-The bathroom is on the other side. Coffee. How much coffee can I have? How many more?
If I drink more coffee.. It will come out from my ears. I have to see another five girls.
I have to get engage to one. Then I will marry. You know what will
happen after that. After that I have to
fly to America. Why don’t you understand? Drink it. Drink it. Please! -She will come.
She may be on her way. I will give another 5 minutes more. If she doesn’t come I will go. Now there is a power failure too. If this would have happened in
America.. -You would pee, right? Exactly. I can’t wait any more. Did she meet with an
accident on the way? Accident. A huge accident. Some vehicles got crashed.
Some people got injured. But luckily no one died. This accident seems natural. But someone was doing it.
No one was aware of it. Ready for blast! Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five! Four! Three! Two! And yes!! Where is Kayum? Kayum, where are you? Where are you? Where is this man? Kayum is not near the traffic. Kayum is not in the coverage area. No! No! No!! My plan can’t fail. My plan can’t fail. My plan can’t fail. Traffic news live on the drive. Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Hyderabad
station. This is Hot Guru. You are listening to music. I am
Bhargavi. -Latest traffic update. Two trucks met with an accident
at high tech city flyover. Unfortunately traffic fans
are not present there. Wireless is not working there. The traffic police didn’t get
information about the situation. Luckily nothing happened to anyone. By god’s grace everyone is praying
to reach home safely. Stay tuned.
I am playing a good song for you. 98.3 Radio Mirchi.
This is hot Guru. Thank God. Everyone is safe. So.. God saved everyone. God! Don’t hang me again. Please. Cigarette. Do you want one? I hate smoking. And smokers too. There is fire on one side
of the cigarette. And on the other side is death.
-What you puff is death. Is it? If I smoke reverse
will that be fine? Not only the smoker. But the people around
will get cancer. By any chances are
you a news reader? No! You are a news reader, right? -No! Then? -I won’t tell you. Wait! You sat in an auto for
the first time, right? No! I travel by auto daily. You are lying. What is the truth? I can prove it. Responsibility. Leadership. By
mark moody. -MBA business. Communication 3rd semester.
Fifty lakhs fees. The richest college. -Your batch
is so rich that they drive a.. of the same colour as your
clothes. -Not only this. There is a tinklet at your feet.
You have a matching bag. If you have to maintain this.
Then you need an air-condition car. Most importantly you’ve
worn an extremely.. ..expensive designer dress piece. The expense is so much that you
can buy this auto easily. Am I right? Okay.
Then why am I travelling by auto? That’s what I don’t understand. Car accident.
Possibly the car is punctured. But if your car is punctured then
you can go in your friends car. That is why you punctured your car. Or you are lying the
car is punctured. Why will I do that?
-As you want to fool someone. Or you don’t want to go home. Prayer.
Vow. Solemn prayer. Function. An alliance. Got it. An alliance. You don’t like the boy who
is here to see you. Non-stop phone calls.
More pressure. You lied your car is punctured
to take an auto. Right? Wrong. Actually right. Yes! I have seen you somewhere. Do you live here? I have been downloaded
from another planet. Which school did you study in?
-School? Come on, come on. Follow me. I will show you live. I will change your life.
Come on, come on, follow me. Listen. What has happened here? There is a truck on both sides. A car is stuck in between. A truck is having trouble
with another truck. The common man is caught. Nizam tv. The people must do this
on seeing our news. Hold it. And do your work.
-I must say record it. If we are stuck in a traffic jam.
Then we can’t reach our sites. Our life will be lost
in this traffic jam. How will our country move on? Why are you shooting me?
Shoot the people. If this goes on, the agriculture
minister must resign. We can’t bear this. -Hello! How did you come here
in this traffic? Why do you bother? Don’t interfere. Along with agriculture minister
the C.M should resign. If the C.M.
Of our state doesn’t resign. Then.. -What the hell! Take care. What are you doing? You caught my collar. I got the news. A man attacked a journalist
who stands for honesty. He tried to hit me. Help me. He is lying.
-I am thinking of murdering him. What are you saying? -Excuse me.
-Shut up! Shut up! -O God! What mistake did I do that
you will murder me? Can’t you understand.
This traffic jam that you see. What has that got to do with
the C.M’s resignation? Don’t speak nonsense.
Speak the truth. The people go crazy.
You don’t know them. When two people are speaking.
They don’t listen. When two people fight.
They listen very carefully. They come to you and speak.
They try to interfere. They don’t watch news.
They want nuisance. They don’t want agriculture. They want to see our culture
getting ruined. We show what the people
want to see. Don’t we have a heart. Or feelings? We have everything.
Right. Let me do some work now. Watch Nizam tv live.
And change your life. Get aside. Come with me. Come on. Come on. Follow me. Listen.
Listen. Everyone lies at Nizam tv. The accident here has
not hurt anyone. A few vehicles are stuck. That’s
all. -I beg of you. Let me go. I have no footage for
the past 4 hours. I have to shoot this for
the next 4 hours. More four hours.
I can’t wait any longer. Let me go! I want to pee. Excuse me. Hello! -Hello! I told you
to come home soon. Why are you shouting? Come soon. She must be coming. -Okay. Look this is.. How many times will you tell me? This award is for the cycle.
This is for chess. I will tell you more.
This picture that you see.. This is my wedding picture. My brother’s son clicked it.
He is a film director now. Your favourite serial
is ‘Ballika Vadu’. Along with that you watch ‘Nagin’. And she.. she is your maid. Her name is Rani. She mops the floor. Wash utensils. Her salary is Rs.1500. She takes Rs.100 for ironing. She takes more Rs.100
for folding them. She washes utensils twice a day. She cleans the bathroom
one day in a week. And you shop at the supermarket. You eat rice of good quality. You don’t have rice at night.
You just have wheat bread. When you prepare the wheat bread
it is fine as a thread. Your husband said that
when he was alive. Your father didn’t accept
love marriage. That is why you don’t like
your daughter-in-law. That is why you want an arrange
marriage for your daughter. As you like arrange marriage. That is why I have
come from America. How much will you speak? I have to memorize it. Just like school lessons. -Coffee. Coffee? You will kill me with your coffee. I will put this wedding
chain in your neck. Leave me. I will put the chain. I will marry you.
-I will say the chants too. I can’t wait anymore.
-I can’t drink any more coffee. Hello! -Hello! Grandmother, on the television.
-I am coming live on Nizam tv. She has come. -Is it? -What? Wait. She has come. Where is she? -Yes. She is on tv. Tv? Switch it on. Who is she? -It’s her. That girl sitting in the auto. Yes. It’s her. -Hello,
speak to your future husband. Why didn’t you put a mark on your
forehead? -Groom your hair. Don’t life your head. Oh no! Look down. And smile. Just a little. That’s good. Talk to him. My grand daughter. Hi! Hello! -This is Babu from USA. This is one side alliance. I can see you. You can’t see me. You are so beautiful! Enough. Enough. -Talk. Talk. Listen everyone. They talk nonsense
if you allow them to. Then the President of America, Obama
must resign for this traffic jam. Say that Obama must resign. The wedding chain is ready.
When will we marry? Who is he? He is touching my girl. Who is this boy? Is he mad? The boy will doubt. Listen!
Look in the camera and speak. Obama must resign. Yes. You are right. This alliance is cancelled. The alliance is cancelled? Thank you! Thank you! I never felt anything though
many girls hugged me. But I felt I am hugging myself
when this girl hugged me. I am not in my senses. What did you say?
A girl hugged you. A girl hugged a boy so it means.. It is love. It is love! Priest, you said my friend
will have a problem. A girl is hugging him there.
Best of luck! Shut up! I don’t know anything
about that girl. You say.. Sister, take this flag. Look, I will give you Rs.20. I don’t want a flag. Take it. Grandma,
someone said I love you after.. me the flag
when I was a child. My Mango.
I thought she was disturbing me. But that was not disturbance.
But destiny. I feel my heart is speaking to me. She must be thinking of me. A lot. Listen. She is Mango. -Which Mango.
-Mango is my childhood friend. What are you saying? This girl is the one you
were waiting for. It means it’s love.
-What are you saying? It is love. Love. Love. It’s one hour the traffic
is not moving. But no one tried to clear it. Everyone is troubled on the
flyover. Except for me. I feel this is happening
so that we both meet. Let me persuade.. I will tell her who I am. What happened? -Actually I want
to give you a bad news. What is the bad news?
-Your love failed. -What? -Yes! I have seen many lovers.. the park,
public place, traffic and temples. It is a total traffic jam. Everyone is thinking
how to move out. Whereas you are watching that
girl and I am looking at you. Actually lovers and
beggars are same. You fall in love saying please! After you fall in love,
you beg her to say yes. -What for? To get married.
-What were you thinking? Oh no! But your love failed. Brother,
don’t say that again and again. Hi! There is a big production
company in Mumbai. It earned a lot of money
because of you. Please arrange a meeting
for us too. You too. You helped the people from North. Not the South. The traffic will get cleared.
And the pigeon will fly away. The girl will go.
Your love will not last. Facing fear and confidence.
My calculation. But now, I am a lover just
like other lovers. I want to give her my number. Now I feel tensed,
stressed and have expectations. And that is called magical
concentration. Swara!
I want the details of this number. Yes. Anwar, what happened? What are you thinking? -Sir, the
work is done. We want the money. Ask for it quickly.
We are getting late. Sir, we have to go now. -.. Are you in a hurry? No sir. I am not in a hurry. Details. Anwar, what is this? What are you doing? Our plan has not failed. Hussain, our plan hasn’t failed. It has failed. The plan has failed.
-Operation is cancelled. The high command said the
operation is cancelled. No! We will do what we have thought. What are you saying? We can’t go.
-We don’t have the orders. Our voice shouldn’t be heard.
-It’s a sensitive operation. How can it be done?
-It is possible. It will be done the
way it was planned. This is my plan. It can’t fail. After taking the training, Kayum
being a professional has run away. Who will do the operation? It is not possible, Anwar. It’s a huge operation. Who will do this operation by
putting his life in danger? He will do it. Why will he do it? As Anwar will ask him to do it. Who is it? Who is it? Who is flashing the light? Who is flashing the
light on that girl? Who is it? Who is flashing the
light on this girl? I am flashing the light. Who are you? -Sorry.
Sorry! I will switch it off. You are eyeing that
girl since 2 hours. Are you jealous that I flashed
the light on her? It means this is serious love, bro! True love. Right? Right? Who is speaking? -I am your boss. I am watching your love story. My favourite scene was when you
let the pigeon fly. Wow! Where are you? In the bus.
Or in a building. Tell me, did you tell the
girl your feelings. No. I didn’t. I have only given
the number to that girl. She will note it down.
Memorize it. Then call me. After that she will find me. You don’t have that much time,
fool! When this traffic jam will
get clear I will kill her. Good joke. Brother, good joke. I am laughing. Happy! Is this a reality show? Which new channel is this?
Where is the camera? You will have to listen to me. You will agree to it.
And also do what I tell you to do. Yes. Try me out. Look inside the auto. I am looking in the auto. What can you see? I see a pigeon.
He is walking left and right. He is scratching his leg.
Now what? Tell me. Listen to me. -Wait!
If you tell the girl the truth.. ..then I will kill that girl. How did this happen? Nothing. It’s a shock. Throw that pigeon away. Now go away from that girl. That is not a dustbin. It’s my office. Keep it aside. Keep it aside! You had to do what I said, right? Good boy! If you want that I don’t
kill that girl. Will you do what I ask you to do? Tell me, what should I do? My dream which came true.
And my love which will win. Got ruined with one phone call. Nothing must happen to Mango. She is important for me. What is the job about? Where are you? What should I do? Who are you? Why do you want to kill her? Tell me quickly.
Why do you want to kill her? I will tell you.
I will surely tell you. What is it? You seem to be a music fan. Did you check my Facebook page? I am not in your friend list. Where are you now? -I am here.
I am not there. Don’t think where I am. Anwar is everywhere. I am the captain.
And you are the player. That is why the player will
do what the captain says. I will tell you and you
will play the game. You are a ball which I will kick. Listen to the rules of the game. Rule number one, the girl shouldn’t
get down from the auto. Rule number two, if she gets down.
I will kill her. And no one will come
forward to save her. Rule number three,
I haven’t thought of it, bro! If you do what I tell you. Then I will disconnect the
call and set you free. What is my salary? Salary? Rule number four,
you will not joke with me. The accident took place
at 11 in the morning. It is 6 o’clock now. But the
traffic hasn’t been cleard yet. We will ask the situation here
from a man stuck here. Tell me, how do you feel? Sir, is it live? -Yes. Lata, I have taken the vegetables. And also a sari for your mother. I have bought a night gown for you.
-I am coming home soon. Wow! Wow! The night gown looks
lovely. -How much did it cost you? It’s for Rs.400. That’s cool! A good man is going home with
a night gown for his wife. The question to our viewers is what
is the price of this night gown? This is a mobile tower. Listen. Why are you fidgeting
with the wires? A man called me a while ago. If I don’t do his work. Then he will kill the
girl in the auto. It’s a joke.
-Let’s search for more news. No one wants to hear
the truth in India. Do your work. No mother. Because of electricity.
Poor pigeon. Did dad come home? No. He is busy. Did you tell dad? About your alliance
or your love story? What love story? Mom, hello! Mom! Stop over-acting! I met that boy here. I did that so that the
alliance breaks off. Just to break off the alliance. It was a drama. I am your mother. And even me and your dad
had a love marriage. Yes! I know about it. You eloped to get married. But mom, please.
I am telling you the truth. I met that boy here. I know you since 21 years. Okay! -As far as I know you don’t
fear talking about boys to me. Yes alright. -Is grandmother
there or is she dead? She has watched a movie four
times since morning. You haven’t had a cold
drink since morning. At least have this biscuit. I am telling you since so long.
But you are not listening. Do you think I am a mad lady? I am arranging things
for the funeral. Do you know how I brought her up? Ma’am,
our comedy principle indicates.. ..that the upper point force. That is accelerated on the body. Imagine a fluid which is partially
or fully submerged. Is equal to the weight. Of the fluid as the
body displace us. This is law of physics. What does this mean? According to your personality.
We shouldn’t light these sticks. Do what you want to do.
If you want you can die. I am going to eat food. She is overacting. Come home soon. I want to speak to you
something important. Listen carefully. What is it? That boy is very nice. For Mango. I did whatever he said blindly. Hello! -Congrats! The boy is good. Where did you see him? We have seen him.
On the road. Along with Romeo. In the hotel. On tv. The hugging scene was excellent! Nothing like that. Do you know who he is?
-Whom are you talking about? Whom am I talking about? I am talking about the person you
were romancing on the road. He told you I love you after giving
you the flag as a child, right? He is the same flag boy. Your childhood villain. How do you know? I don’t know how he got
my Facebook I.D. He kept sending request
to harass me. He asked for your details. He send a message saying give
me one picture of yours. He hide my friend list. That is why I couldn’t see him. Okay. That is why I felt
I’ve seen him somewhere. Is it really him? What kind of reaction was this? As though you found your lost love. You are angry on him, right? Anger.. Actually that day.. Mango, my life is useless
without you in it. God! What is this? What is happening to me? He was over-acting like
some filmy hero. Poor fellow. He is a good boy. His brother messed up everything. What is this? Such a huge twist. Didn’t he recognize you? I have no idea.
He is looking at me since so long. He is roaming here and
there at the moment. He tried to give me
his mobile number. He is doing something. I think he is scared to face me. Then test his love.
It will get confirmed. -Love test. Tell him, I will walk it out. If he stops you then
he really loves you. When he speaks to you hesitates
or gets confused. Then you must consider
that you love him. No. No. Wait! Wait! I have to think. I will talk to you later. Hello! Can you hear? Yes. Yes. I heard you. Cross that driver. If the second wire disconnects
it will create a huge problem. The power supply will shut down. Take care while doing it. By the way,
look at the mark on the left side. You will find a gun there.
-If needed use it. No! Hello! -You have failed once. This is your last chance. Kayum did a mistake.
I will handle it. It will be good if you handle it. Don’t worry. I will handle it. Mom! I am stuck in a traffic jam. Dad and you have dinner. Don’t wait for me. Alright. Have a love test.
It will be confirmed. -Love test. If he stops you then you will
know he really loves you. Will he stop me if I
say I am leaving? I don’t know. Let’s check it. Your girlfriend is moving
out of the auto. I will kill her. Stop her! Hello! Wait! Hello wait! Hello! Excuse me. I want to go home. Please don’t go. -Why? Just like that.
-Why? -Nothing like that. I will drop you home once
the traffic gets cleared. Please sit in the auto. No. No. Actually I am very late. I am feeling very thirsty.
-I will get water for you. Please! I drink juice at this time. Juice! One minute. Here is the juice. Please sit in the auto. Excuse me. Actually this one.. Cigarette. You don’t like smoking,
right? -I left smoking. Promise. I won’t ever smoke again. But don’t say you won’t sit
inside the auto. Please! It’s not about cigarette. Actually my shoes are biting me. It’s new shoes. Just hold on. Sit in the auto.
Please! -I want to talk to you. But I can’t talk now. -I will tell
you when I drop you home. That’s fine. But I have some work at home. I need to go. Try to understand. Please! Consider it a request or order. But you will stay here. You need to wait. It’s an order. It’s night now. But the traffic hasn’t moved. You are caught in it. Tell me, how do you feel? -What? What? That girl will go in the auto.
I bet Rs.100 on it. She will not go in the auto.
Take Rs.10. -Only Rs.10? I don’t have cash. I have only
cards. -Then swipe the card. Hello Shankar! Darling, will that girl sit in
the auto or not? -Tell me. She will sit in it. She will sit in it.
-Mother, will she sit in the auto? I feel she will sit in it. She won’t. -Sir,
what will you say about that girl? If she will beg then she will hear.
-Or she will be kicked. Very good. He is correct. -Now we
will ask him. -I am Dr. Ajay. Veterinary doctor from Pune. They say anything when
they get a mike. You can’t do publicity on my
channel. -Go! Go home. -He ran away. If someone orders me I
don’t like it at all. A boy ordered me.
I will not sit in the auto. You did what I said.
You made her sit in the auto. I think she likes you, boy! The girlfriend listens to you. You are very lucky. I didn’t sit because
he asked me to. Actually I have to go very far. My legs are paining. In both my legs. Priest,
his phone is showing engaged. Forget if you can contact
him or not. I am going to pray. Sir, my skin is burning. I said I will shave with the ball.
You shaved with the boiler. Hey, check if there are cuts. Just a minute. Actually my skin is sensitive. It’s fine. Wow! It is not cut. What is this? -If there was
a wound. It would hurt you. What did you do before
starting this job? I used to fix punctures.
-He fixed punctures. -Hey, go in. Brother, take the towel.
Wipe your face. I did what you asked me to do.
-Can I leave now? How can you go? Do you want to die? What do you want now? -Stop acting.
Will you cheat me? Will you cheat Anwar?
-I didn’t cheat you. I asked you to do something
and what did you do? You didn’t do what
I told you to do. Don’t do extra work. What did I do? -You must have
forgotten. Number one. That girl must not get
down from the auto. Number two.
Do what is asked of you. Why did you do extra? What did I do? Tell me what is the
spelling of danger? The spelling of danger.
D. A. N. G. E. R. G. E. R. G. E. R. Situation in danger. Need police help! You need police help! Do you? The slip that I wrote for the
police is in his hands. It means the police is
involved in this. This is not a small game. Should I shoot her, fool? No. No. Listen to me. -Don’t do
anything to that girl. Okay. Okay. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! You did so much to save
your girlfriend. You connected DPA tube. It is the most powerful bomb. You have connected such 3 bombs. I have the report with me. If you press it once. The world trade centre
has high tension wire. You connected it. Fool! Give me water. I didn’t stop you there
to drink water. If you don’t want anyone to die
then don’t break the rules. And don’t let that girl
come out of the auto. Excuse me. I am going home. You? Make her sit inside. -Sit in. What? -Sit in. Come on. How are you talking to me?
-Shut the hell! And sit down. Please! Please! Try to understand.
-I will explain later. Sit inside now.
-I want to tell you so many things. But sit in now.
-What’s wrong with you? Listen. Please! Please, I beg of
you. -Please. Sit in. Sit in. Why don’t you understand?
I asked you to sit in. I won’t let you go. Did you get hurt? -Please listen
to me. Please sit inside. Please sit in the auto. -I will
explain to you later. Please! You.. -You have 3 minutes to
make her sit in the auto. What is happening? You are misbehaving with a girl. Get away! “I am walking new paths.
This war is new.” “I am fighting with myself.
What state I am in?” “I question myself.” “I doubt the whole world.” No. Please! “This dilemma is very strange.” “Where do I go?
There is someone here.” “Everything is lost.
My childhood is in trouble.” “What situation am I in?” “How do I stay here?” “Where do I go?
Where do I find you?” “What are we going through?
We can’t understand it.” “How do I tell you?” “The enemy can’t be seen.” “I am in such a state.” Good! You made her sit in the
auto within 3 minutes. There’s a surprise. Because many
people are coming to fight with you. Are you mad? They will try to get that girl out. And you will stop her. Right? Why did you stop her? She’s seen with that, bro. Press the ring finger on your left. Acupressure will work.
The brain activity will improve. What do you think of yourself? Does this happen? Don’t you know.
-Let it go! Right. Does anyone do that? What timing, bro? No! -Don’t shoot. Come on.
Come on. -Hey, don’t shoot. He can shoot.
Run away! -He was calm until now. If he starts shooting where will
we go. -It can be dangerous. Who is coming here? Come on. Look behind you. You made everyone run. They are running fearing you. Look! They are going towards
electricial tower. If the electrical radio switches
on the bomb will explode. And everyone will die. And everything will end. I don’t want to die. -Let’s go. Let’s go. -Run away. I can’t stay here. Run away! He is scary. Are you fine? Everyone stay where you are. There is electrical current
beside the flyover. If you touch it you
will turn to ashes. No. No. Sir! It’s me. Sir, a boy has come with
a gun on the flyover. Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM.
This is Hot Guru. An important announcement. A man is scaring people with a
gun on the hightech flyover.. We have information he shoot
an auto driver with a gun. At the same time people are
running helter shelter. No one can come out as the
electrical grid is on. Don’t panic. Listen.. Radio Mirch 98.3 FM.
It’s Hot Guru. Sir! What do you want for dinner? I told you I don’t want dinner. A boy is trying to scare everyone
on the flyover with a gun. It looks like that boy
is a chain snatcher. He has a weapon in his hand.
So no one can do anything to him. He is trying to kill everyone by
switching on the electrical current. Breaking news.
Bomb blast news. Blasting news. At the flyover of Hitech city.. What is this? What is this? Put a full stop or a comma.
But what is this? Will someone explain what this is? Every man sees at his neighbour. He doesn’t know what he does.
-He thinks he knows everything. I am not doing this. I am leaving. He is a terrorist.
He is a bloody terrorist. We have the proof. We can prove it. It is reported that ACP of
Madhavpur, Durga has reached there. I am ACP Durga. The police is here. Hello! The police officer is
here to talk to you. Come closer to the wall.
Come. Come. What are your demands? My demands? Fool! This is the real job. Tell her Home Minister.
-Home Minister. Police commissioner.
-Police commissioner. Immediately here. -They must be
here as early as they can. Only then I will tell
you my demands. Or I will kill the daughter
of the home minister. Or I will kill the daughter
of the home minister. Home Minister’s daughter. That girl is the Home
Minister’s daughter. The one you are flirting
with for so long, bro. She was coming in Audi Q7 car. I followed her and tracked her.
But she came in an auto. That is why I had to plan
this traffic jam. So that I can block her. After that it is your turn. I am making you do my job. Don’t worry Laxmi. Nothing will
happen to our daughter. Home Minister’s daughter
is stuck at the flyover. Let’s ask the feelings
of the Home Minister. Sir, your daughter is stuck there.
How do you feel? -Sir? -Sir? Sir? Sir? -Sir, speak up. Speak up. Speak up sir. Please! Whether it’s a Home minister
or a celebrity. But he is a father to his child. How will you feel if your
children are in trouble? Same. I am also feeling similar. And as a State Home Minister. I know my responsibilities. The Home Minister and commissioner
are coming here in 20 minutes. Don’t harm anyone until then. The Home Minister and commissioner
are coming here in 20 minutes. The Home Minister and commissioner
are called at the accident spot. Are you watching the Home
Minister’s daughter.. travelling in an auto
instead of a car? Why? Look! Listen to me. Don’t show the old news. This telecast will be shown by
Bharat news channel. Okay. Kayum! Kayum!
Why didn’t Kayum go on the flyover? What is the reason? I had gone there.
Just as Anwar asked me to go. I had gone near the flyover. The India that he spoke
about is different. The India that I saw was
god is a real Muslim. Today Kayum has become
a real Muslim. It is said in the ‘Quran’ the
world must have peace. Hindu and Muslim’s have been living
together since many ages. Bibi Nancharam married Balaji. The Muslims of Kaddapa
village believe.. ..Lord Venkateswara
their son-in-law. And they all worship
him at their homes. There is a monument inside
the Umarpada Shivalaya. The Muslim priest bless
the devotees of Shiva. Under Char Minar,
there is a temple of Bhagyalaxmi. It is decorated during Bakri Eid. Char Minar is lighted up
after the Laxmi pooja. The daughter of a Sultan of Delhi
she prayed at the temple of Vishnu. She is worshipped at Shrirangal. No one objects to this. There is no barrier between them. Offering is made on Navrati
festival at Golconda temple. Also the chain that is
garland for 41 days.. ..the devotees of Swami Ayyappa
garland it first. Why do you forget the
mosque of Baba Swamy? Religion unites. It doesn’t divide. The Holy war is the one you fight
with the enemy to save our people. But the war where our own
people are sacrificed. That is not war. It’s deceit. It’s politics. A fraud. The politicians make everyone fight
for their selfish motives. They show false dreams to the
students and try to instigate them. Caste and religion is
used for politics. Only for politics. Actually India is not a country. But a group of all religion. It’s a emblem of freedom. God knows how many good deeds we
did. That’s why we are here. I will rectify my mistake, uncle. I couldn’t see who it is. I feel he is from Al-Qaeda. Listen, whether he is from
Al-qaeda or ISIS. They put a mask and use AK 47. They are connected to them.
But he is doing it alone. This is something new. Sir, his face can be seen. Oh no! What happened to him?
-Do you know who he is? It is his younger brother.
-Brother! The team that you are
in always loses. I listen to everyone but not him. I won’t believe it. He can’t do it. Never! Impossible! Sir, it is your brother’s
friend calling. Brother, I am watching tv. I am at a saloon. I don’t understand anything. I am trying to call his number.
But it is coming engaged. Phone engage? He is taking instructions. Trace the number. Someone is instructing him. This is a remote operation. Sir, I want to speak to you. About the hijack of the flyover. Sir! Dinner is ready. Get lost! Let him go.
Please co-operate. Please! Don’t worry sir. We will save her. Your daughter is safe as of now. We can’t reach there as there
are electrical wires. Move back! -Try to understand. The home minister and
commissioner is here. Tell me your demands. Tell me, what are your demands? My original demands. My original
demands. -The one who is in prison. Brother! -What happened? Please save this driver. I did what you told me.
-Shut up! Tell them the demand. I can’t see anyone dying. Please save him. Tell them the demands. Tell my demands. I won’t. I won’t. What will you do? Will you kill me?
-Will you blast the flyover? If you can do it. Then do it. I will tell your demands after
you save the driver. Swear on you! He is becoming fussy. Do what you want to do? Alright. I thought he will not
save the driver. But he said yes. It means he is tensed
about something. One ambulance and stretcher.
That’s all. I want an ambulance and
stretcher urgently. I will switch off the electrical
grid for 2 minutes. The driver is critical. I will switch off the electrical
grid for 2 minutes. If anyone tries to act smart
then I will kill him there. Sir,
Anwar asked me to fix the bomb. I didn’t think it was right.
I didn’t plant the bomb. Do you know where is Anwar’s flat?
-I know. An ambulance and stretcher has been
sent at the accident site. Let’s watch what happens. You are under arrest.
-Surrender yourself. Why? Have you come hiding
behind the stretcher? Don’t you believe what
is happening? This is not the time to fool. Tell them to go. I am switching on the
electrical grid. Take him quickly. Hey, not you alone.
-Do you know the situation here? And you sent the police man here? You don’t understand anything.
You do nonsense. Okay. Okay. Alright. Cool! Now tell them the demands. Alright. Alright. I will tell them.
Not demands but comments. The situation here is so tensed. And
they have sent a policeman here. So many people’s life is in danger.
And you are sending policemen. Why? There are GPLU 82 bombs. If any bomb will blast then the
whole city will blast off. And there are three bombs. But you won’t understand. Can you guys imagine it? You are sending the police.
Alright. Send them. But are there precautionary
machines if a bomb will blast. No! Don’t you understand such things? Did you inform the special
task force? Did you inform Civil defence force? Did you inform the sniper dogs? I drink instant juice. Juice? Forensic unit.
Rescue unit. STF. Octopus. Intelligence department, ATS, SRTF. You don’t like cigarette.
I stopped smoking. Violence team.
Bomb detection Squad. Leo Cable Unit.
Did you inform anyone. You won’t. You won’t. But you will send policemen. Alright. Send them. But I will kill everyone. Sir, why is your brother debating? He is not debating.
He is directing. Bomb squad. Fire department. Be
alert. -Fulfil my demands. It’s a big hidden problem. Okay sir. We will do right now. Now you will tell them
my original demands. I won’t tell them. What are my demands and your
demands? -These are our demands. I am in your team. Tell me. -Okay. Release Aslam from the
prison quickly. Okay. This is the issue. Aslam. I read about him in the newspaper
the other day. He was the main accused
in the blast recently. He was caught in 20 days. Brother,
we need to get Aslam released soon. Or the situation will worsen.
-First listen to my demands. -Yes. Release Aslam as soon as you can. After that get an helicopter
for him. Drop him at Vikarabad.
Is that clear? Yes. -And that should be
telecast live on tv. Brother, you are showing a
Hollywood movie of a big budget. A bomb blast at Hyderabad. It’s a good sketch. Brother, one more thing.
Let’s order a private helicopter. Or safety will be an issue. Bro! Come on bro! Okay. Superb! Now my original demand. One second. Brother, what we are doing
that we are doing. But shall we talk about money?
-It will help in our expenditure. I don’t want money.
Tell them my demands. One minute. I will tell it.
I will surely tell it. Now, original demands. One minute. Just a minute. Brother,
how do we escape from here? I will think about that.
-Just tell them the demands. If you have planned then it must
be good plan. No problem. Okay. Now original demands.
One minute. -Brother. Brother. I have one more last doubt.
Can I ask if you don’t mind? Look, if you scold me. I won’t
ask it. -What is it? Speak up. Brother,
last year I taught singing to.. ..someone by drowning
him last year. Finally he came first at the
swimming competition. This story is similar. Your plan is excellent! Very original. Do you remember the movie that you
hacked you transferred to me. You must catch the person
who played the villain. I am hurt about this plan. If you tell those demands
personally.. ..then it would come on Twitter,
Facebook and trending. I am really hurt.
-Why didn’t you come here? You should come here. -I can’t come
there and put the demands. That’s why I sent Kayum.
But he couldn’t do my job. That’s why I am using
you for my job. Oh no! Yes! Yes! You sent Kayum.
He had to execute this plan. Your plan failed.
You watched my love story then. I was mad to show my number. You tried and I was caught. Wow Brother.
That’s good. What a game! What do you want? Tell me. You don’t know my strength.
But you are still playing with me. Anwar is powerful. Look, the flyover.. Stop your nonsense.
There are 3 bombs on the flyover. The remote is in your hands. If you press it the flyover
will blast. So what? But if I get irritated.
Then I will kill myself. Shall I? Shall I? Hey, no. No. Wait! Wait! I won’t shoot, Bro. If I die what will happen to you? If I have to tell them your demands
then do what I tell you. Shall we start the game? It’s a small game. Just a little chance in your plan. You are the player. And I am the captain. The relationship between a player
and captain is very simple. You know better. You will play.
And I will make you play. You are the ball. I am the leg. There are 2 simple rules
of this game. Rule number one. Me, my girlfriend
and all people must go out safely. Rule number two.
I haven’t thought of it yet, bro! Hello! Hello! Go quickly. Go quickly. Fast. Move. Move. Below. Come on. Go there.
Search! -Sir, Anwar lives here. He ran away. He must have not gone far away. Oh no! How did he run away? Check the whole building.
-Sir. -Alert all the check post. Yes sir. Sir, there is a message
from the control room. Sir, come down immediately. Please! Okay. -I thought his game
will be in my grip. But he disconnected. It’s a big confusion. I can’t understand. And my love was standing
in front of me. Listen to what I say carefully. That killer. Breaking news! -The DIG has
reached the accident spot. Sir, the DIG has just reached. Sir! Who is he? What is happening here?
-His name is Kayum. It’s a pre-planned terrorist
operation, sir. He will tell us everything
about the operation. What do you want to tell us? Sir,
I will speak to the Home Minister. Come on, Ram Mohan.
We don’t have proper evidence. We can’t go to Home
Minister like this. Call the ambulance. Who is this shooter? Who is it? There is a call from Delhi. -I am
updating it. -Sir. -Sir. -DIG? I am leaving for the flyover. But why? Sir, look at the time.
There is only 10 minutes left. What do you mean? This is just a prank call, sir.
I will handle. It. But your life can be in danger. I am ready to die for my country. It is my duty. Breaking news!
The DIG is going to the flyover. We can’t say whether he will
come back alive or not. We will tell you after the break. Oh no! Why did the DIG come here? The whole plan failed. Sir! Don’t come closer. Or I will have to shoot you. Sir, I am not the person you
assume. -Please go away from here. I know. You are not a terrorist. I am also at gun point.. the same person you are of. My family has been kidnapped. I have kids. -Try to understand me. If you don’t put their demands.
They will kill them. Oh no! Is he a human being? Small children. But don’t tell them his demands. No! If you don’t tell their
demands. Then they will kill us. Then them kill us. If he doesn’t give their demands
he will die like a dog. Die like a dog? -What are the
demands? -Did he tell you? No. He didn’t tell me anything. He asked me to give his message. My family? My children. -What are the demands? He was asking me to get a terrorist
release from prison. He was asking to get
it telecast live. Look, tell us his demands. It’s about my family and children. Aslam must be released. Drop him to Vikarabad
in a helicopter. And it must be telecast live.
-Let them take the decision. Listen to me.
-But I feel this is not right. Stop talking. Ma’am, my family. I have children. What he is saying is right. If anything happens to us they
will not release Aslam. We need to go away from here
before Aslam is released. Right sir?
-Yes! Tell them the demands. I will handle the rest. He said something else earlier. Not him. I am correct. No. Don’t be in haste.
-Let’s think about it. Please try to understand
the situation. I am telling you it’s about
my family’s safety. My children. There is no other way out.
-We will do what the DIG tells us. Sir! I will tell the demands
on your insistence. Will you save everyone?
-Yes! I will save them all. We will save them all. I swear. You want to save them? I will do that. Of course. My original demands. Aslam who is in prison. He must be hanged. Hanged. Yes! Hang Aslam who is in prison. Or I will blast the
flyover right away. Now it is important that
he says the demand. The one who comes on
the flyover in the.. 10 minutes is the terrorist.
-But this is only 50%. I will hint at you to confirm it. He gets angry if you
talk when he talks. It will confirm that
he is the terrorist. Terrorist means a demon.
Not a human being. We need to catch him. Okay. Stupid fellow. Sometimes intelligent
people do mistake. Anwar. It’s you. The one who
told me about 3 demands. I understood that. Because you told the third
thing unknowingly. Aslam should be released. Drop him at Vikarabad
in a helicopter. And it must be telecast live.
-Leave the decision on them. Listen to me. And most importantly I didn’t tell
you the name of the terrorist. Aslam. You said that unknowingly. Your acupressure points to control
the pressure. Additional! This is your game. Which I understood. If my demand is not fulfilled.
Then I will kill the DIG right now. I want the support of the media. There is a blast here.
So many have died. How many people are injured?
This news must reach Delhi. Preparation for Aslam to
be hanged has been done. People all over the world
agree to this decision. Aslam should be hanged. U.K, USA. Australia. Europe, India has demanded for
capital punishment for Aslam. People have come out
on the streets. Mohammed Sayed Aslam is involved
in many terrorist activities. He is the main accused
for terrorism. Breaking news! Historical decision. This has happened for
the first time. Aslam was given death sentences
for his terrorist activities. And he has been taken
for medical check up. A while ago while taking
Aslam to the.. for a test
from the prison.. ..Aslam attacked the
officers with a gun. Terrorist Aslam attacked the police
officers in the prison. Ad shot them.
-Constable Bhasir shot him back. Aslam has died in the prison. Aslam! Aslam! Aslam! No one will go away
alive from here. That will not work.
There is a jammer. Oh no! I will kill everybody. Anwar is very smart. Game is not over, brother! I am the captain. Don’t touch it. Fool, this is not a remote bomb. This will surely blast. He has to die. He has to die. Wait! Wait! Wait! -Sir,
remove it! -Save him. -One second. Please sir. Please! No sir. No sir. It’s activated. No sir. No sir. It’s a time bomb. Sir. Sir. I can’t g away from her.
Save her. -Please! Please! Move behind. -No. No. Leave me.
Leave me. -Move back. Move back. No! Sir. Time bomb is activated. It is difficult to diffuse it. Let’s marry Mango. I can’t climb building
like a Spider man. I can’t jump off building
like Shaktiman. I can’t fly like Superman. If we both marry. Our children
will learn the same thing. We will do home work together.
Have lunch. I will not celebrate
only your birthday. I will celebrate your
death day with you. I love you, Mango. If it gets connected. The power will switch off and
the power supply will stop. Sir, you planned a good game. No one doubted you
in the department. Accident! Traffic jam.
Everything was perfectly planned. But you did one mistake. You kept my brother in your team. And the team that he
is in always loses. He is like that since childhood. Arresting you and give
five star facilities. Court. Costly lawyers.
Bullet proof stickers. And what else? Safety. Human
rights. Forgiveness. Sympathy. Everything is a waste.

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