Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: Shrunken heads locations Part 1

hey guys it's me Tommy this is I'm going to put a couple of videos about lessons free and you have ticked on one thank you don't forget to subscribe and these very soon yeah not not in a sexual way but you know on your screen hey guys it's Nikki this is as you can see by the towel it is the trying to find a shrinking heads that is why you have come to me to show you the way and this is the first location or doesn't really matter depends where you start it's over here right there yep alright I show you you're gonna have to drive I was gonna take that right up there yeah yep that's right keep galloping along why not park you or whatever shit your whole season flash think mobile what it'd be cold um you want the headshot all this before just go you know it's on the ledge up here ease so here no okay this is not happening again it's happening again oh there it is just gonna have to hop down here up school that okay I'm gonna die there we go all right so one of the shrunken heads is in this if you want to look at the map again for people that luminous I have went from there and have written all the way here or I think I went this way yeah so here on the facade that is the first place you should look because the rhombus one is coming up is pretty you know like later in the game you could say well according to my things I think this is should be the first one because it is the easiest and that cool alright see you guys soon in the next video in part 2

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