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Shake and stirred or served straight up.
Atlanta’s drink scene is on fire. We’re showing you where to go and what to
order with exclusives from the experts behind the bar. Cheers! This is Atlanta drink.
Presented by Tower. From humble beginnings to an 18,000
square foot brewery if you want to kick it in Atlanta, find your second self. Why second self? Yeah so for me, this was always my- my passion and this was my nights and weekends, this was my second self. Going with that same theme, coming
here, having a good time, bringing your kids, bringing your dog. We have video games, photo booths, we do food pairings, yoga. And what did you just pour me here? This is Triforce. This is our newest year-round beer, inspired by one of my
favorite games of all time. So this past weekend we just launched our Margarita in Gose as we call it. Sound to her, the brewer. Top seller it’s ty wheat with ginger and lemongrass. You can get that a tower, you get that other places around town. That one’s even in some grocery stores. Local beer, man.
Absolutely. Fantastic, man.
Second self. Congrats.
Cheers. Tower.
Where Atlanta goes for craft beer.

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