Hey friends, welcome to freedom in a budget I’m Kelly and today we are going to get down and dirty Super personal I bring you along to my budget because I just love sharing all of my personal information with you guys So if you guys haven’t watched a budget update video in the past we go line by line it through of my budget where I’m sure every single one of our purchases it is down and dirty and It just kind of gives you ideas of if you’re new to budgeting what to put in your budget If you want to be nosey what we’re spending our money on and just goes through everything So I’m going to share everything with you This is the last month that we will have a rent payment because we’ve got a house so we are going to have that Rent payment go away, which is awesome. So I’m so excited to do that and just share everything with you We have a little bit of Alaskan here next week. I’m going to be doing a full Alaska breakdown of Everything that we spent in Alaska. So I’ve had a lot of people ask me. How much does it cost? What are we looking at for doing an Alaskan cruise? So I’m gonna bring that to guys next week So make sure you stay tuned for that. You haven’t also watched the September plane with me videos that came out last week go check that out and Lastly if you guys want my excel budget template, I do have it on my Etsy shop And it’s currently on sale for 4 dollars and 80 cents or now So I will have that linked it down below. If you do use Google sheets. It’s easy to convert from Excel to Google sheets Super easy. So that is totally an option if you want to use Google sheets. All right, so let’s get to excel All right, guys, here. We are in Excel as you can see here. This is a three paycheck month, which is awesome Jimmy received three paychecks I get paid on the 1st and the 15th of every month I don’t get three paycheck months But if you do I do have a video That I will link down below it is how to budget for a three paycheck month how to hit your goals faster using that Making sure that you’re leveraging it to your advantage so I will have that link down below for you guys as always our income is walked out from our day jobs just to Protect our work and that is something that they have requested knowing that I have a YouTube channel which I’m totally fine with per diem it Jimmy went on one gig and so I was $390 for per diem Refund of renter’s insurance as you guys know, we moved out of the apartment and into the new house So we got a refund from our renter’s insurance because we paid it in full for the year So it was ninety nine thirty four interest cash back deals was 249 88 this was a really high month for us on cash back, which is awesome because we made so many Amazon purchases and Lowe’s purchases and all of that so we got cashback on those because as you guys will see in a couple minutes of all of the purchases for the home and everything like our ecobee which is our thermostat our ring flood lights and cameras and Smart stuff and it is a full smart home, which is fun So 249 in cash back side hustle was one thousand one hundred three dollars and 85 cents so breakdown of that is Right here and you’ll see the orange is anything business-related? so anything freedom and a budget related so co-workers lunch was $28 affiliate marketing was 338 dollars and thirty nine cents Etsy was eighty dollars and 64 cents mystery shopping at forty four fifty dividends one dollar sixty nine cents we are definitely upping our dividends a lot with Robin Hood and Also and when Finance and when we start doing em when finance this month so super exciting for that stay tuned for videos coming You to block $600 in 64 cents Robin Hood referral stock was someone used my link to sunpu Robin Hood So they got a free stock and I got a free stock. I think it was Ford. I want to say quickly maybe not that was $9.99 for a total of 1103 dollars and 85 cents and of that one thousand twenty nine dollars and sixty six cents was for my business Which is awesome our goal for the month is $2,000 inside hustle Which obviously we do not hit that but that is our goal and hopefully we will hit it this month I have some really exciting stuff coming up. So I’m super pumped about that Singing fund transfer only sixty seven dollars and six and 89 cents So you’ll see that in a little bit total brought in was 16 in $230 in a 29 cents, which is awesome. All right our Regular cost and expensive tile is blocked out as always Argentine missionary the family that we sponsor in Argentina. That was 201 dollars Leandre the boy that we sponsor was 145 typically its $45 a month, but I totally forgot about his birthday and That is in October. So you have to do it a couple of months in advance So we spend $50 for him and $50 for his family. So his family can buy some food in just household necessities So we just cash flowed that and that was totally fine. So 145 for Leon wrote when his family Mortgage $0 as you guys know, we just bought a house and our mortgages insert until October 1st so zero dollars from mortgage, but we did put an extra payment towards our Principal which is awesome and I think we’ve put totally 1500 maybe 2000 towards it and we have stayed a ridiculous amount of interest on that I have a video coming up soon of how we’re going to be saving a hundred and thirty thousand dollars on our mortgage interest So stay tuned for that Rent, we did have to pay the month’s month payment for a run. Typically. It was 1610 But because we only were doing months a month, so we did go up to 1770 Water was way under budget only 1124 we do have to pay water in the new house, which is a first time ever paying water and That was only for a few days so next month It’ll be much higher and I don’t even know how much it’s gonna be for a month I put in $100. So we’ll see how that is next month Electric seventy four ninety three. We were a little bit under budget. That was for a couple days at the apartment plus the house IPhone was sixty six point two. That’s for two iPhones Internet was 271 twelve but we did have to pay some extra fees for switching over the Internet to the new house we did have to pay for a technician to come out so that was one 2112 car insurance at 360 850 I do get lots and lots of questions of why that’s so expensive What’s going on with that and that is because we live in South Florida and my insurance agent was explaining to us We actually live in a really really high Area for uninsured motorist that one in three cars in South Florida are not insured So we have to pay an extra premium for that just to cover ourselves in lawsuits, which really sucks But it is what it is the price you pay for living in South, Florida Long carat 174 this was a little bit over budget We did have to have a couple trees removed and one of them was growing underneath the foundation So we had to have that removed and then also a like banana palm tree I don’t know what it is, but it was growing and Starting to intrude on our screened-in patio So we wanted to make sure that that didn’t cause any damage so we had it trimmed way down and then two lawn modes We’re debating on getting a lawn mower and doing it ourselves But with how much Jimmy travels I don’t even know right now. I think it’s $70 a month for Lawn care, so we’ll see Robin Hood was five hundred fifteen dollars and thirty seven cents. We did put a lot extra into Robin Hood this month We are really upping our investments and then next month you’re gonna see and when financed so Where do we start using those as well and let me know if you guys want some more Robin Hood updates? I do have one video where I open the account and showed you like beginner’s guide to Robin Hood so let me know if you’re interested in that and then obviously I do have a free stock for you in the description box if You want to sign up? massage $65 hulu one dollar eleven cents Alaskan cruise I do have a video coming out next week on the full breakdown of the alaskan cruise But just to give you a brief update so we put on our cards. It was one thousand one hundred thirty-four dollars We did have an excursion canceled on us the dogsledding which really sucked So or the dogs legging that we wanted to do the one on the glacier with the helicopter ride So we did receive a credit. So with that credit we got four hundred eighty six dollars back for a net of $648 paid this month’s of the cruise. So stay tuned next week for that full cruise update groceries Four different trips here and that was thirty one eighty eight to Aldi 63-61 at Aldi Publix for 27 and then Costco 191 69 you guys saw my Costco haul and a lot of that was Costco, I did get some clothes in class go I got two pairs of pants a shirt and a jacket all in that one 91, so probably shouldn’t be in her groceries But I was too lazy separated, so I’m sorry Jamie eating out this was a pretty heavy month just because with so much traveling and everything and it’s just been chaos with the moving and All of that, so 350 799 for moving or for eating out Jamie per diem was 201 13 so he was under budget for that Kelly eating out six dollars and 40 cents and Pocket money 64 68 I am seeing now that public sub should be under eating out I don’t know why I put it in the wrong category, but you can just move that up mentally in your head Jamie pocket money was fifty dollars in sixty five cents Gas was is going up a lot because we’re traveling so much to me to fill up my tank It used to be like every ten days now. I’m filling up every three to four days It is crazy because I’m spending over two hours in the car everyday, which is not fun But I love our house and it’s worth it. So 149 68 for gas. Jamie subscription was 108 93 miscellaneous expenses was One thousand six hundred eighty six dollars and 19 cents and you can see two of those who are sinking funds these ones highlighted in Yellow, then here is new house Miscellaneous expenses was almost twenty five hundred dollars two thousand four hundred ninety one dollars and 89 cents But as you can see we have done a lot of Emma’s on a lot of lows a lot of Home Depot It is crazy how much little things come up that? You totally don’t think about this also includes moving costs as well as movers tipp So we did actually have some damage with our movers So we are going to be filing a claim with them because we did get movers insurance But I’m waiting to unpack the house. We have 90 days to do it It’s just to make sure nothing else broke, but we did have some major Breaks and which stucks like they broke the cat condo and Piper is not happy because he loves sleeping in the cat so That will be happening So this is why it’s so important to budget extra money when you guys buy a house Like I would budget five to ten thousand dollars Extra so that you can have these random things and that you’re not pinching your your budget So really really recommend extra extra money in your moving costs So, let’s see here TV subscriptions 108 93. We’re five dollars 93 under groceries to 91 forty five we were one hundred and eight under I’m sorry five 93 over and then Jamie eating out three fifty seven 9907 over Jamie a per diem at 201 thirteen 188 under budget so these cancel out plus some Kelly eating out six forty one 93 under Kelly pocket money $64 to $85 under Jamie pocket money fifty sixty five was 174 under Gas was 149 $50 under okay sinking funds. So as you can see here to the right this sinking fund category couple spontaneous gifts that we used Classroom gifts when my friends is a teacher. So we bought her. I don’t know. It was like some toy thing for her classroom She started an Amazon store. So we gifted her 45 dollars for that And then co-occur groceries her co-worker one of my co-workers her mother passed away. So we bought her some groceries so that was a total of 6789 in sinking funds. All right, so let’s break down the rest of sinking funds emergency fund $25,000 now that we have a house I’ve been doing some math and this is no longer a six-month emergency funds Because of our extra expenses or extra bills now we have to pay water we have to pay the mortgage We have to pay a higher electric bill a higher gas bill all of this This is now like a three to four month emergency fund So you will see in the next months of us upping this up to 25 are up to about $50,000. So right now it’s at 25 thousand And the rest of them so Jamie’s new car. We added five hundred dollars for a total of 4,600 house taxes We are we decided not to escrow our closing cost and I do have a video coming up on breakdown of closing costs all that goes into it and you can escrow or not escrow we decided to not Escrow and just save the money ourselves and then pay it in full once a year for our taxes and our homeowners insurance So and just get the you know the cash back the interest with Capital One 360 so we’re gonna be saving $1,100 for the next. I don’t know Until November next few months. I think it’s about $3,500 for the year. So let’s take thirty five hundred divided by 12 So then you’ll see about three hundred dollars. We’ll be saving for the other months after November Homeowners insurance. We paid that in full up for the year. That was also about thirty five hundred dollars So two hundred eighty dollars will be going Kelli state home fund at five hundred dollars we added in so it is total twenty nine hundred Christmas we added a hundred dollars for total of 177 thirteen Spontaneous giving we added fifty dollars for a total of 150. Oh five Laptop fine that I need a new MacBook desperately. My MacBook that I have is so old it’s 2011 and as molasses slow it keeps on crashing and My Mac Mini is not doing well either and that’s what I use to edit everything. I’m filming on it right now And it like Final Cut keeps on Crashing on me. So we need to buy a new MacBook and we are going to splurge and that so this month I added $1500 and then I think we’ll be buying it next month. So that is exciting So total of that phone it is 1900 $19.25 car repair. We added a hundred dollars for a total of 150 home improvement decor We added five hundred dollars for a total of six 2571 Gifts we added zero dollars total. It has 41 57 vacation. We didn’t add anything. It has 150 233 we’re going back and forth right now on what we want to do next year Jimmy wants to do another cruise because he loves cruises. I kind of want to go and do some traveling around the u.s and do more like long weekend trips like a trip to waco a trip to Nashville a trip to California a trip to Boston things like that and do like four or five Smaller trips rather than one large cruise. So we’re trying to figure out what we’re gonna do, but we will shall see Medical added $100 for a total of three hundred ten dollars and seventy nine cents Jimmy’s gonna be needing his wisdom teeth out in the end of the year when his work slows down a little bit Renters insurance $0 for total of $0 that’s gonna be going away next month phone repair upgrades $80 for a total of 880 Jimmy wants the new iPhone 11 So we shall see we’re gonna see what we would get back with selling our phones I think he expected that we would get about $500 from selling our phones. We have the 10 right now But that camera on it that on it is beautiful We’ll see who knows you two taxes $75 added for total of 550 So total for sinking funds this month. We added four thousand nine hundred $1.25 in total and all our sinking funds is thirty eight thousand eight hundred at thirty six dollars and eighty three cents and As you can see it is $0. So we have a zero based budget as always So guys, let me know how you guys did for August. I would love to hear from you Alright guys, I hope that was helpful I hope that it gave you some ideas of what to be putting it in your budget or just You know, what’s fun to watch? I love making these videos for you I don’t know why I like sharing so much about my budget, but I do and Here is a playlist of all of my new to budgeting tips at new to budgeting strategies. So go check those out You

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