42 thoughts on “Authoritarian Democracy in the Making?

  • Steve, as a Canadian working in the US for many years, I usually enjoyed your show as a window into politics at home. I knew you were more to the left than my own beliefs but for the most part you were informative, intelligent and fair. Unfortunately, recently you seem to have moved further left to attack Trump on the far left's narrative. Like the man or not, his policies are exactly what the country needs. He is being obstructed at every turn by the left, funded by swamp lobbyists terrified of losing their power and payoffs. I am disappointed in your lack of fairness, something we used to pride ourselves on.

  • I CANNOT BELIEVE STEVE PAIKIN JUST TOLD David Frum TO SHAVE AND CLEAN UP!!! WHAT??????? Not funny Steve. The man clearly had a rough night yes but dont call him out on it geeze.

  • What a joke — Authoritarian Democracy? What an oxymoron!
    Care to try the version of the most powerful groper of the western hemisphere — consenual rape? Some Donald the Groper would love it even better than Authoritarian Democracy!

  • Absolute shame on you steve paiken for having such a disgusting human being on your show,,Frum is a full blow neocon , he is a world class serial liar.

  • This host is the most bias person I have heard and I Live in the USA with the main stream news networks who are so far left they can't see there right hand and its on their face. Heard couple of his interview with people who seemed much more verse in their thoughts than this host. The word Agenda in the title of this show sure shows thru, put this guy in the class of a CNN which hardly anyone really watches and more!!! LOL and this is from a person of the US who is an Independent voter

  • What Frum doesn't understand is his brand of politics will NEVER be in power. He is an elitist whose time is OVER!!!

  • How funny, it's the left and their henchmen who are showing up at the doors of people supporting Trump. Frum is FAKE NEWS!!!

  • David Frum is a guy that can't deal with not being in the power circle. President Trump never took his advice and never read his books or articles. That is something David and all the Never Trumpers can't deal with and accept.

  • Frum is a full of shit propagandist from the Bush era. They don't like Trump so Frum is paid to say bad things about Trump.

  • What a load of rubbish. The Democrats are so hysterical that Hillary lost so much so they will not accept her defeat. That is definitely not Democratic!
    If ever there was an authoritarian government it was the Obama one.
    President Trump has called out the media for their fake news. The Fake Media hate the truth and consequently are intent on villainizing President Trump when in fact they themselves are the pirates.
    This video is another typical example of Fake News.
    Steve Paiken is a ravenous Trump hater and is constantly looking for stories to validate his bias.
    It seems as if he is on a mission to get Canadians to focus on and hate President Trump and distract them from the faults and inconsistencies in their own PM. President Trump is now being blamed for their homegrown problems and inefficiencies in trade and the issue of tariffs.
    If you believe this man being interviewed then you have a cognitive problem. He can't even look directly into the camera which is a sign of untrustworthiness.
    He says that he is worried but he does not know what worries him. Typical lying leftist journalist who has made up a story on what he wants you to think and is prostituting it as fact.
    With hindsight, we can see that President Trump has done a great job towards Making America Great for Americans.
    We also know how corruptly the previous government conducted themselves and are responsible with their complicit media for the defamation of Donald Trump based on lies paid for with taxpayers money.
    President Trump is popular with the people and that is all he cares about. He is a President for the people chosen by the people. Period.
    He is a beaming lighthouse shining out and exposing the reef of corrupt self-serving leaders and politicians including their corrupt propaganda media outlets that want to destroy America.
    They hate him for that!

  • Before Trump I rarely agreed with Mr. Frum, Trump seems to have a talent for uniting people. I hope you do a follow up, just after the midterms.

  • Steve should be more concerned with canadian losses of freedom of speach and out of control political correctness is more of a threat.

  • Get on with it guys – or you will be falling over those banana skins – the 1930's are here again – and YOU are IT !!!

  • Back when he was young, Frum rejected the totalitarian ideology of Marxism… and ran into the arms of the identical totalitarian ideology of Conservatism. Now that he is confronted with Trump, he is behaving just like the old Marxists who claimed they were innocent idealists who couldn't be held responsible for "Stalinism", but that their ideology was pure. He is spouting a supposedly "principled" non-Trumpist Conservatism. But Trump was the logical consequence of Conservative ideology in exactly the same way that Lenin and Stalin's slaughter was the logical consequence of Marxist ideology. His attempt to equate Bernie Sanders' perfectly reasonable healthcare program with Neonazi murderers shows just how intellectually dishonest he can be —- it's exactly the kind of stunt a doctrinaire Marxist would pull. While it's nice that some self-proclaimed Conservatives are willing to attack Trump, he has a very long way to go before he can claim to be a civilized human being.

  • Dow at 25,000, GDP growth at 4+%, very low unemployment, very high business and consumer confidence, ISIS defeated, better relations with China and Saudi Arabia, excellent picks for judges. Slashing government red tape.
    Make Earth Great Again!
    Go Donald!

  • Paiken and Frum both lying about Russian collusion.
    It is clear the Democrats paid for Russian help and we already know they cheated Bernie out of the nomination.

  • What a bunch of equine excrement fabricated by an associate of the Bush Crime Family. Inverting the truth is their specialty and Lucifer is their guide. Regarding the Trump/Russia propaganda: CNN's Van Jones was caught saying: "It's a BIG NOTHING BURGER." Frum is quite simply–a liar. But then, so was W. and H.W.–WMD in Iraq?

  • of course this segment bears the rebuttle of Obomas 2008 cabinet, https://newrepublic.com/article/137798/important-wikileaks-revelation-isnt-hillary-clinton

  • This authoritarianism has been in he making since Bush and Obama, we should have reflected on that before we handed over that power to an idiot like Trump. The government was taking authoritarian actions for years now and we just let it happen over and over

  • the republicans and democrats are two wings on the same bird working to protect this: http://humansarefree.com/2013/11/complete-list-of-banks-ownedcontrolled.html?m

  • When I saw the title I thought it was in reference to Canada's current government.. maybe you should do a video on that…

  • Paikin and Frum misidentify the cardinal split. It's not nativism v. cosmopolitanism, it's capitalism v. anticapitalism.

  • Hey, Einstein, Trump won  the Presidency with a fraction of the money that Hillary and her cronies spent. Always remember that.

  • Steve Paikin gives phenomenal interviews. His voice and ability to ask the right questions at the right time is impeccable. Ugh* Love this man.

  • im a suporter of voter absenteeism,, that coupled with consumer choices IS the loudest voice we have,, that said, the argument of a Trump connection with russian is nowhere as disturbing as the connection Hilary Clinton has with,, say?,,, BILL CLINTON! AND,, say?,, THE C.F.R!! wake up peeps , think for yourself, question authority.

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