Automated Bank Reconciliation

hi my name is Trenton LeDoux and today I'll be talking about a new feature here at Cougar Mountain software called automated bank reconciliation or Auto Bank rec if you're not familiar with what a bank reconciliation is it's the process of matching and organisation's accounting records with their bank statement to resolve any financial errors or fraudulent activity anyone who's performed a reconciliation knows they are slow tedious and sometimes inaccurate that's because they're done manually with an accountant going through an entire organization's books matching transactions line by line Auto Bank rec changes this process by automatically matching transactions between your accounting software and your bank account with accuracy and speed to help reduce potential risk and save you time today we'll be covering how automated bank reconciliation can help you and your organization through our partnership with evaced net Yodlee you no longer will have to reconcile your bank accounts manually some of the benefits that come with Auto Bank rec are that can reduce potential risk for your organization as well save you time this is to ensure that you get the most reliable accounting software available from us as your software provider fraud is one of the more damaging issues that can happen to your organization the problem is that not all fraud is large sometimes it's small enough that you don't have to notice it with Auto Bank wreck however all those minor inconsistencies are brought to your attention right away so you can resolve them as soon as possible this also allows you to confidently report to your board members giving your organization more transparency and reliability another way that Auto Bank rec can help your organization is by saving you money having an automated system shortens the time spent matching transactions manually can take you hours whereas an automated system takes only minutes having that time back frees up more opportunities where your time could be spent fulfilling other tasks for your organization that means less time reconciling and more time advocating so with Cougar Mountain software's feature for automated bank reconciliation you can keep your organization safe while saving money if you would like to find out more about how Cougar Mountain software can help your organization please visit our website at Cougar MTN com or follow the link below to read our in-depth blog on automated bank reconciliation

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