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If you want financial freedom time freedom and want to leave a legacy for generations to come You probably have heard real estate investing is the place to do that. How do you get started? What do you have to do? When is the right time if you are looking for those answers you’ve come to the right place? My name is Kyle Stanley and this is fearless flipping my mission is to help you learn this business and conquer real estate investing If I’ve ever been more excited for a show it is this one Tashia at Kings stout. Who? Doesn’t really have a name in real estate per se in the media or anything like that She’s just Penton hall around it though for the last 16 years of her life. And today she is choosing to share about Airbnb she’s done it all wholesaling, flipping developing managing a lot of different things, but Airbnb is a passion for her just like it is for me because there are Systems that can be put into place to make this thing completely passive and all you’ve got to do is keep on finding deals So Tosh honor King stout the fearless flippin. Sorry, the the shownotes are going to be at phyllis flippin. Calm ford King k ing and once again if you find something either in this episode or in previous episodes Has been a value to you that has helped you to either jump start your business Advance your business, whatever have you make sure that whether you’re on the podcast or the youtube channel? You’re either leaving a comment or writing a review that is including what exactly you have learned or what has helped you in? advancing your business we’re going to give you a shout out on the next episode if you do that and That is what is going to happen for you. Now, if you look to this quote behind me if you’re on the YouTube channel Warren Buffett says if you’ve never find a way to make money in your sleep Then you will die or you’ll work till the day that you die, and that is exactly Why I love real estate that’s exactly why I’m a part of real estate is because I believe that No matter where you’re at in real estate. You can find ways to make it passive through systems today We’re choosing to talk about Airbnb and so before I just keep on rambling about this and get too excited I just wanted to send it right now to our interview with Tasha and King stout Airbnb Automation at its best with Tosh IANA King stout. That is what I’m excited to talk about today So Tosh Jana, you know as we discussed in the last episode This whole thing of Airbnb It’s just one other way to invest in real estate Whether you actually own the property and are renting it out through Airbnb or you’re doing rental arbitrage and are just taking over the rent or taking over the mortgage and Doing it that way. Either way is great But no matter which way you do it the systems are what truly matters and what I love is that you have automated systems where you get to really Leverage your time to go find more Airbnb Zoar more opportunity for yourself So I just want to kind of give you the floor. What are some of your favorite ways to Leverage your time through this automation process of Airbnb The army That’s and I’m sure there’s other There’s other locking systems, but for me, that’s a big one because obviously in the beginning you’re meeting guests. And so if Guests have a change in travel plans or when they’re arriving sometimes, you know you’re getting up in the middle of the night to go get them and you can keys or you know you’re doing Kind of the old lock lockbox system and for me in the beginning I wanted to see the guest to make sure it was actually You know who was on the reservation? So the August lock-in coupled with you know, Airbnb System now where you can require your guests to upload government-issue ID that’s been no rule for me So talk a little bit more about and can you spell that for? Our guests or our guests and see you’ve got me thinking about Airbnb Through our audience what what kind of lock is that? So the August like the month 8g UST. Hmm. So the August lock, um There’s a couple of things you can have your guests put an app on their phone and then get a code or You can lock and unlock the property remotely So the guests can contact you and say hey, I’m here you can like it or when they could say Hey, I’m leaving and you can lock the property. Hmm so for me that was Great, I guess but like I said, especially if you you don’t want to be in traffic or waiting it’s just convenient absolutely well, and you know, you get those guests everyone’s small and I’m sure your experience has been very Similar to mine which is most of the guests on Airbnb are phenomenal, especially if you’re attracting You know corporate or luxury type of stays you’re going to get that type of person. However some slip through the cracks sometimes we’re desperate for those bookings and we see zero reviews and we say we’ll take the chance and Now we’re like shoot this person either trash the place or stole something and and they have a key or they have the lockbox code Well, this just takes that entire issue out of there and allows you to be able to know that hey I can change the code I can lock it and unlock it remotely. It’s a it gives you a lot of peace of mind, right? Absolutely, cool That’s great Come back and stay with Ricky and we didn’t have a booking so it just happened I guess that’s another thing about cleaning, I guess a system for cleaning and this is something that someone shared with me One reason why you should always clean the the unit right after the guest leaves whether or not you have another booking or not. That’s Your saying to make sure that they’re not still there not only that but if something happens with another unit and You need to put your guest somewhere else They haven’t needed that they can readily, you know, go to so I’ve had people share them with me on like yeah It makes sense. And so I probably would have avoided that So in an effort not to scare people away from doing Airbnb and just for pure entertainment because I’m sure you’ve got some stories like Have you had any any guests that have left you with a headache and how Did that end up getting resolved and maybe turn into a good thing? Really It’s great any bad Airbnb guests now, I’ve had a friend who who called and needed some help before a guest – was seemingly disheveled and it included blood and they believe there was some type of party, and the woman who was in the Union wasn’t the person who originally Rented but I haven’t had any you know anything severe it might be like Oh someone broke a lamp or you’ve got to tell someone – So, why do you think that is what system do you have in place that is attracting good quality people Well, I think the questions that I ask I still am very personable in that right, so I ask questions If it’s not someone I can readily look at and see the type of travel in the arm and I say that we’re they’re obviously traveling for business pretty frequently, so Um most recently here I’ve had some new travelers without told you I’ve gotten some new places in Airbnb. I’m in in Atlanta for Airbnb so I’ve had people with no ratings ratings and so I’ve definitely asked a question. Oh my brings you here and not in the way like, why are you coming here? But what it brings you here, you know, what about our property attractive you, you know, what about our property attracted you to it? What can I do to make sure you have a more accommodating stay and generally those? answers kind of let you know if people are really there to say because I had someone ask if We had a like a barbecue crew and the speaker or something that led on like you’re probably trying to have a party Uh-huh, and they never responded back when I asked so hey Phyllis flipping community We are taking a quick break from the podcast to talk about air B&B For those of you that don’t know I have built much of residual income around Airbnb despite a lot of other investors being really excited about long-term renters I was not I saw an opportunity with Airbnb to get to my goals Faster to get more cash flow and to pay off. My house is quicker – so instead of being Really happy like a lot of other investors are with 200 to 300 dollars of cash flow every single month I’ve turned my renters and rentals Into over a thousand dollars on average of cash flow every single month. So if you want to learn more about Airbnb my systems Where I picked my Airbnb s how I communicate with guests Maybe you’ve already got Airbnb as a business on the side right now But you want to take it to the next level. I am absolutely here to help you You can book a free consultation with me about Airbnb Learn more by booking at fearless flipping dot-com forward slash Consultation and you get me for thirty minutes for free. That’s right. 30 minutes. Absolutely free. That’s once again feels flippin. Calm board Consultation and I’m looking forward to helping you conquer Airbnb investing You know, what’s great there – I don’t know if you’ve had this experience. I’ve actually had Airbnb cancel guests on its own saying hey We thought that this might end up being a fake person or because of their past that this was not a good fit I don’t know if you’ve experienced that that just actually happened to me for the very first time and I was like wow Airbnb is looking out for me know Maybe it’s a Fresno thing. We got some sketchy people over here Properties are already operational and going I don’t have that so, you know insta book But on newer properties they have to have their government ID Verified you don’t obviously can select that but I don’t know. I didn’t know they did that Yeah, and and that was the thing for me was well How did this get booked if they have a government ID because I have the same thing. I they have have a government ID But you know before we get too far off topic here, you know, I want to make sure people really understand How much time? You’re putting in or how much communication you’re actually putting in to this whole Airbnb thing So from the time someone request a book to the time they check out how much time are you actually putting in for that? I? Don’t know maybe an hour cumulative because it’s really a matter of Me and I guess this is me being a macro manager, but me responding to again their inquiry And then me letting know the cleaning team to go back home and look the host that’s going to assist what they’re checking Giving the information and it may be I don’t know. I don’t want to exaggerate it might be less than that because Obviously, there’s co-host added you can add co-hosts so like just in training people and how to respond the Timeframe in which they need to respond to the guests and what can be expected? So I think I’m I’m probably more so like just in the training because I really want to like I told you You know remove myself from it and focus on the development But it is not a significant amount of time. And would you say your average turnover is? 3/4 night somewhere in that area where people come and say probably Lately, though For whatever reason, you know, they’re doing a lot of filming and stuff in Atlanta. So We’re probably more like five five to seven like about a week and Unless there’s like something special going on like I told you before We try to like maximize those those So I just want to make sure people understand this because I think one of the big reasons that people don’t get involved in Airbnb is because they think oh, I’ve got to go clean the place and I got a contact You know communicate with the guests all the time. This is just such a headache It’s a lot of work and then they start to look at it instead of a passive income as an active income But because of these automated systems that people like you have in place that I have in place Based on the numbers that you’re telling me right now. You might have a turnover of you know, seven to eight different sets of people every month that you’re putting in 30 minutes each – that’s four to five hours that you’re putting in every month and Netting like sewing or last call as much as twenty eight hundred dollars in one month that’s a pretty passive effort if you ask me, so I Love that you have all these things down in this system I’m a systems person. One of the other things that you were telling about is guess T and how that’s helping you Can you just share a little bit about that system and how it’s helping you to automate some things? So yes C is more So for like I told you other investors we have who really don’t want to be involved as much at all So it just allows them to go in there and see when their space is booked And because we used to have another platform where guests could look in addition to Airbnb I’m an independent website as well So you can link those things and it would allow the investor to go in there and see when their space was booked What it was booked for it’s almost like Airbnb system Except for it’s more advanced. So there’s algorithms and again, I’m not techy I don’t necessarily understand all of this that could tell you what you should be bringing the the property I based off of Supply and demand and what’s going on and then it allows? The investor or co-host however, you want to put it to go off and block their own dates So I’m really not big in text. So the Airbnb platform works well for me and I don’t I don’t know if that’s something that I’ll I’ll use long term Just because it’s simple to me to just go on Airbnb. I can see everything right there I don’t have to you know, learn something but for someone like, you know yourself where this is like your primary income I think it’s a it’s a benefit and but for me Or maybe someone that has more than five or six properties. Just one place Got it. Okay. What about cleaning? How are you? Are you just hiring a cleaning company? Do you have someone that you know personally that’s going and doing these? How do you handle that? So now I have seen class there and cleaning company so I’ve done both well actually all three so I’ve definitely cleaned a unit myself which Doesn’t work Because I have someone who comes and help me with my own personal home And there’s also kind of the DIY method where you can incorporate and I’ve done this before the host to do it because now In most cities they’re familiar with Airbnb So a lot of times laundromats you can go and drop off Your letting and things like that and they’ll assist you in in so you can just tell the whole say this is what you do And then you incorporate your guests So I’ve kind of done the DIY method where it’s like almost a cooperative effort where you told the guests Hey take the trash put it by the door load the dishwasher. Take all the linens off the bed And then at that point the hosts, they’ll come in. They’ll take the linen to the laundromat Don’t make sure that the dishwasher is actually ran they’ll put away the dishes and then now there’s a Professional cleaning company for me having a professional cleaner is the most seamless way Because you don’t have to you don’t worry about the ball being dropped. So that’s what I utilize Yep And I don’t know if you run it the same way as me, but that’s kind of Essentially my boots on the ground my eyes on everything is hey, you know, we’re low on this or hey This is missing or something. I broke in is that the same for you it is With technology but like Google sheets, and so there’s inventory on all the Properties what’s in there? What’s supposed to be in there? and then I had the cleaner go and she takes pictures so she knows what’s supposed to be in there after you go in for A while they know what’s supposed to be in there and then as far as supplies Offline that’s something I can share with people to see actually have like the link right in there to order in the Excel spreadsheet So, you know wonderful. Yes, so you can just pass it on to whomever and Then yeah, that’s perfect. Awesome Well, hey this this is very much like a 5000 foot overview of these systems And so hopefully people can see though that through these systems you are You know, you’re not full-time Airbnb you’re out there. You’re developing you’re doing a lot of different Types of real estate investing where Airbnb is kind of your passive on the the inside, which is awesome So I just want to ask you know, before we kind of wrap this up Is there any other advice any words of encouragement anything at all that you want to share in regards to Airbnb? Yeah, if you wanna do You know a true story there is someone and I will not you know say names Who is you know saying? Oh, I’m a coach. I’m a coach when they actually have My client on there as a bonus, and they have never supported or done. Talk to me anything And so that’s the difference between someone who’s actually doing What it is you want to do and they can really show you and they can prove versus someone who’s kind of taken information and then marketing marketing it and selling it when they It’s just everything is not what it seems to really say. I’ll tell you that. I’ll tell you that so There’s a lot of pretenders obviously You know so good about you and what you’re doing and you being tried-and-true. So get a mentor. Oh Thank you, and I did not give her any sort of incentive to say that Time energy and money. Yes, absolutely Hey Thank You Tatiana for helping our viewers and audience to not only conquer real estate investing but conquer air B&B and We are just looking forward to seeing some people take some action. Just based on what you share today. Thank you so much So some of you are listening to that episode and things are clicking for you and awesome if you were not on that page But you want to be on that page and are thinking how do I learn more about this Airbnb thing? All you’ve got to do is on Facebook. Just go to Airbnb masterminds it’s a group that I’ve started that is literally on a daily basis teaching people how to start an Airbnb business how to systematize it better There’s tips or tricks or secrets. There’s methods there’s templates There’s everything that you need in order to be confident in starting an Airbnb on your own. So make sure you’re going on Facebook Airbnb masterminds that’s what you’re searching. Now. If you’re not on Facebook and you want to get connected then make sure you are going to my page on Phil’s flipping comm forward slash consultation where you can book a free 15 minute consultation with me about Airbnb We can get connected I can get you the resources that you need If you’re not on Facebook now when it comes to this interview, once again, the show notes are going to be Phil’s flippin Calm Ford King where you can recap everything that Tosh Shona talks about and especially with those systems and some of those Resources that she talks about you know with guest E and a few other things there that are helping to systematize everything in her business That’s exactly what you can research right there on the show notes fields flipping calm Ford King so I hope that this has been inspiring for you I hope that you will take this into action and go conquer real estate investing. We will see you next time You

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