Awakening of Towers Gameplay | First Impressions HD

What’s up Attackers, Kirk here to bring you
a first impressions video for Awakening of Towers. Awakening of Towers is I guess a mini-game
to hold folks over until the main game, Awakening of Heroes is released. So what’s Awakening
of Heroes? It’s a new MOBA game in development by a Serbian developer that pits a bunch of
ordinary folks into a battleground to become heroes.
So yeah, Awakening of Towers is just a mini-game for folks who signed up for the Alpha of Awakening
of Heroes, just a way to test our the game engine and have something to do to distract
you form work or school. The game is a tower defense game, where you are a single tower,
defending yourself from oncoming enemies that come at you from all sides.
Gameplay is simple, you defend yourself from trebuchets and little tank things, and eventually,
from the heroes that you’ll find in the main game upon release. You’ll get attacked by
grandma and a butcher and some whippy bitch. The enemies keep coming at you, with no rounds,
they just start coming a lot quicker and in greater numbers. The heroes themselves pretty
much sneak up on you, they run fast and you’ll find them at the foot of your tower attacking
you if you’re head is not on a swivel. All in all, the game is fun in small doses, again,
it’s just a mini-game, so you shouldn’t expect much. Hit the enemies once or twice to knock
them off and rinse slash repeat. I was hoping to get some sort of upgrade system, to make
your tower stronger or have faster slash better weapons, but maybe that’s something they’ll
add. Anyways, if you sign up for Awakening of Heroes
on their website,, you’ll get a chance to play this mini-game and you
can try to beat my score of 28 thousdand 598. Which was 25th in the world at this very moment.
Have fun!

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