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– The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a
pair of Christian artists, who won their fight to not make custom wedding invitations for same sex couples. The business owners claim their rights were being violated by an anti-discrimination
ordinance in Phoenix, that they say goes against
their religious values. The justices say this ruling
is not a blanket exemption, and only applies to their invitations. Joining us right now with more, artists and co-owners of Brush & Nib, Breanna Koski and Joanna Duka, along with their attorney from the Alliance Defending
Freedom, Kristen Waggoner. The ladies are in phoenix, and Kristen is in Seattle today. All right, Breanna, congratulations. How do you feel about the win? – We are super excited. Ever since Joanna and I were little girls, we had a dream of being artists and starting a business. And we are just so overjoyed
that the city recognized our rights as artists. This was super important to us, to stand for artists
everywhere, across the country. And yeah, we are just overjoyed. – Great, and Joanna, what did you object to
regarding Phoenix’s ordinance? – Breanna and I serve everyone. We always have and we will continue to, but the heart of this
case is the question of, can the government force artists by threat of jail time, to create art that promotes messages
inconstant with their values? And for Breanna and I, that includes certain
messages about marriage that violate our faith. It includes messages that promote racism, or insight violence, exploit women, or demean any member of any community, including the LGBT community. So, that’s why we’re extremely excited that the Arizona Supreme Court has ruled in favor of artistic freedom, and the right of artists,
not the government to decide what messages we can and can’t promote. – Sure.
– And I don’t know if Joanna said this or not, I can’t remember, but we do serve everybody, and love everybody, but
it’s just certain messages that we cannot promote in our business because of our faith. – Sure. And Kristen, this, you know, explain why The Supreme Court
Justice has got it right, and this is a topic you know well because you represented the cake baker out in Colorado as well. – Yes, well the message, very
clear message of the court, and it says it in its decision, is that free speech and
free exercise rights aren’t limited to soft whisperings that go on in the privacy of our homes, but that all Americans have the right to be able to speak, and to create art that’s
consistent with who they are. So, that right extends to all Americans, not just those who share
Breanna and Joanna’s beliefs. It extends to a democratic speech writer who may not wanna write for a republican, or an LGBT film maker who may decline to promote views that he or she disagrees with. So, it’s a broad win that extends to everyone. – Well, apparently
lawyers for the city are examining potential grounds for an appeal, so that could be coming. Nonetheless, ladies, thank you very much for joining us live today, from Seattle and Phoenix to tell us your story. Thank you. – Thanks for having us.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– You bet.

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