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Faye, Flitter and Star were all born on a dairy. They are infertile females, so they can’t have babies. If you can’t have babies,
you can’t make milk, which means they’re
considered disposable. And I just had to rescue them
and bring them to my farm, where they could be released, and be free to roam
and enjoy life and just get to be cows. – We’re almost home, guys. Moon’s happy. Faye, Flitter and Star were nervous about
arriving in a new place. But Star and Flitter
were very eager to get off of the truck. Whereas Faye was
definitely not excited. – Here we go. – Good job.
Woo-hoo! That was a success. Our mission is to take in
and help as many abused, neglected, and abandoned
animals as possible. There are currently
124 animals here, on the last head count. They’re pretty
much intermingled. So all the different
species hang out together, which is really nice. When they first arrive, they go into a
30-day quarantine, just to make sure that
they’re absolutely 100 percent healthy. We call it quiet time, because it sounds nicer. – Yay! Their first experience
here with bottles was a really meaningful one. I’ve never seen
animals more happy. As each day went by, the
bond got a lot stronger, to where now they are
attached at the hip and they don’t like
to be far away from each other at all. The girls have spent the
last 30 days in the barn, so now they’re ready
to move outside to a fenced area. But they’re still
gonna be separate from the rest of the animals. They’ll get to see and have
meet-and-greets through the fence for another 30 days or so, and then they can
comfortably join the group. They’re introduced
slowly to more animals that they hadn’t met before. So it’s nice to see the way they interact with
other critters here on the farm.
Because ultimately, this is gonna be their family. In their previous situation,
these three little girl calves were in isolation. Having them here to be
able to cuddle together was really nice, to be able
to provide that for them. – Wheeeeeeeee! Wheeeeee!
[laughing] – Wheeeeeeeee! They definitely have
formed a pecking order. Star is the leader of the group. Flitter is very loving,
and wanted to be pet and snuggled at night. Faye was very apprehensive and a little scared and shy. She’s learning slowly but surely that she has no reason to be shy
or scared anymore. The three girls have
been in quarantine for 60 days total.
Now they’re healthy enough to join the rest of the animals
on the farm. Today’s the last
bottle, really, before they become full, total cows. – Yay! Giving them their
last bottle today is hard, to be honest. It’s bittersweet,
but it’s exciting that they’ve made it. With a release like what we’re about to do,
what I’ll do is play it by ear and let the animals feel
their way through it. If they prefer to do it
one at a time, then we can do it that way. Or if they want
to go as a group, that always works, too.
It depends on the animals. I try to let them stay
within their comfort level. – There you go, sweet girl. It’s a bit cold today, so Faye is wearing her
scarf to stay warm. Plus it’s very calming for her. – It’s gonna be fine.
Don’t worry. It’s hard to say how
each one of the girls will react. I predict
Flitter will do very well. Star, she’s very confident. So I don’t anticipate
any problem with Star. Faye might need a
little extra coddling on the way out of the gate.
She’s often the last one to do anything. I know the other
animals on the farm are going to be interested
in the girls being released. Because this is a
big event here. – Here we go, Flitter. As I expected, Flitter
was definitely confident in her cow skin. She got right out of the gate and was experiencing it,
and taking it all in, and very happy about it. And to my surprise, Faye went second.
– Yay! Faye is actually going off on her own a little bit,
which I am shocked. Because I thought she
would be the follower. But she’s actually leading now,
and wandering off on her own, which is very exciting. Seeing the cows run like that, and frolic in the pastures, is the ultimate
indication of bliss. I mean, they are happy. – Moo. I’m very excited for them. Faye, Flitter, and Star’s life
from here on out, they just get to explore,
and get to grow up and live a happy,
healthy, free life.

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