Babylon 5 vs Earth Alliance

700 forces closing entering firing range close blast doors and activate standby beautiful Smith got to see these are illegal orders don't make us do this enemy fighters have locked on Myron alpha squadron form up on my wing down the squadron touches a hole through there enemy fighters coming from the side trying to outflank us we set forward interceptors for long-range dispersion fire ready fire maintain a fault direct hit to decks 14 and 15 hull integrity down 20% bring us him closer to the enemy now close break down there give me a targeting solution on the road open standby to redirect all defensive fire hang tight coming around for another run commander the Churchill Rosi get out of there get to the lightbox too late to get out a primary systems are hid we've got fired on them Rosie Rosie bring range fire Babylon control Toro your ship is out of control surrender and let us take on prisoners we promise safe passage you

23 thoughts on “Babylon 5 vs Earth Alliance

  • Story was great. Animation crap. First ones, yeah piss off! Rest was great. Acting mediocre but still better than most nowadays.

  • They had a legit excuse for showing battle damage in the stations CIC… they literally had a downed starfury land on they're face. Most scifi don't do that, they may hand waved damage on the bridge.

  • I would have liked the video to go a bit further. I remember the chills I felt after the message from Dellenn when it aired the first time.

  • Babylon 5 won't be shown because the studio in control of the rights doesn't want to pay the huge amount of royalties to various screenwriters, authors, actors…despite the fact they would make a killing.

  • I always wondered why the first group did not wait for the soon to arrive second group before making the attempt on B5.

  • In B5 all pilots and officers acting like true military adults, and not like pafos Star Wars teens in X-wings. Every battle is fear, adrenaline, and blood. And in this way B5 scenes are outstanding despite old CG.

  • As good as Babylon 5 is I still notice a bit of flaw it is like mixing starwars and star trek. Honestly I would love to see it brought back… However I very much so distrust any attempts at a new series.

  • What I love about B5 here, similar to DS9, is that it's a very grey morality. While there are a few black and white clearly defined right and wrongs, in this case, the civil war between the Earthforce ships is just tragic between those who want to follow their duty and those who want to follow their principles. It really highlights what victims they all are.

  • No doubt the best Sci-Fi show ever, and one of the best episodes in the series. It's a regular in the DVD player. Anyone else notice either a script or CGI animation error?
    At 2:25 the critically damaged Churchill rams the Roanoke forward of its mid section. In the resulting explosion you can see the ships Name "Roanoke". Yet further in the battle 3:02 Sheridan calls on the Roanoke to surrender. He should have called on the Agrippa to surrender.

    Still doesn't detract form a series which was great on so many levels. I'm surprised no station hasn't re run it.

  • When Amazon Prime offered Babylon 5 earlier this year I was all "YESSSSS!" About gawdamn time." Now, the show hasn;t aged well and looks awfully cheap in places (especially in some of the live obviously black-backrop soundstage sets) and the CGI is starting to look stilted too, There are still some great moments–and this was one of them. They gave it all they had though.

  • he was talking about the agrippa, not the roanoke… I guess they didnt reshot or redo the names because it was well done

  • A fantastic scene, but there's actually errors in the scene. The Agrippa is the last ship destroyed but Sheridan calls it the Roanoke, but the Roanoke was the ship that the Churchill rammed. Also the smaller EF destroyer ships just mysteriously disappear without a trace.

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