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31 thoughts on “Bach – Cantata Herr, gehe nicht BWV 105 – Van Veldhoven | Netherlands Bach Society

  • Thank you for this beautiful upload. But please please remove that 8-sec intro at the start of each episode. It spoils the impatient excitement! Surely a 1-sec opening title still suffices?

  • Bach, c'est un seul personne qui merite pour envoyer au l'espace COMME MUSİQUE ! Au lieu the Beatles !

  • Magnificas voces…dominio y armonía, tocando lo divino, resalta la maravillosa interpretación instrumental…

  • In the closing chorale "Nun, ich weiß, du wirst mir stillen / Mein Gewissen, das mich plagt" ("Now I know you will calm my conscience that torments me"), notice how the rhythm of the string accompaniment gradually calms down.

    Nun, ich weiß, du wirst mir stillen
    Now I know you will quieten
    Mein Gewissen, das mich plagt.
    my conscience, that torments me
    Es wird deine Treu erfüllen,
    Your faithfulness will fulfill
    Was du selber hast gesagt:
    what you have said yourself:
    Daß auf dieser weiten Erden
    that on this wide earth
    Keiner soll verloren werden,
    no one should be lost
    Sondern ewig leben soll,
    but should live for ever,
    Wenn er nur ist Glaubens voll.
    if only he is full of faith.

  • I love the bass recitative:

    Wohl aber dem, der seinen Bürgen weiß,
    But fortunate is the man who knows who is his guarantor,
    Der alle Schuld ersetzet,
    who sets aside his guilt.
    So wird die Handschrift ausgetan,
    Then the sentence of condemnation is done away with,
    Wenn Jesus sie mit Blute netzet.
    when Jesus moistens it with his blood.
    Er heftet sie ans Kreuze selber an, Colossians 2 :14
    He himself fastens it to the cross
    Er wird von deinen Gütern, Leib und Leben,
    He will of your goods, body and life,
    Wenn deine Sterbestunde schlägt,
    when your hour of death strikes,
    Dem Vater selbst die Rechnung übergeben.
    to the Father himself give over the account.
    So mag man deinen Leib, den man zum Grabe trägt,
    Even though your body, that is carried to the grave,
    Mit Sand und Staub beschütten,
    may be covered with sand and dust,
    Dein Heiland öffnet dir die ewgen Hütten.
    your saviour opens for you the everlasting tabernacles.

  • La musica di Bach e' un fiume dorato che ti porta nella dimensione della più' grande spiritualità'

  • Meravigliosa questa esecuzione della cantata 105 da parte della Nethelands Bach Society. Incredibili le voci del soprano e del tenore. Bella ed espressiva anche la voce del controtenore come solista, molto debole invece nei concertati. Come si chiama la soprano? È una perfetta interprete bachiana. Fatemi sapere quando la N. Bach Society sarà in Italia.

  • What a joy and delight!
    What would we do without Bach. He never fails to brighten our shadows and lift our burdens. 💖

  • Escuchar a Bach es acercarse a lo divino, a ese lugar donde el alma humana se hace mas humana.. grettings from Peru.

  • absolutely fantastic as usual !!! Sublime! With tromba da tirarsi makes it something very unique and dark… it changes completely the mood of this cantata compared with other interpretations.

  • A glorious cantata, and a performance to match. Thanks. The trumpeter deserves praise, as does the bassoonist. Mr Johanssen's singing of the aria 'Kann ich nur …' is a revelation, the best I have heard – it can often be very plodding. His version is staccato, virtuosic (almost operatic), and done with fine embellishments of the da capo. The team work is outstanding as well.

  • Di fronte a una musica così grande e ineguagliabile non si può fare altro che piangere di commozione, di stupore e di gioia. È come trovarsi di fronte alla Maestà, alla Bellezza, Potenza e Dolcezza dell'Assoluto che si rivela per donarsi a tutti noi… Grazie, Grazie, Grazie a tutti voi interpreti speciali di tanta Grazia…

  • Bravissimi to all of you!!! my favourite aria is in 6:56 – the wonderful 'duet' between the oboe and the soprano, however – the whole Cantata sounded at its best. Thanks a lot.

  • I would like to make a suggestion for all of bach, relating to what was said about subtitles. Since you already provide the text on your website, why not paste it in the video description? That way it's accessible to the viewers of the video (for example, on mobile you have no way of reading it together with the video otherwise). I think it would barely be any extra effort with a great result. It's less work than making subtitles and gets the job done. Please consider it!

  • May we ask for subtitles to these wonderful videos? I wish to know what they are singing about – and I do not speak German!

  • Wunderbar, Daniel Johanssens Tenorarie! Bach, der angeblich zeitlebens finanzielle Probleme hatte, hätte an seiner überzeugend hintergründigen Darbietung sicher großes Vergnügen gehabt (ähnlich wie der herrliche Matthew Brook im Hintergrund. Super Video! Vielen Dank!

  • Excellent performance. Thank you! The tenor aria at 14:28 has been a favourite of mine for some time. It is very valuable to count on such high-quality video performances.

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